Online Consultation
Ashleigh:   I never took the HSK, but I have taken Chinese for 3 years; if I chose Beginner Chinese course will I be able to move up to Intermediate Chinese if I find Beginner Chinese too easy? 2019-09-14
Ashleigh:   For your English taught courses where can I find the course number if there is one? 2019-09-14
TQ:   Is there a gym available (健身房)in zhongbei campus? 2019-09-13
M:   Hello, I just recently started to live in the international dorm 2. Is it possible to have our own wifi beside the one in the room? The internet is extremely slow and I basically can't use it. I have tried the ECNU wifi also but it also works badly. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you 2019-09-12
Rio:   About the international language program location 2019-09-10
Daniel S Kapendje:   When are you expecting international students to arrive i.e. from Namibia? When are you sending them their admission letters? 2019-09-10
Jerry:   Hello, how much does it cost for the dormitory for one semester? thanks 2019-09-04
Catherine:   Hi! I am going to be applying for the following spring semester as part of my gap year before I attend college but the semester at ECN ends in july... Since I am only enrolling for language courses, could it be possible for me to finish the semester before? 2019-09-03
P:   Why csc cannot apply for 2+2 and 1+3 major for undergranded and 2+2 , 1+3 what is majors ? Thank you so much. 2019-09-01
hakam:   Hello, Can I get one year scholarship to learn Chinese from the beginning ... Do i need to know Chinese in advance to get the scholarship, .... Note that my level is good in English. 2019-09-01
Ham:   Hello! I want to know information about scholarship program for 4 week study. In December program, when does the program start and end? 2019-08-30
Nadya:   How can I get the registration form for the scholarship? 2019-08-29
Erin:   您好!请问,孔子学院奖学金生什么时候会收到学费呢?还有在宿舍里提供了什么东西? 2019-08-20
Linda:   Hello, do we need to bring our own bedding and sheets for the dorms? 2019-08-19
G:   I'm starting in coming September as exchange student, how can I apply for a bank account? 2019-08-17

Online Consultation

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