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Abdul Ghaffar:   My application status shows "Preliminary review pass" since so long and has not been changing. I am not getting any update whats going on. Please update what is the actual timeline for next steps. 2020-03-30
Paula:   Hi! I have few questions regarding studying in ECNU. Where/in which of the campuses are these Programs taught? (Besided language program, all are Master degree programs): 1. International Relations taught in English 2. International Relations taught in Chinese 3. Tourism Management taught it Chinese 4. Political Theory taught in English 5. International Politics taught in Chinese 6. Chinese Phylosophy taught in English. 7. General Chinese Language Program. Also, if I would apply for English taught program. I currently don´t have english proficiency certificate, and because of situation with the virus I won´t be able to obtain it now. I have confirmation from my current university in Slovakia (program: east asian languages and cultures- chinese studies; in 2018 I obtained Bachelor degree, and this year in august i will obtain Master degree), confirming that courses were taught in English. But if you still need the certificate, I will do it as soon as possible send it to you, I think it will be done before summer. Thank you! 2020-03-27
Kamran:   Is the application fee refundable after rejecting of application 2020-03-26
Nishat Akther:   Hello sir. Hope you are fine. I am Nishat Akther from Bangladesh applied for the Postgraduate program (PhD) under the Biomedical Engineering at SJTU with the acceptance letter from Xianting Ding and all necessary documents   having application number 20200861815, yesterday. But today I have got a mail that "Your certificate could not work as the English proficiency certificate, please refer to the language requirements for international graduate programsthe" and told to resubmit the certificate. I have no IELTS or TOFEL score but my B.Sc and M.S. medium of instruction was English and also currntly I am serving as an Assaistant Professor at the Dept. Of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Bangladesh where teaching method is also in English. Due to the situation of novel Corona virus I could not sit for the IELTS test. That's why I have applied through the certificate of Medium of Instruction from my B.Sc and M.S. University. Please kindly help me to out of my problem. For your kind information I have attached my English Medium of Instruction as an attachmen. Kindly find the attachment availabl.    I am looking forward for your positive reply Sincerely Yours Nishat Akther Assistant Professor Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Santosh, Tangail-1902, Bangladesh. Email- nishatnishi31@yahoo.com Mobile number= +8801823981336 2020-03-25
Eli:   Hello. I have a question regarding the application fee. The deadline for Chinese Government Scholarships is March 31st, so I’m planning to send documents this week. However, I also want to apply for Shanghai Government Scholarship later, maybe in April or May, since the deadline is May 15th. Perhaps by that time I will be able to do the Physical examination and get the Non-criminal Certificate. It is said that I can choose only one type of scholarship on ECNU website. Do I have to create different accounts for different scholarships and pay 800 yuan for each scholarship? Or can I just create a new application on the same account and attach the previous payment receipt? 2020-03-24
Eli:   Hello. I have a question regarding Non-criminal Certificate. I have no opportunity to get it right now, because I've been staying in China since the virus outbreak occurred and I had no chance to travel to Beijing to get the certificate. Is it possible to send it later in August or in September, if I get admitted? 2020-03-24
Chen:   Is the 4+1 program still being offered? 2020-03-22
Nomin:   Hello. When is the application deadline for the students who are not self-funded (that aiming for scholarships)? 2020-03-19
Eli:   Hello. I saw an answer in the Q&A section regarding physical examination that can’t be done because of the virus. Can I attach the Physical Examination Record from February 2019 and a residence permit, which is valid until the end of July 2020? After I’ll get the Physical Examination report, I’ll send it to the University as soon as possible. 2020-03-18
Eli:   Hello. I saw an answer in the Q&A section that the issue date of the recommendation letters should be later than September 1st, 2019. I graduated in June 2019. Can I attach recommendation letters from March 2019? Or do I need to have new ones for this year? 2020-03-18
Shanghai Government Scholarship:   Which major or program are you applying for? If you are applying for the Chinese-taught degree program, you need to provide your Chinese language proficiency, or the possibility of getting the scholarship is low. Hello, I am from Ghana and i would like to apply for the Business Administration program as an undergraduate. Can i apply for English taught program under the Shanghai Government Scholarship? 2020-03-18
Shanghai Government Scholarship:   I would like to know if one could apply for the Shanghai Government Scholarship without possessing an HSK certificate. 2020-03-16
David:   Greetings! I am a bit confused about the sentence mentioned on website " Mail two sets of hard copy of application documents (1 set of original and 1 set of duplicate)" For example if I hold one original HSK certificate, should I sent it along with it's duplicate ? or what about Photocopy of Passport ? Should I sent notarial Photocopy of it? 2020-03-14
Hard copies:   dear team, i would like to know that if Students applied for CSC and Shaghai government scholarships at same time, then how many set of copies should be sent to university? do Students need to make three set, for example, one for CSC, one for Shanghai government scholarships, and one for ECNU or what? could the all documents be send in single evolope? 2020-03-13
Do you have any scholarship offered by Chinese Government or other sponsors?:   Currently, I am a CSC scholarship student and it will be ended on 15 July 2020, so in the following case I need to click on "yes or No"? *是否已经获得中国政府或其他组织提供奖学金? Do you have any scholarship offered by Chinese Government or other sponsors? 是 / Yes 否 / No 2020-03-12

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