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maji:   Hello, i got accepted for the language program for spring semester, but i already have X1 visa until march. Do I need to apply for X2? And do I need to ask for any documents from university for it? 2020-01-11
Erika:   Hello, i am interested in Chinese learning program. i want to apply for the fall semester but I'm only 17 years old and only in September 20th I will be 18. Can i apply for program? 2020-01-11
Cam:   Hi, I'm interested in the Chinese Learning Program. Is there any scholarship program that I can apply for if I have no prior experience in learning Chinese? Thanks! 2020-01-07
Jeby:   dear sir/madam. I would like to knoe if you are offering education management course at master in english for all students or MOFCOM students only? 2020-01-06
Chris:   I have recently submitted my application for a Masters program at ECNU. I see that the current status of my application is in “Preliminary Review”. Would you be so nice as to tell me what the different steps of the review process are (For example, “Step 1 - Preliminary Review - .....its meaning...), and a short description of what each step means? That way I have a good idea when I see the status of my application online I know where my application is in the review process. I am also applying for the CSC Chinese Government Scholarship as well, if that has any influence on any additional steps. 2020-01-03
Bereket:   I need to attend my PhD there in your university in field of Psychology 2020-01-03
Han:   Hi, I just want to know if I already have a multiple entrance M visa (business visa), do I need to apply for another X1/X2 visa to enter China? Or I can just go with my M visa and do my residence permit in Shanghai once I get there? 2020-01-03
Yassmina Benbrahim:   Good morning, I got accepted for the language program from Feb to July, Therefore I’ll be applying for an X1 visa, and then apply for the residence permit once there. However, I also applied to the master's program through CUCAS for sep. Will I have to go back to my country for another visa or the university can just stamp or something else…? regards. 2020-01-02
Han:   Hi, I just got my admission from ECNU for the standard language course Spring Intake 2020. I just wonder how early in advance that we should go to China for this intake and the enrollment procedure? Shall we be there on February 24th, 2020 or we should be there in Shanghai any earlier? Thank you in advance :) 2020-01-02
Andrew:   Upon Arrival Pick Up 2020-01-02
paulina:   Dear Sir/Madam, This month I have applied for ECNU. I am planning to learn Chinese. However, I have some questions: 1. Within what period of time will I be informed whether I am accepted into the university? 2. I am currently in China for a bussiness trip, on M visa. My M visa expires in March. Is it possible to transfer my business visa into a student visa in China? Do I need to go back to my native country? 3. Are all the classes going to be taught in Chinese? 4. How do I apply for a dorm in Shanghai? 5. When should I arrive to Shanghai for the new fall semester? 6. Do I have to pay the full tuition at once? What is the deadline? I have been looking for information however every source gives different responses. I would be grateful if you could help me. Sorry for the inconvenience made, Kind regards Paulina 2019-12-26
paulina:   Hello, I am the East China Normal University student and I would like to know how much is it for two months single person room? Thank you for your time and help in advance, Paulina 2019-12-26
Gen:   My mom just landed today in China. How long do we have to register at the police station? Also what are the fines for late registration? 2019-12-24
Aqeel:   I have BA in English Language. While reading about the application requirements, I read this condition(Program applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, History, Economic, Politic Science or other related majors). Am I eligible to apply for Master in International Relations though my BA is in English Language? 2019-12-19
edison:   Hi, I am experiencing problems with registering for Online Application. After I have filled out the email, the password, and the verification code, and click "Register", nothing happens. This has happened numerous times for a few hours now. I have even tried closing my web browser, switching off and on my computer, clearing my cache, as well as using a different web browser. But, every time, the same thing happens. What should I do? Thank you. 2019-12-19

Online Consultation

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