Online Consultation
Bella:   SGS master program offer to study Chinese language for 1 year or not? 2019-11-14
vee:   hi, which dorm to go to if I will do the standard Chinese language program for one year 2019-11-13
vee:   hi, I am interested in the Chinese language program from september 2020. which dorm should I go to then? (just looking for more info) 2019-11-13
Tara:   If I choose a Degree taught in Chinese, am I still eligible for the masters scholarship ? 2019-11-12
Linda:   Hi, i am currently interested in applying for a non-degree program. I'd like to get more information regarding the dorm. Could anyone please explain more so I can understand? Thankyou in advance. 2019-11-11
Garry:   Will be my visa cancelled(residence permit), if I will suspend my study at Chinese university? 2019-10-28
abdullatif:   hello i am really in tersted to do my phd in china so i want to ask you does you school archtecture programme for PHD and i do not have any paper 2019-10-22
Mae:   Hello can you please tell me the 2020 session dates for term 2. Some people tell me the the break is over a month (January-End of February)? 2019-10-21
Farah Jabeen:   I want to know how I can avail pre-admission letter at your university? 2019-10-20
kashif:   hello i have done BBA hons and i want to ask which program related business do your offering for master on CSC or SGS scholarship and i also need professor list for contact them acceptance letter 2019-10-18
Md. Mahmud Jaman Emon:   Dear sir, are your Institute have mechanical Engineering (sub) . 2019-10-18
Abhishek Mohanty:   Hi! I wanted to know whether I can apply for two different programs in two different universities through Shanghai Government Scholarship scheme? I am interested to apply for PhD in Politics at ECNU and PhD International Politics at Fudan University. 2019-10-18
Madhau from Zimbabwe:   I already got a Ph.D. scholarship by CSC ( full scholarship ) I arrived at the university two weeks ago ( Henan university of technology ) 河南工业大学, but there is no supervisor for me even I couldn't find my major at this university. I want to change the University to another one which I can find my major in. What should I do now please tell me? If you want contact me please contact me on mobile phone number: 132 2307 0731. Waiting for your reply. Thanks 2019-09-25
Nadia:   Hello.I am really interested in AEBS Double Degree Master’s Program. Can you please tell me the tuition fee for this program and is it possible to apply for scholarship within it? 2019-09-24
V:   hi, is it possible to study Chinese for a whole year? and where can I find more information about this? 2019-09-21

Online Consultation

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