Online Consultation
Khalil:   I couldn't find courses and fees for visiting student 2022-08-10
M:   Hello, Dear Teachers! Is there any clarity over the results of the CSC review? Thanks! 2022-08-05
Phawarun Pawakarakun:   Transferring from DHU to ECNU 2022-08-01
Mohamed:   Will ECNU be online or face to face this fall? If we students bear the all the cost,can we come? 2022-07-20
Gina:   Hi Teacher, if we don't know Chinese. Can we take a Chinese language course under the SGS and CGS? 2022-07-19
Wilfraine:   I don't have a passport yet, can I still apply? 2022-07-15
Jessica:   Is there any possibility that the lessons will be face to face ? 2022-07-15
Ahmed:   Respected teacher, is the scholarship admitted list on the notice board is secured that we are already registered the university? 2022-07-14
Ibrahim:   When will the results of the CSC PhD be announced? knowing that my case on the CSC website is "Application result has been sent to the dispatching authority (Application receiving agent)." 2022-07-12
Jia:   Hello, is it alright to apply for SGS next year even if I am enrolled at a Chinese University in Mainland with a university scholarship? 2022-07-08
Ahmed:   老师,您好,上海市政府奖学金何时公布? 2022-07-06
Nimrah:   Hello Teacher, Could you please tell when SGS result will be announce? Appreciate your reply. Thanks 2022-07-05
LILU:   Am I supposed to pay the tuition fee before receiving the admission letter? or do I have to pay the tuition fee for me to get an admission letter? or is the admission letter supposed to come first then I pay the tuition fee? please help... 2022-07-05
Jin:   Hello Respected Teacher. When admission result will be out? CSC & SGS. Appreciate your prompt reply Thanks in advance 2022-07-03
Joseph Murse:   Hello, I am currently finishing a position in Nanchang. I was an English teacher here for several years but it is important for me to continue my own educational journey. I was admitted to the school, but I have not received information on my scholarships yet and my school seems like it will only allow me to stay until July 15th. In such a case, how would I go about finding accommodations were I to move to Shanghai in the middle of July? What steps would need to be taken and how would I get residence permit renewed? Along with other visa matters that may need attending to. 2022-06-28

Online Consultation

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