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Yilin:   I am a U0 student of McGill University and I plan to apply for the visiting student program in Summer 2019. I plan to take PHI12 Introduction to Philosophy and FIM11 Introduction to Film Studies. However, I did not find the registration page for Summer 2019. Could you please send me the link? Also, I am Chinese; does it matter when I apply for the visiting student program which is taught in English? Appreciate your time and effort. 2019-03-19
Tee:   I'm a post-grad Chinese language student. I'm interested in the year-long language study scholarship, however my HSK exam isn't until May 20th. I won't have my results until some time later. Will that effect my application, as the deadline for the Fall - Summer year is that same day? Thanks! 2019-03-19
Humera:   Hi, could you guide me please who will fill the reference letter for PhD applicants? Potential supervisor or applicant him/her self? 2019-03-19
Yousra Zahid:   Hi, I'm from PAKISTAN. Looking up for one-semester study program. I did online Chinese language course offered bu Coursea interconnected via Peking Uni. Would their certificate be acceptable for applying for the following course? Regards 2019-03-17
Chuol Lul Rut:   I am first year student who's interested in study political science 2019-03-16
Maria:   Hello) I’m going to apply for SGS for ba program plus language year(have hsk 3). I have some questions about documents: 1) what I have to write in tha study plan? 2)I will be 18 in July 2019, do I have to send guardian’s letter? 3) what is a certificate of enrollment? 4)health certificate and blood test, is it physical examination record for foreigner? Or I have to get health certificate and blood test in hospital and than translate it? And what kind of blood test and health certificate? 5) how to apply for 1 language year sgs sponsored? I have to apply for ba program with hsk 3, and than what? Sorry for a lot of questions and thank you) 2019-03-16
Humera:   Hi there! please help me in paying application fees. When I click on online payment website stops working why this happen I am trying since thee weeks. 2019-03-15
Simon:   Hello, is it possible to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship if I just spend one semester in China or is the application only open for full studies? Thank you very much in advance! 2019-03-13
Irene:   Hello! I would like to apply for MTCSOL, could you please tell if the lessons are taught in Chinese and which course will we attend? Thank you in advance! 2019-03-13
Anastasiia:   Hello! In online application I need to upload "*体检和血液检查报告 / Photocopy of health certificate and blood test» - is physical examination record for foreigner enough - it has a graph with blood test. results?? Or I should also add another blood test certificate? Thank you! 2019-03-12
Yuliia:   Hello! May I also ask you about the study plan, especially I want to know more details about the future practice, will there be any possibilities to practice teaching in China or should students come back to their countries? thank you so much 2019-03-12
Tracy:   I am interest in master program here, do you offer business finance master program? 2019-03-11
Yuliia:   Hi! Dear sir or madam, I’m going to apply for Confucius Scholarship for Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL), may I ask you in which campus will I be staying during my studying period?Looking for you response, have a nice day 2019-03-11
Akwaowo Imoh:   Dear Admin, I want to apply for CSC for MSc program in the school of chemistry and molecular engineering. Please can you provide agency number for CSC Type A or B? 2019-03-08
Sara:   Hi, I will like to know if I can upload the certificate were it proves Im graduating in another language besides Chinese or english? 2019-03-05

Online Consultation

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