Online Consultation
Jing:   Hello! I'd like to know if its possible to pay the course fee with a visa credit card. Thank you very much 2016-08-31
Chris:   Is there a notice for Dorm Arrangements for new students Zhongbei Campus? Thank you. 2016-08-30
Chris:   May I please ask about what i provided in the accommodation at Zhongbei Campus. Do I need to bring bed sheets, duvet etc? Thank you! 2016-08-30
Claudia:   Hello! I'd like to know if its possible to make the payment of the Chinese Intensive program with a Visa card. Thank you. 2016-08-28
Oliver:   Hi, When will applications open for the courses starting in the fall of 2017? 2016-08-26
Rose:   Good morning, are fitness salon, body-building and swimming pool in Zhongbei campus free access for students? Thank you so much for your answer 2016-08-26
Fili:   Hello! I would like to know if the International Student Service Centre has a kitchen inside the dorm. Thanks 2016-08-25
Polina:   After arrival in China how can I apply for the residence permit? And how can I get Medical report from Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center? Or university will help us with this? 2016-08-21
Sarah:   Hi, thank you for your answer about the Master in Politics. I have one more question if I may ask...can I apply in March if I am planning to graduate in July? So that I can start in Semptember and don't lose one year. Thanks for the answers. 2016-08-18
Silvia:   Hi! I would like to know if the the single room at the International student service center has a restroom inside the room. Thank you 2016-08-18
Sarah:   Hi. I am an International Politics bachelor's degree student in my own country and I am interested in starting your INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE COURSE IN POLITICS. When and how can I submit my application? Can I apply for scholarship as well? Thank you, 2016-08-17
AT:   Good day! Can you tell me , pleaese,will there be a notice about dorm accomodation in Minhang campus (14 dorm) for Chinese government scholarship students?Thank you. 2016-08-15
Ann:   Hello! I didn't reserve dorm. If after 8 Sept. there are free places in dorm in campus can I move into the room?? thank you 2016-08-12
Rizvi:   I have got Full CSC scholarship for PhD. Admission notice reads that Shared accommodation will be provided on campus. I want to ask how i can get single room? I am coming on Aug 31, 2016. 2016-08-12
Louis Grey-Edwards:   Hi, I will be coming to study on the Chinese Language program this September and wanted to ask about the placement test - can you please outline rouhgly what the language placement test will be composed of? 2016-08-10

Online Consultation

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