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Anna Lebedeva:   Hello! Can I apply if I don't have an HSK certificate (but I have an MSU diploma in English that has grades and academic hours of learning Chinese for 4 years of study with more than 1640 academic hours of Chinese) Or can I apply only with English and pick English-taught courses, so I don't need HSK? 2023-03-15
Sophia:   您好!I would like to know what should be in the portfolio If I'm applying for Visual Communication Design/Product Design. Are there any specific type of materials needed (speed paint recording/digital art pieces on set themes/oil painting etc.) 感谢您! 2023-03-14
Anna:   Hello, I’m interested in program of “visiting students”. I would like to study on this program during the autumn semester 2023 and during fall semester 2024 on 汉语言 (商务汉语方向) Business Chinese bachelor program. I am contacting you for the following reasons: Where can I see a list of concrete subjects of this program (with credits and so on)? I need it because of necessity to organise my study plan. 2023-03-14
Natalia:   Can I try to apply for two majors in master degree? Political Science and Modern History 2023-03-12
Natalia:   As a master student (Political Science) can I try to apply for Shanghai Governemt Scholarship and for Chinese Government Scholarship type B? 2023-03-12
Mehrab:   Hi there, I want to know that masters of international business (single degree) and masters of business administration are in English taught program? For these subjects scholarships are available? 2023-03-11
Naftali:   Study language program and doing internship at the same time for 1 year (52 weeks) 2023-03-11
ADELINA:   Hello I am looking for the masters majors that are taught in English 2023-03-08
Oyunchimeg Batdelger:   Hello, I want to apply for politics and public administration program. What is the HSK requirement for freshmen student? 2023-03-08
Helen Christine Eunice Sutana:   Chinese Intensive Language Program Fall semester 2023-03-08
Adrew Sobczak:   Good morning, could you please advise if the interview is a part of the recruitment procedure for the TCSOL/Chinese Language Study confucius scholarship - non degree/1 year? 2023-03-06
Rukhsar:   What is last date to apply? 2023-03-05
Ghada:   How much are the application fees? 2023-03-03
Muhammed Afify:   Transfer international students Hello, Is it possible to transer my MBA from Egyptian University to your university ? Thanks 2023-03-02
Thanh Thư:   Dear teacher, I am really willing to apply for CIS of bachelor’s degree My profile: GPA 8,4 8,7 8,4 HSK5 250, HSKK 70 Ielts 6.0 Can I go straight to the second year or study all credits in three years? Thanks teacher 2023-03-01

Online Consultation

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