Online Consultation
Polina Pavlova:   Hello! It's Polina Pavlova. I haven't received my admission letter for ECNU 2021 Fall Online Course, so I can't take the Chinese proficiency inquiry. What should I do? 2021-08-27
tasfia noor tusa:   For Diploma ... i want to go for diploma in 2022 2021-08-23
safi:   i am a student in china, can i renew my student visa 2months before its expires? i cannot travel with my old passport and my visa is valid for 2 month and 1week in it but i need at least 3 month in order to travel with my new passport and live china 2021-08-22
Cristina Dinu:   Hello! I intend to apply for scholarship for a master's program at ECNU in spring next year and I noticed that the second step for applying is "2. Submit your application materials. Submit all the original copies of your application documents in full set to the following address before the DEADLINE of the program or scholarship you apply for.". My question is: do we send normal, standard copies or notarized copies of all application documents? Thank you. 2021-08-20
julius:   What are the procedures for registration thank you 2021-08-14
JAMES:   I'm James , And I'm student in China and recently I came back to my home country on emergency basis and now I wanna re-enter china , as I've a valid residence permit that is valid until December 2021 . So I wanna know if I can re enter china on X1 valid residence permit ? Kindly need assistance 2021-08-13
Dafne:   Schedule for the chinese classes are online or at the university 2021-08-09
jk:   hi since we going to to online studies when the results coming out since my program starts early September ,2021 2021-08-05
Bridgette:   When is the general deadline for applying for the bachelor's program 2021-08-02
maeve:   hi. what happened to the Japanese and Korean sites? I can't open either of them. 2021-08-01
Nour:   Hello I want to ask if the scholarship covers the expenses of studying a year of chinease language please answer me 2021-07-27
Chanakan:   My name is Chanakan Srisawat and I’m from Thailand. I already apply to ECNU for the Master degree in Fine Arts for the term fall 2021 with IGET Thai agency. My application number is 202105064. Question 1: I would like to know that how can I check my student status, class schedule, and tuition-free? Question 2: All of the classes in term fall 2021 will be conducted online or on campus? 2021-07-22
Eileen:   Hello, when does the next summer online course of Chinese language for beginners start? 2021-07-20
Axie:   Hello, I'd like to apply for the online summer Chinese conversational programme for total beginners, but as far as I can see, I'm late, it has already begun. When will the next session begin? Is "session 2" in August the new one for beginners or is it for those who has participated in the session 1 in July? 2021-07-20
Alina:   Hello. I'd like to apply for "Offline Chinese Language Program" for the fall semester. Could you please answer on which campus courses are going to be held? Minhang campus or campus on 中山北路?Thank you. 2021-07-18

Online Consultation

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