Online Consultation
ALENA:   你好!我想问一下到几号可以给贵校发资料? 2018-03-20
Javed Khan:   Doctoral program of journalism & communication is available in English taught? 2018-03-20
Ray:   Hello! I want to apply to ECNU, can I apply for CGS staright to your university without any embassies? I couldn't find Business Administration majority in ECNU, but there is Corporate Management majority. What is the difference between them? Those who study in Chinese have to pay 600 or 800 RMB? 2018-03-20
Jerry:   CIS scholarship for one year Chineses language study requires HSK3 180, right? And this program requires HSKK or not? 2018-03-19
Mary:   Hi, How much application fee for one year Chinese language study through the Confucius Institute Scholarship? (I know ¥800 for degree program) 2018-03-19
Julia:   Hi! Could you tell me please, can a student get scholarship on international business (Chinese-English) faculty? Thanks~ 2018-03-16
burak:   hello! Can i apply to SGS or any different scholarship for one year chinese language program? 2018-03-16
talat abbas:   Can i apply for Master's in computer science without HSK. Am i be taught chinese for Master studies. What is the application fee? 2018-03-15
Nasir Khan:   Is Computer Science in English? or Is Software Engineering in English? I am applying for MS through CSC 2018 2018-03-14
Nasir Khan:   Firstly, Kindly provide me the link where I can apply for SGC. I have already applied for CSC 2018. secondly, I want to ask, when I pay for the application and submit my online application, when will you respond me? whether I am selected or not? Thirdly, What is the Quota for Pakistani students for MS admission? 2018-03-14
Mirco:   Hi, I wanted to enroll for the language class that starts in April. I filled in the online form and then wanted to pay. But always when i clicked on the pay button a blank page appeared. Therefore I could not pay. What can I do? Best regards, Mirco 2018-03-13
Winnie:   Dear ECNU, I am year 1 student studying International Business in Europe and I was wondering if it is still possible to transfer into the International Business (Chinese-English) program? If so, how does the transfer application work? 2018-03-13
Usama Aslam:   Hello, i want to apply for masters in software engineering. but i don't don't find school of software in school selection in online admission application. please inform me how can i apply for master in software engineering and teaching language 2018-03-12
talat abbas:   i want to apply for master's in computer science. what is the duration and language of program? 2018-03-12
Anastasia:   Hello! I’m from Russia and I plan to choose International business(Chinese-English) faculty. It’s said that the 3rd study year is attended at an university abroad. Could you please tell me, if a student gets Shanghai Government Scholarship, this 3rd year tuition also will be free or student will pay for tuition and living? Thank you) 2018-03-12

Online Consultation

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