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Francesca:   Free airport pick-up:I had to send an email before August 31 but for a read error, I sent the mail today, is it a problem? 2017-09-01
Anna:   Hello. When the final results of CSC will announce or You have already sent emails to successful candidates? 2017-08-17
Nico:   I am planning on enrolling into the one-year standard Chinese program and have a few questions about it: 1. Would I have to pay for the entire one year of standard chinese course once in the beginning? Is there an option where I can only pay for one semester first, and the next semester in January? 2. On my admission letter, the total cost of attendance that I have to pay is more than what is mentioned on the website. Is the total cost for just the semester or one year? 2017-08-08
faizel:   Hi, I would like to know If I could leave China anytime with an x2 visa with one entry? 2017-08-08
Mandy:   Hi ECNU! How, where and when should I apply for a residence permit? I will be a student of the standard Language Program. 2017-08-08
Parvizjon:   Dear Sir/Madan, While searching a place to stay stumbled on the fact of different campuses as Zhongbei and Minhang. Can you please tell me what is the difference of these campuses? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Parvizjon 2017-08-02
Jieyi:   Hi, I was wondering, I am arriving on the 6th of September. I am reserved in the accommodation list, but will I be able to move in on the day without paying extra fee? I'm not a scholarship student but I will be applying for a Jw202 Visa. 2017-08-02
Sean:   Hello! I have received a Confusius institute scholarship. Do I still need to apply for accommodation or is accommodation already sorted for full scholarship students? Thanks, 2017-07-27
Mezbah:   Waiting for a long for csc scholarship result. I couldn't understand that the university recommend me or not. How can I know those? I applied for phd in politics. 2017-07-27
Ligita:   Hello! I have a question regarding the accommodation. If the university dorms are full where else is possible to apply for living 2017-07-26
Alexander:   Hello ENCU! My name is Alexander. Recently I have received my Admission Package with JW202, Admission Notice and etc. I understand the next steps of enrollment, yet I have problem with my Visa. It expires of 20th of August and I don't know how to get the new one. Can you please advise on how to get it and what documents I shall need? Thank you! 2017-07-25
Inbar:   Hello Huadong East China Normal University, I am going to be a guest in your dorms for 2 weeks in August, in the 2 roomates dorms. Me and my roomate want to cook our own meals. Is it possible? do you have some kind of kitchen we can use? and is there any supermarket inside the university? Thank you in advance, Inbar 2017-07-22
igor:   Hello, is standard chinese language course taught in Chinese or in English? Cause when applying there is an option for application fee : chinese taught programs 400 yuan, and english taught programs 800 yuan. 2017-07-20
Ali:   Will you announce result of CSC? 2017-07-19
igor:   Hi ECNU, in the online applying procedure for one-semester standard chinese language course there are two application fees: 1. chinese-taught programs 400元 2. english-taught programs 800元 What is the difference? Does this mean there are 2 options for standard chinese language course: to have classes in english and to have classes in chinese? 2017-07-14

Online Consultation

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