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rowella:   Hello. I'd like to apply for Standard Chinese Language Program for one semester . And I'd like the class that starts in March 2018. It is still possible to enrol? What is the procedure. thank you. 2018-01-25
Chusanart Phongsuwan:   Hi, I'd to apply for Standard Chinese Program for 1 year. And I'd like the class that starts in March or April. Could you recommend the class that suits my need and also the process I should follow, including the payment, visa appilication. My aunty lives in Shanghai and I will live with her during my stay. 2018-01-24
Berk:   Hi, I would like to apply intensive Chinese program, I will be a beginner in mandarin, after one semester, and two semesters, what will be my level? 2018-01-19
dan:   hello! i wanna apply to chinese taught sociology master program. i am wondering about which campus provided for the sociology masater sutedents. 2018-01-19
Lance:   My application status says "passed." When do I expect to receive all the other information like start date and paperwork? 2018-01-19
Silvia:   Hello! me and my friend successfuly booked a room in Dorm No.2 for the Spring Semester, is it possible for us to stay in the same room? 2018-01-16
Burak:   老师您好,我想申请ECNU 2018年的社会学硕士项目。我目前的HSK是4级220分,请问如果我申请该项目,是否可以同时申请正式录取前的Chinese language preparatory class? 然后Chinese Government Scholarship是否可以cover这个预备汉语的课程?谢谢您! 2018-01-11
Mudassar Abdullah:   I want to apply for PhD Psychology, provide me some details. 2018-01-09
Denisha:   Hi Does ECNU assist with visa documentation? I am applying from South Africa 2018-01-08
imane:   i intend to apply for the Chinese language program for spring 2018, i would like to know how long it takes to receive the admission package ? 2018-01-04
Imtiaz Ali:   Hello, I want to Apply for MA Anthropology ( English ) in 2018 Session. Any one can help me ? when university will announce online Application for foreigners. Xie Xie 2018-01-03
wan:   Hi, can you please suggest the chinese language program for 2months studies? is it possible to join in the semester but study only 2months? I already have basic chinese 2018-01-03
Mei:   I am applying for the Standard Chinese program for Spring 2018. Is there anyway you can tell me the exact dates. I need to tell my job exactly when I'll be gone. 2017-12-18
Ali:   I want to apply for bachelor programs and am looking for a scholarship. I don't have any HSK score. Any information about this??? 2017-12-17
Megan:   Hello! I am interested in applying for the intensive Chinese language program, fall semester 2018. Is it possible to get a CSC scholarship for this program? 2017-12-14

Online Consultation

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