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sammy:   Hi,the requirement for application of master program asks for graduation thesis/papper during bachelor degree. How if I dont have a graduation thesis during bachelor degree (course in bachelor degree didnt have to write paper or thesis)??Thanks 2019-01-07
unchalee:   excuse me, I wanna know that Shanghai Government Scholarship at ECNU Full scholarship Scholarship Coverage 4years? 2019-01-03
Michel Hernandez:   If i want to apply to an english taught program, and i want to apply for the chinese goverment scholarship, do I need to have HSK certificate? Or with my TOEFL certificate is enough? 2019-01-03
Muhammad Ali:   are you offering MS ecology in English taught in any session like in spring? 2019-01-03
Kent:   There is a laboratory exam (attached test report of AIDS, Syphilis, etc) In the foreigner physical examination form, what should there be in the laboratory exam report other than test for AIDS and syphilis. Does it include normal standard blood test? 2019-01-02
Muhammad Ali:   I have completed my bachelors in English medium, do I required to submit IELTS scores? 2019-01-02
Muhammad Ali:   What is the deadline for online application for those who are applying for ECNU via CSC scholarship? 2019-01-02
Muhammad Ali:   The CSC website has mention masters in ecology at ECNU is being taught in English where I didn't find it in your ECNU website as it is in the Chinese language? so please is it offers in the English language? 2019-01-02
Michela Artuso:   Dear, I am an Italian student who will attend the ECNU classes in February. The dormitory in which I was taken (Shanghai International Students Service Center) it's very expensive for me. Is there a cheaper solution? please, it's urgent. I'll stay in China from 8 Febrary to 15 of June. 2018-12-31
Monica:   Hello! I am wondering if I completed the online application on December 14th and I haven’t paid the registration fee yet, now can I pay the fee or do I have to complete the application online again? Thank you for your reply. 2018-12-31
Kaoutar:   Hello, I'm concerned because I could not find MBBS in the catalogue of undergraduate programs of 2019 2018-12-23
Hafiz:   Hello, How can I get a pre-admission letter if I am already have acceptance letter from supervisor? 2018-12-16
Audi:   Hi, I am wondering about the accommodation. Do we register the accommodation after we get accepted? When can we choose the dorm types (ex: single or double)? 2018-12-11
Ali:   Sir I am a PhD student in Zhejiang University. Can I change my supervisor? If yes then what is the procedure. Thankyou 2018-12-09
Hafiz Ali:   If possible for full scholarship PhD student live with his wife at campus of university? 2018-12-08

Online Consultation

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