Online Consultation
BT:   How many rounds of SGS process? Have an interview? When will the results be announced? 2019-05-19
A:   Good morning, I'm waiting for the documents because I was accepted for the bilingual programme. I already didn't receive them and I tried to contact zjhuang@gec.ecnu.edu.cn, but I didn't receive any reply. Do you know how much time do I have to wait for my documents? Because you said I will receive them in the middle of may..... maybe I have to wait again.... Thank You 2019-05-19
Mee:   Tell me merit for hsk in China 2019-05-17
AK:   Hello, now I'm attaching documents for application and the problem is on my 学习证书 is written that I started studying in November 2017,but on 成绩单 is from September 2017(because of receiving my visa late I came in November but entered autumn semester program) should I note about it somewhere in my documents? And what if this semester's grades I can only get in July,is it okay? 2019-05-15
Fabio:   Where can I find the calendar 2019/2020 for the School Of Design (Product Design)? 2019-05-14
Joe:   When are you responding to applications for General scholar visiting students? 2019-05-14
s:   Hello, I applied for the Chinese language program almost a month ago but the status is still on "preliminary review pass". How much will it take? 2019-05-12
Anastasia:   Hello. Can you tell me about Business Administration bachelor major in Chinese. I want to know what subjects will student study, because there is no information on official university site. Also, on other university sites said that students choose their specialization on the 2 or 3 year of study, between marketing, finance and economics, is it the same in ECNU? Thank you) 2019-05-11
Melissa:   Hi! I unfortunately missed the scholarship opportunities. I want to go China and take one-year Chinese course so that i can have good grades of HSK and apply for scholarship. Is that possible? I really liked this university and its campus does ECNU have chinese language programs? Thank you 2019-05-10
D:   hello! i applied to an english taught masters program about one month ago. at the end of april a professor contacted me to ask about my plans for working while in school and i responded. i have been waiting since then for about two weeks. when do you think i will have the results of my application? do i need to email and check in to see what is happening? also is an interview required? i have not been contacted for one yet. 2019-05-10
吴浩权:   您好,我想到华师大读硕士的中文翻译,请问这里有这样的专业吗?我下载不了那个课程的文件 2019-05-10
Bishesh Joshi:   I do not have any Chinese proficiency currently. How can I apply for 1 year HSK program 2019-05-10
Jonathan:   I want to send something to the Zhongshan North Road Campus in the United States via FedEx. Where is the address? 2019-05-10
Daryl Strom:   Hello, I am going to do the 2019 chinese language program. I am on a full csc scholarship but i would like to book a single room in a dorm. How do i go about making sure i can get a single room? I am willing to pay extra. 2019-05-10
Stephen:   What are the necessities for fully sponsored student 2019-05-09

Online Consultation

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