Online Consultation
Koufa:   Hi ! Can I book a room and give up the booking if I decide to live outside campus? 2017-05-31
Marco:   Hello, Are there any news about the hanban applications? 2017-05-31
Roza:   If I study in a partner university (Higher School of Economics, Moscow), should I pay for the course if I apply? 2017-05-29
Sara:   I have applied for SGS through online portal. But i did not send hard copies of my documents. I have also applied for CSC and send all required documents to ECNU. I was thinking that there is no need to send hard documents for SGS if i have already send documents for CSC. Now time is very short and it is very hard to reach for my application before deadline as i am residing in Pakistan. Is it possible that i send my SGS application through email to ECNU. 2017-05-25
Vanessa Lee:   I applied the wrong accommodation. I've sent you an email but I am worried that you won't receive it! Please help me. Will you be able to amend my mistake? I have attached my full name, student number and date of birth. Also, I wanted to apply for Dorm 2 International halls. But it says booking has stopped in Chinese, does it mean it is fully booked? 2017-05-24
L:   I applied for a double room in the Shanghai International Students Service Center, where can I see if I was accepted? 2017-05-22
Mikkei:   Hi, just making sure... is the Shanghai International Student Service Center at the Zhongbei Campus? 2017-05-22
Jj.k:   Hi.can I send the bank receipt by email to you? Which email address? 2017-05-21
Jj.k:   Hi,I would like to know how to reserve dorm ? And after reserve when I can use dorm ? 2017-05-19
Jj.k:   Hi I would like to apply for the standard chinese language program for the spring semester,when I should apply?and how long after that you will receive? 2017-05-18
Mahsa:   I would like to apply for chinese language program , can I apply for dorm? How I can apply?And which dorm is suitable for me? 2017-05-18
Mahsa:   I would like to know,how long is chinese language program in per term? 2017-05-18
patrice:   hello i have applied for sgs and already submitted my documents   but they said its better to get the acceptance letter from a supervisor. i dont know any professors from ecnu . how do i find a supervisor? 2017-05-16
Mezbah:   Can you tell me the result publication time for PhD in Politics? How could we know the result? looking forward to hearing from you. 2017-05-14
Parisa:   Hello,if I'm planning to study chinese language program,can I stay at minhang campus? 2017-05-13

Online Consultation

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