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心心:   Dear Mr/Ms , could you tell, when will start application for undergraduate program (汉语言) (self - funded) 2021-03-03
Realle:   How to apply for International Business--Chinese and Japanese Bilingual Direction? Because it is not available in online application. 2021-03-02
Sammy:   Hello. I do not have a Chinese certificate HSK. Can I get preparatory languages courses for Chinese language and Literature bachelor's degree? 2021-03-02
Alexandra:   Hello. How to apply for Shanghai Government Scholarship at bachelor with languages years? 2021-03-02
RACHID:   hello laoshi, I want to apply for International Business master with CSC, but it seems you have a double degree program, do you offer single degree program in this major? and is it fully supported by CSC? 2021-03-01
Bryant:   Hi, can i apply for the 商务汉语方向 in bachelor degree for chinese government scholarship type A ? 2021-02-27
Vlada:   Hello! I'm going to apply for CGS, graduate program. I have a few questions. Can you please help me? 1) If I'm a graduating student, what should the graduation certificate consist of? 2) If I apply for Chinese-taught program, can the recommendaton letters be written in English or Chinese only? 3) Do I need to have supervisor in ECNU now? 4) Due to pandemic, do you provide students with online studying if they aren't in China? Thank you in advance! 2021-02-26
Sumayyia Javaid:   Hello! What is the criteria of selection in undergraduate programs?Is it fsc% or some test? 2021-02-25
Rose:   Please I would like to know whether Ph.D. students needed to obtain an acceptance letter from supervisors before submitting their applications 2021-02-25
sami:   would you tell me the application time for PhD scholarship? 2021-02-24
Camila Oblitas:   Greetings, I already applied but made a mistake at selecting Chinese as the teaching language, when I meant to choose English for International trade Please help me correct this mistake in my application No. 202101542 2021-02-23
Nabeel Khalid Bhutta:   Greetings Sir, I hope you are in good health. I have done MS microbiology and want to apply in PhD Biology Program in East China Normal University. I want to ask if I can apply in PhD biology with Research proposal of Microbiology field? Thank you. Best Wishes, Nabeel Khalid Bhutta 2021-02-23
Hao:   Hello, May I ask is the offline class for Chinese language program already opened? Does it open for international students who is not currently on Mainland? 2021-02-23
Tim:   Is it possible to defer for a year if accepted to a Masters program? 2021-02-22
Nia:   is it possible to apply for an undergraduate course although I already received my bachelor's degree? if yes, do I have to apply with my bachelor's degree certificate or my highschool diploma? 2021-02-20

Online Consultation

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