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lucy:   I can't open the Japanese and Korean ver page. please confirm it. thank you. 2015-12-22
Anna:   Hello, i would like you to ask about the research proposal of the degreee program. It is said that "5.A study or research plan ( in Chinese or English no less than 800 words" means if i write by Chinese it should be also 800 hanzi or words? If i write by Chinese how many words sould i write? Thank you very much for your support. 2015-12-22
hye bin:   Hello, I want to study at ECNU on the upcoming spring semester,2016. Is it still possible to apply for the dormitory?? 2015-12-21
Diane:   Hello. I want to ask about dormitory fee during winter break. I'm a degree student who lives in No.1 Dorm(Zhongbei campus) now, and I already reserved my room for next semester. However, if I go home for winter break, do we need to pay dorm fee(保留费) during break? how much do I need to pay for dorm fees during break? 2015-12-19
Connie:   Hello, I want to study at ECNU on the upcoming spring semester,2016, but I already have schedule on february. If I can't go shanghai until february 22-23(the registration term), then there is no way to study at ECNU's chinese language program? or can I register earlier or later than 22-23Feb,2016? 2015-12-15
Amber:   hi. does ECNU offers ohd programs in english? 2015-12-15
Maria:   Dear Sir/Madam, I am about to fill out the application for Global Curriculum program and it has the question about enrollment with the only option : Fall 2014, but I want to come for Spring 2016. Should I still check the Fall 2014 option, since it's the only one available or you are going to update the application for Spring Semester soon? 2015-12-05
Svetlana:   Dear Ira SUN, my name is Svetlana, I have graduated Novosibirsk State University, Sinology, I have passed HSK 5 last march, currently I am in Shanghai. Is that possible to apply for scholarship and start chinese course program since this winter\spring? Is there any kind of program? Is that possible to get scholarship? Thank you 2015-12-05
Alice:   Hello, I'll be studying at ECNU starting from February 2016. Since I have to book my flight, I wanted to know when lessons end in July. thank you 2015-12-05
Felix:   Dear Ira Sun, I am interested in doing the English-taught Graduate Program in Politics. Do I need to have an HSK Level 5 certificate for that programme as well? On the Department's website it says that you will be required to learn Mandarin during your studies, however, it is not essential as prerequisite. Thanking you in anticipation. 2015-12-05

Online Consultation

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