Online Consultation
Marawan:   what about result of CSC scholarships 2017-06-22
Narainrit Chinfak:   When the result of ECNU PhD scholarship through csc will be published? 2017-06-20
Jess:   What is the exact duration of the Intensive Chinese Training Program (fall 2017 semester)? 2017-06-19
shabina naz:   when the shanghai scholarship nomination list will be released 2017-06-17
Ekaterina:   When the result of ECNU master scholarship through SGS will be published? Will the results be sent to the email or not? Or will the list of the winning grant be published? 2017-06-16
Mikkei:   Based on my understanding, I would need to process certain things like the residence permit. I'll be getting a visa with my JW202 form that you have sent to me as I will be taking a one year Intensive Chinese Language Program. My concern here is, I will be arriving China earlier as I will be visiting my relatives in Xiamen from September 1st to September 6th, then fly to Shanghai on September 6th. How will I go about this situation with the processing of the resident permit since I will be in Xiamen in my first few days in China? 2017-06-16
deco:   I could not apply for the Summer language program for 6 weeks in online application form because the list showed in the online application is the Study China Program only. There is no option of the Summer language program in the list. It is appreciated if you provide me how to apply for the Summer language program in online application? 2017-06-09
Ashek Mahmud:   When the result of ECNU PhD scholarship through SGS will be published? Could I be informed the result by Email? 2017-06-06
Cullen:   I recently received an email titled "已录取" without any content in the message. However, my online application is still listed as "under review." Do I need to wait for my application to be reviewed to receive my student ID to make a dorm reservation? Or is my student ID already available to me? Where would I find it? 2017-06-06
Lera:   Hello, I want to apply for a language course. Can I apply for fall and spring semester at the same time? 2017-06-01
Koufa:   Hi ! Can I book a room and give up the booking if I decide to live outside campus? 2017-05-31
Marco:   Hello, Are there any news about the hanban applications? 2017-05-31
Roza:   If I study in a partner university (Higher School of Economics, Moscow), should I pay for the course if I apply? 2017-05-29
Sara:   I have applied for SGS through online portal. But i did not send hard copies of my documents. I have also applied for CSC and send all required documents to ECNU. I was thinking that there is no need to send hard documents for SGS if i have already send documents for CSC. Now time is very short and it is very hard to reach for my application before deadline as i am residing in Pakistan. Is it possible that i send my SGS application through email to ECNU. 2017-05-25
Vanessa Lee:   I applied the wrong accommodation. I've sent you an email but I am worried that you won't receive it! Please help me. Will you be able to amend my mistake? I have attached my full name, student number and date of birth. Also, I wanted to apply for Dorm 2 International halls. But it says booking has stopped in Chinese, does it mean it is fully booked? 2017-05-24

Online Consultation

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