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Qing:   According to the procedure of applying residence permit, Original copy of health certificate issued by Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center within 6 months. When do i need to go for the medical check-up after arrival Shanghai? How much do i need to pay? 2018-06-20
Li:   May i request to apply internship with X2 visa? I will study general visiting students programs (Business Chinese) in September to January. 2018-06-20
zara:   what if i want to bring my infant baby with me . is it any visa requirements for him sepratly. ? do i need passport for him? 2018-06-19
Xabier:   How can we know if we have been accepted or if there is a problem with our application? 2018-06-19
Eunice:   Hi, is it possible to teach English in China if I come from Kenya? 2018-06-18
Chin:   Can I pay my tuition fee via bank transfer? If so what receipt will I need to provide on registration day? 2018-06-17
Cameran:   I just received my diploma in the mail and I wanted to attach the information on my file for the scholarships I’ve applied for as well as my application for admission. Could I send a picture via email? 2018-06-16
Stephen:   Hello, I would like to know when the admission result for Shanghai Government Scholarship (Master Program) will be finished? Thanks 2018-06-15
Sandra:   Hello, I would like to know on which of the two campuses the language programs are taught. Thank you :) 2018-06-14
XABIER:   HI. How much am i supposed to pay 400 or 800 RMB, the online aplicattion asks for 800 if you are an international student, but if u look at the main page it says 400. 2018-06-13
Xabier:   Hi, I am an international student, I have just filled my online application.i am not allowed to pay the fee online. is there any problem? if i am supposed to go to the bank tell me how much am i supposed to pay. 2018-06-13
sk:   Hello teachers when Shanghai government scholarship, will announce result. when it is expected to dispach visa documents, and acceptance. 2018-06-06
Eve:   If I am under 18 years old but emancipated do I need a Guardian's Letter of Guarantee? 2018-06-01
Mijail:   Hello, how are you? Can you please answer my questions about the 2018 fall standard chinese language program? 1) In which campus is going to be taught, Zhongbei or Minhang? 2) Do I have to live in university dorms or I can choose other place? I have a friend with a spare room. 3) Which type of visa will I have? 4) How many days the visa last? or from and until? Thank you so much for your time. 2018-05-25
Willem Peeters:   hi, I would like to apply for the Chinese language programme, I am only wondering: what do you exactly mean with "transcript" and what is the difference between your “transcript” and your "Highest education certificate" 2018-05-24

Online Consultation

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