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ELLA:   Hi! I would like to apply for an external dormitory while applying for language program for the fall semester of 2018. I made a reservation online at an external dormitory site as directed. Is there any other application process? I am writing to you because I can not contact with external dormitory because there is no email address provided by the external dormitory! 2018-07-01
Mallick:   I would like to know about the China and Shanghai scholarship result for Doctoral program. 2018-07-01
Becca:   When is the housing payment due for students participating in the Global China Program for Fall semester? 2018-06-22
josh:   do i have to pay the tuition fee if im transfered from another university? 2018-06-22
Mitchell:   is the Globility-International Student Community(GISC) on Zhongbei campsu? 2018-06-21
Qing:   According to the procedure of applying residence permit, Original copy of health certificate issued by Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center within 6 months. When do i need to go for the medical check-up after arrival Shanghai? How much do i need to pay? 2018-06-20
Li:   May i request to apply internship with X2 visa? I will study general visiting students programs (Business Chinese) in September to January. 2018-06-20
zara:   what if i want to bring my infant baby with me . is it any visa requirements for him sepratly. ? do i need passport for him? 2018-06-19
Xabier:   How can we know if we have been accepted or if there is a problem with our application? 2018-06-19
Eunice:   Hi, is it possible to teach English in China if I come from Kenya? 2018-06-18
Chin:   Can I pay my tuition fee via bank transfer? If so what receipt will I need to provide on registration day? 2018-06-17
Cameran:   I just received my diploma in the mail and I wanted to attach the information on my file for the scholarships I’ve applied for as well as my application for admission. Could I send a picture via email? 2018-06-16
Stephen:   Hello, I would like to know when the admission result for Shanghai Government Scholarship (Master Program) will be finished? Thanks 2018-06-15
Sandra:   Hello, I would like to know on which of the two campuses the language programs are taught. Thank you :) 2018-06-14
XABIER:   HI. How much am i supposed to pay 400 or 800 RMB, the online aplicattion asks for 800 if you are an international student, but if u look at the main page it says 400. 2018-06-13

Online Consultation

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