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Roberta:   Good morning, I wanted to ask when are the CSC scholarship results going to be published? Do we need to wait till next month? Will there be enough time to do the visa application? I would also like to know if the students that are recommended for the CSC scholarship will definitely get the scholarship or not? Thank you for the answer you can give me. 2019-07-15
Alesya:   Hello, who can send me invoice for payment for tuition? lesyadezhyts@gmail.com 2019-07-13
Bisma:   Can i study level 3 in china?? Or i should give the test of level 3 before going for scholarship.. please help me 2019-07-12
Iftikhar:   When will list of CSC scholarship display 2019-07-12
留学生:   Dear teacher, When will the final result of Chinese Goverment Scholarship come out? 2019-07-11
Starc:   Hello professor, you are remarkably doing well here, I have a question, is the ECNU contact to those who will win the CSC scholarship or without tilling them they will send admission documents? And also please tell the expected date of the result of CSC. 2019-07-10
Nicole:   Hi, do you provide dorm for international students who are enrolled for one semester only? 2019-07-10
Alesya Dezhyts:   Hello, when you will send me welcoming package of documents? Can I track this mail? Can you send electronic version of documents to my email?How can I pay tuition fee and can I do it online? Which day I should arrive at Shanghai already for my Chinese language courses? Which day language courses ends and I can go back home? Best regards , lesyadezhyts@gmail.com 2019-07-09
badr:   I am interested in anthropology, the impact of technology on culture, Media. I speak two languages Arabic and English. Do you provide a scholarship at this great university? 2019-07-07
Eric:   I would like to apply for the Chinese government scholarship (Master, Type B, taught in Chinese) but I have no knowledge of Chinese and I do not have HSK. I would like to know if I could apply and learn Chinese for a year before starting my main program? NB: I do not have a Toefl, ielts or certificate in English, because I live in a French-speaking country. My best regards. 2019-07-06
Elis:   hello Teacher, you have very active in clearing our doubts but we have been emailing the given Advisor's emails with no response, so we don't know what is going on with our applications. from Ug 2019-07-03
Job:   Who should visiting students talk to at CSC to change the name written on the certificate of Visiting students from Advanced diploma to Master degree in Education because its not recognized in the countries of visiting students 2019-07-03
Minjeovly:   Is Chinese government scholarship list announced? 2019-07-03
Job:   Why do Visiting Students under UNESCO/CSC Students get an Advanced Diploma at the end of their intensive 1 year program where all the elements of a Masters degree program are undertaken such as research, assigned supervisor and the content is for a Masters degree. 2019-07-02
Rhona Alderson:   My son is doing the Standard Chinese Language course 19/20. Can he choose early or late exams or are they given. Also do you have the end term dates for 2020 for flights. Thank you 2019-07-02

Online Consultation

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