Online Consultation
C:   So I will know the admitted result before the scholarship result right? 2020-09-14
C:   If I failed the scholarship will I be admitted as a self funded student? 2020-09-13
Cassie:   Where can I get the course syllabus of Business Chinese and International Business? 2020-09-13
Evan:   There are 2 campuses of ECNU. Which one is the location of the Intensive Chinese Language Program in Shanghai? Or is it located in another different area? 2020-09-04
Yu jung ha:   Hi, I attended advanced language course in September 2015 and I was wondering if I can receive the program certificate again for job application and other proof purposes. I already sent the email about it to your official email address. It would be much appreciated if I can get the reply as soon as possible! Thank you in advance!! 2020-09-03
student:   Hey there, any new information about when the borders are going to open? 2020-09-02
Kevin Shan:   Hello, what is the HSK level required for the undergraduate Business Chinese program? 2020-08-19
Ngoc Nguyen:   Hello, do you have Confucius scholarship available for one semester in March, 2021? 2020-08-18
Tanya:   Hello! This winter I am going to take HSK 4. Can I apply for a Master's program if I do not have HSK 5 and HSK 6? Do you offer a language year before master's program? 2020-08-08
Stella:   I would like to know when the SGS for the academic year 2020-2021 result will come out or have you already sent the result? 2020-08-01
International Student:   I need to get information about self-funding as a master student especially on campus dorm charges (single + shared rooms) 2020-07-28
Jimmy Wei Cheng Teh:   Hi there, I wanted to enroll in the MA international Philosophy program but I do want to know what is the age limit to apply for the program as I will not start my application until next year. I am turning 35 soon and I want to know if the age limit is 35 or 40 years old. Thanks. 2020-07-24
Ken:   When is the application deadline to apply to ECNU's Comparative Modernization program for either Spring or Fall 2021? 2020-07-22
Ann:   Hi! Do you offer part-time masters programs in fine arts? 2020-07-18
Federica:   Hi, I wanted to enroll for the Master's programme as an International student next year but what if I can't send in the recommendation letters since I'm no longer in touch with my former teachers? Thanks in advance. 2020-07-16

Online Consultation

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