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Jia:   Hello, is it alright to apply for SGS next year even if I am enrolled at a Chinese University in Mainland with a university scholarship? 2022-07-08
Ahmed:   老师,您好,上海市政府奖学金何时公布? 2022-07-06
Nimrah:   Hello Teacher, Could you please tell when SGS result will be announce? Appreciate your reply. Thanks 2022-07-05
LILU:   Am I supposed to pay the tuition fee before receiving the admission letter? or do I have to pay the tuition fee for me to get an admission letter? or is the admission letter supposed to come first then I pay the tuition fee? please help... 2022-07-05
Jin:   Hello Respected Teacher. When admission result will be out? CSC & SGS. Appreciate your prompt reply Thanks in advance 2022-07-03
Joseph Murse:   Hello, I am currently finishing a position in Nanchang. I was an English teacher here for several years but it is important for me to continue my own educational journey. I was admitted to the school, but I have not received information on my scholarships yet and my school seems like it will only allow me to stay until July 15th. In such a case, how would I go about finding accommodations were I to move to Shanghai in the middle of July? What steps would need to be taken and how would I get residence permit renewed? Along with other visa matters that may need attending to. 2022-06-28
Nimrah:   Dear Tecaher. How much Dorm Fees per year for Double bed and 4 bed ? Thanks in advance 2022-06-28
Jean:   Respected Teacher. Its end of June. What is the possibility time to publish SGS Result? Thanks in advance 2022-06-23
Khan:   Hi, my application status at university website is "admitted", however, the Shanghai Government is still under review. When Shanghai Government Scholarship result will announce? Thanks 2022-06-21
Rakib:   Hello Teacher, When will you publish SGS result? Thanks in advance 2022-06-21
Ahmed:   Respected Teacher, could you please reply, when are you gonna release SGS result ? One more thing is, do you release preliminary result of SGS? Thanks in advance 2022-06-17
Drill:   Hello , I would like to apply for Master degree in 日语语言文学(Japanese Languages and Literatures) , where can i find detailed course descriptions? 2022-06-15
Leo:   Hi! Is there any possibility that fall intake will be face to face? 2022-06-14
Lisa:   Is there any possibilities for opening borders this year for ecnu 2022-06-11
Ahmed:   Respected Teacher, have you published any preliminary results of SGS for Ph.D. students? 2022-06-05

Online Consultation

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