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talat abbas:   Can i apply for Master's in computer science without HSK. Am i be taught chinese for Master studies. What is the application fee? 2018-03-15
Nasir Khan:   Is Computer Science in English? or Is Software Engineering in English? I am applying for MS through CSC 2018 2018-03-14
Nasir Khan:   Firstly, Kindly provide me the link where I can apply for SGC. I have already applied for CSC 2018. secondly, I want to ask, when I pay for the application and submit my online application, when will you respond me? whether I am selected or not? Thirdly, What is the Quota for Pakistani students for MS admission? 2018-03-14
Mirco:   Hi, I wanted to enroll for the language class that starts in April. I filled in the online form and then wanted to pay. But always when i clicked on the pay button a blank page appeared. Therefore I could not pay. What can I do? Best regards, Mirco 2018-03-13
Winnie:   Dear ECNU, I am year 1 student studying International Business in Europe and I was wondering if it is still possible to transfer into the International Business (Chinese-English) program? If so, how does the transfer application work? 2018-03-13
Usama Aslam:   Hello, i want to apply for masters in software engineering. but i don't don't find school of software in school selection in online admission application. please inform me how can i apply for master in software engineering and teaching language 2018-03-12
talat abbas:   i want to apply for master's in computer science. what is the duration and language of program? 2018-03-12
Anastasia:   Hello! I’m from Russia and I plan to choose International business(Chinese-English) faculty. It’s said that the 3rd study year is attended at an university abroad. Could you please tell me, if a student gets Shanghai Government Scholarship, this 3rd year tuition also will be free or student will pay for tuition and living? Thank you) 2018-03-12
Kouffa:   Hi ECNU. I'll be 35 years old next may. Can I apply for a Master's degree in international relations? Thank you! 2018-03-11
Ali jasim:   hy How much Application fee through CSC.? 2018-03-11
Edmund:   Please when I click on "nationality" to choose an option in the application, the options don't appear and i am unable to skip it since it's compulsory that that column be filled. Please do check it out for me. 2018-03-10
Usama Aslam:   Nationality drop down in master online application is not working.please solve the issue 2018-03-10
Mitchell:   1. i have applied to the intensive chinese program, how long till i find out if i have been accepted? 2. i would like to talk to someone . what number can i call? 2018-03-09
Elly:   Hi, I am thinking to study Master course, Dept. Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Which campus for this course and How long is this course(I mean study duration)? 2018-03-07
Frolence:   Hi, I want to apply to a PhD program at your University. I am wondering whether if I am done with paper work right after my defense I get awarded a certificate or I have to wait until graduation ceremony? 2018-03-05

Online Consultation

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