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Francesca:   Dear Huadong East China Normal University, I am Francesca D'Auria, I have already received an email from Hanban saying I got a 6 month scholarship to study in your international institute, but till now I did not receive any other email explaining me the right way to procede with application of my Visa, the registration process in the university and all the deadlines. What should I do then ? 2017-07-12
Mi:   Can you at least publish your own scholarship nomination list? For some of us there are other options are waiting for the response. So if there is no/hope with ECNU we could focus on others. 2017-07-10
igor:   Hi ECNU, I want to apply for the standard chinese language program that starts in Spemtember of 2017 (one semester) 1. Can my friend from China pay applicatian fee in my name and send it to you? 2. Is the appliccation process completely on-line or I have to send u some documents, hard copies by post? 3. When do I need to pay tuition fee? And what is the policy on the refunds if I want to cancel? 4. In my visa application for x2 student visa I have to write down the address where will I live. What if I don't manage to get the dormitory which address should I put in my visa application? Thank you 2017-07-09
James:   I didn't receive email regarding nominated for CSC by university. so is there any chance to get scholarship ? 2017-07-07
Virginia:   Hello, i would like to attend this university next year but i cannot find the details/courses and programs. I'm interestedin economic and finance programs thanks 2017-07-04
Mzbah:   How can I know the csc cholarship result? I have applied for phd in politics. 2017-07-02
Francesca:   尊敬的负责人: 您好!我是来自都灵孔子学院Carlo Botta 国际语言高中的五年级的学生Francesca Fagherazzi, 中文名字叫付然。 This morning I received an email from Hanban about annual scholarship. The text of the email is: FagherazziFrancesca:已经被华东师范大学录取,并获得孔子学院奖学金。请与华东师范大学确认办理来华留学手续,在线打印获奖证书;按规定时间注册学籍后享受孔子学院奖学金待遇。 What I have to do now? Where and when I have to confirm my scholarship? The current position of my application today is: 未提交, but yesterday was: 录取。为什么?现在我要做什么?I have to click on SUBMIT? Thank you for the attention, hope hearing from you very soon, Best Regards. 2017-06-30
Adnan:   When csc will display the list of selected student for anthropology program 2017-06-27
Enam Kunu:   Please when will the CSC independent results be out? 2017-06-23
Kidanemariam:   My name is Berhie Kidanemariam Alem from Ethiopia and I’m applying to East China Normal University for Ph.D. (in Biostatistics) program. But still, I don’t know my application status. So would you tell me please the progress of my application status? 2017-06-23
hadeer:   is there any information about the result of CSC scholarships 2017-06-23
Shanira Idrus:   Hi, I am a La Trobe student from Melbourne, Australia. I would like to study at this university in February 2018. But I cannot find details on the subjects/programs/ courses that I can study along with detailed description. I hope you can help me. Xie xie 2017-06-22
Marawan:   what about result of CSC scholarships 2017-06-22
Narainrit Chinfak:   When the result of ECNU PhD scholarship through csc will be published? 2017-06-20
Jess:   What is the exact duration of the Intensive Chinese Training Program (fall 2017 semester)? 2017-06-19

Online Consultation

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