Online Consultation
Plum:   Hello, CIS for one year have an interview or not? 2018-05-20
Dania:   When will I know if I've been accepted to study September 2018? 2018-05-20
Hugo:   Hello, i would like to know when we will have the answer about the acceptation for the ECNU Global China Program? 2018-05-17
Alessia:   Hello, can you please let me know if is it possible to get in the dormitory 2/3 weeks before the semester begins? 2018-05-16
Raj kush shrestha:   Can i get parttime jobs during study? 2018-05-13
Monica:   Hi, I want to ask for international students, do you have single bed room for dormitory? And What is the probability of me getting that single bed room? Also, If i have seen the dorm in zhongbei campus, where is it? is it far from the language study campus? 2018-05-12
Xander:   I’ve sent my application in but my receipt was difficult to print. I sent a picture of it on my phone to the web site where I could upload documents. Would this be an issue? Is so is it possible I can sent it now? 2018-05-10
Berk:   Hi, I have applied for the intensive language program and made the payment and sent the receipt to ecnu via mail. When can I learn the results of the application? 2018-05-07
Kouffa:   Hi. I live out of campus. But I have a training in Minhang. Is it possible to have a room in Minhang campus at this time of the year? 2018-05-06
Mitchell:   1. when can i book my dorm room for September and how do I do it? 2. when are the papers for the visa being sent out? 2018-05-01
Kouffa:   Hi. I'm currently studying my second semester in standard Chinese language. Can I apply for a scholarship for the third semester? 2018-04-30
vallentyna lawrence:   I would like to know how to apply Shanghai Government scholarship, is there any website that I can find more details about it ? thankyou 2018-04-26
Alex:   Hi, I like international business(Chinese-English) major, but the 3rd year is so expensive. Can a student get Confucius Institute scholarship on this major? 2018-04-24
Sofie:   I'd like to apply for the general visiting student program for next year (2018-2019). When does the academic year start in september (exact date) and when do we have to register at the university in september? I can't seem to find the academic calender for 2018-2019. 2018-04-23
Alexander Tommy:   Is there any age limit to join the Chinese Summer Program? Because my Nephew who is still 16 years old want also to join the program. 2018-04-23

Online Consultation

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