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Aweon:   I was looking at the list of Masters programs and I wanted to confirm if 'Japanese Language and Literature' was an actual program? I have no experience with the Chinese language, but a little experience with Japanese. Would it be feasible to pursue a Master's in Japanese at this school with no formal study in Chinese? Second, where would I find more information on the Japanese program? How many credits or classes are needed to complete the program? Lastly, is it still possible to apply for next year's program? Thank you so much and I look forward to your response! 2017-12-07
Cachay:   I am applying through my US University for study abroad. I am in the process of renewing my passport, as it expires March 2018. Will this effect my acceptance into the program. I will have the new passport back before January 10th, which is your deadline. 2017-12-01
Christian Saar:   Hi, I am in the process of applying for student exchange to ECNU and would like to know how many credits the intensive chinese training course is worth? 2017-11-28
J Silva:   Hello, I'm thinking about applying for the "Standard Chinese Language Program" (Spring Semester). I would like to know if I am required to provide evidence of English proficiency, for that matter? Regards 2017-11-24
Lorena:   Hello, are your senior visiting programs taught in english? If yes,is HSK required, or only an english certificate? 2017-11-22
Silvia:   Hello! i enrolled in the 2018 langue program (spring semester). I received a mail regarding the booking of the dorms and it's written that i should pay the fee within a week after my submitting but on the website (in the page of accomodation) it's written that you should pay on site with cash. What should i do? make a bank transfer (or paying online) or pay at the dorm with cash once i'm there? 2017-11-21
Mint:   Hello, I am interested in 汉语国际教育 for a master program. I would like to ask a question about Recommendation Letters, is there any format to follow? If there is no format, i would like to know to whom am i addressing the letter? 2017-11-17
Kate Griffiths:   Hi, I am from La Trobe University wanting to study at ECNU in 2018. Where can I find a list of subject codes and names. Xie xie 2017-11-08
Perizat:   Hello! Is it possible for me to apply for a Graduate program in Politics or in a related field of study at East China Normal University for Spring 2018 semester as a non-degree exchange student from Poland? Do you offer scholarships for this program and if possible, would you please, give me any information about exchange student programs at your University? Thank you very much in advance! 2017-11-07
Rin:   Im interested in the Business Chinese Program, can I know the exact date of when the Spring semester 2018 starts? 2017-10-29
Nabeel:   What is the procedure for applying through china government Scholarship in MS Computer Science that is offered in English 2017-10-25
Shanira:   Hi, Where can I find a list of subjects that I can study at ECNU? I want to study accounting and Chinese. I'm from La Trobe University, Australia. Xie xie 2017-10-25
balaji:   i missed jw202 form.i m studying 2nd year in china ,can i get new jw202 form? 2017-10-19
Dado:   Hello! I am searching for information about the University fee for a General Visiting Student program. Can someone help me? 2017-10-14
Connor Reynolds:   Good morning/evening, I'm sorry I hope this isn't disrespectful, but I am not sure how else to help. My name is Connor Reynolds I recently send a package USPS to one of your international students Ariel Beyer. This morning I got a confirmation that the package was delivered, and Ariel went to pick it up. But when she got there, they said they couldn't get it because there was no identifying features. Also she said because her Chinese isn't high level it was hard to communicate. Can you help me with this? The tracking number from the United States Postal Service is CX290027044US. I sent it to her room, 1107. Ariel said something about them texting her, but she doesn't know if she can receive the text. Thank you for your time, I look forward to you reply. I'm sorry if this causes any inconveniences Sincerely, Connor 2017-10-05

Online Consultation

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