Online Consultation
Usama Aslam:   Nationality drop down in master online application is not working.please solve the issue 2018-03-10
Mitchell:   1. i have applied to the intensive chinese program, how long till i find out if i have been accepted? 2. i would like to talk to someone . what number can i call? 2018-03-09
Elly:   Hi, I am thinking to study Master course, Dept. Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Which campus for this course and How long is this course(I mean study duration)? 2018-03-07
Frolence:   Hi, I want to apply to a PhD program at your University. I am wondering whether if I am done with paper work right after my defense I get awarded a certificate or I have to wait until graduation ceremony? 2018-03-05
Mitchell:   questions regarding the Chinese intensive program 1. what campus do classes take place on? 2. traditional of simplified characters? 3. is it possible to rent a double room for myself in one of the dormitories? 4. are there any sports teams at ecnu? 5. is the a weight room/gym on campus? 2018-03-02
Chelsey:   Hi, i just want to ask when is the application period for shanghai scholarship program? 2018-03-01
Kateryna:   Hello! Please, could you tell me, what is the difference between Chinese Government Scholarship and Shanghai Government Scholarship? And can I apply for both ones at the same time? Thank you in advance! 2018-02-28
Khan:   I am studying master degree but unlucky there is some problems with due process of paper publication so could i extend my master with stipend i am having on CSC. 2018-02-25
Adil Riaz:   Dear sir how i pay online admission apply fee for csc?I'n from pakistan 2018-02-24
Isa:   Hi, I was considering applying for the Master in Marketing. I have a doubt about the teaching language since the programme in the list says it's taught in Chinese, while on the website of the Asia Europe Business School says it's actually taught in English. I'd like to know, due to the fact that the Government Scholarship applies only to the "Chinese taught" one. 2018-02-22
Kalsoom:   sir i am facing problem to upload files kindly guides me how can i solve this problem 2018-02-16
GarryS:   Hello! My friend and I want to apply documents for Master Degree! Can we sent in one letter 2 packs of documents? 2018-02-11
Naarayani Singh:   Hello Respected, Me and my friends are interested in the Confucius Scholarship. We score HSK-220 and HSKK-66 these are our marks. And we are interested in your university. Could you please guide what should we do to get in your university and what steps should we need to follow ? we didn't understand how to apply for scholarship ? please help us as soon as possible please do reply fast please ? 2018-02-04
Diana:   Hello! I've applied for CGS programm to do Master's in your university, but my HSK 5 is only 143 score. In Embassy they told me that scholarship covered 1 year language study also, is it true? is it means that I can first attend to language programs and then do my Master's? 2018-02-01
R.Sangsawang:   Hello! I'd like to apply for Master's degree through CSC scholarship this year, I want to make sure about the application materials, could you please provide me some further information about these: 1. The application materials must be sent to the University in 2 sets, right? 2. On this page (http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn/msg.php?id=31), specify that the applicants should follow the unified template(http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn/dfile.php?id=1423) to fill in the recommendation letter, but on the template states that it is for Ph.D applicants, do I have to use this template too, if I want to apply for Master's degree? 3. About the deadline, is it May 15, or March 31? Thank you for providing the requested information. 2018-01-27

Online Consultation

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