Online Consultation
Ehsan:   Do this scholarship TOEFL or ILETS 2019-02-18
Nadim:   In which language the students will study, Chinese or English? 2019-02-17
Jackie:   Hello! I am under 18, and I know that I need Guardian's Letter of Guarantee for application, the Guardian's must be in Shanghai? if my Guardian is in another city, can I still apply? 2019-02-15
Mariia:   Hello, where I can find English-taught programs for fall semester. On the web site tere is only spring semester courses information http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn/EN/msg.php?id=57. Thanks 2019-02-14
Maria:   Hello~ I wanted to ask you about transcript of final school marks. There are two semesters in my school. I have my final marks for first semester, but I will know my final marks for second semester on 31 may, deadline of application is 15 may. Can I sand only first semester final marks? Thank you) 2019-02-14
Anastasia:   Hello) I’m going to apply for SGS, and I have to send the transcript of my school marks. I have 2 semesters in my school, can I sand only marks for first semester?because second will end only in the end of may. Second question: I have hsk 3, In application procedure I have to apply for undergraduate program, so I can’t understand how to apply for 1 year of language preparation? What is certificate of enrollment? 2019-02-14
IceFlame:   Do you require hard copies after online application? 2019-02-14
andrew:   i want to find out courses taught in English, it doe not clearly show courses taught in English 2019-02-13
Didi:   I am a student from America looking to study abroad for the semester beginning February of 2020. Where can I get more information and who should I contact? 2019-02-03
Anastasia:   Hello! I wanted to ask you about SGS. I want to apply for 1 year Chinese language program and then for bachelor program(I have HSK 3). Can I apply for SGS for 5 years type A? (Language year+4 years of bachelor) and can undergraduate student apply for SGS type A? Thank you) 2019-02-02
Soumya ranjan patel:   I want to study master program , so that i want to apply for csc scholarship independent enrolment. Can you please tell me the process. I created an account in ecnu to apply but there i am unable to choose csc scholarship. 2019-02-02
hdhd:   Please provide template for acceptance letter by supervisor (master program) 2019-01-26
M. Arslan:   Hello there, I need ecnu official acceptance letter format as one of professor demands it. please guide me from where i can have it. Thank you 2019-01-24
kana:   Hi, can CSC scholarship students who are already enrolled in university be accepted in ECNU if they change universities? and which consultant can i talk to about this situaton? 2019-01-22
Lulu:   Greetings! If I`ll enter Chinese language university can East Normal University provide me an offiicial document that I`m a student there? I want to apply for 1 year course. Thanks! 2019-01-20

Online Consultation

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