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Mikkei:   Hello, I would just like to know who we can contact if we have questions regarding the dorms. Thank you very much! 2017-05-04
Sabeeh:   I have applied for Phd in Social Work under Chinese Govt. Scholarship Scheme. I have paid the application processing fee and sent my application documents in hard to ECNU last month. I have also applied online for SGS. My question is, do i need to send again the hard copies of documents for SGS and also please tell me do i need to repay application processing fee for SGS. 2017-04-27
Ashek Mahmud:   I would like to apply for PhD degree in Philosophy with English taught program through SGS scholarship. Although I have sociology background, will it be recognized if I apply for PhD scholarship in Philosophy? To which address I should post the documents? Is it mandatory to post original copy of Bank pay proof or Photocopy? Please help me for my clear assurance. 2017-04-21
David:   If I earned the Confucius Institute Scholarship in the past, can I still apply for the Shanghai government scholarship to pursue a graduate degree at ECNU? 2017-04-21
Julian:   Hello! I am currently studying in China sponsored by a Confucius Institute Scholarship, I wonder if I am eligible to apply for the Shanghai Government Scholarship to pursue a graduate degree in Applied Psychology? 2017-04-20
Ashek Mahmud:   I am applying for PhD scholarship in your University through SGS, I have sociology background,now I am recruited teacher of public university,Dept of sociology- Will it be acceptable to apply in sociology in English taugh phd program ?If not, If I apply in Philosophy will it be recognized? To which address all documents must be sent? 2017-04-20
Raja:   If some one has no Chinese language background and he has applied for Phd in Chinese taught program..Will his application rejected or he can still be admitted. 2017-04-19
cynthia:   trying to apply for master in education leadership and policy from ECNU but difficult to select on major and discipline how do i apply for this please help me. 2017-04-13
Ashek Mahmud:   I would like to apply for Shanghai Government PhD Scholarship in East China Normal University on sociology, If all the documents of hard copies are sent by post will it be acceptable? 2017-04-11
Jen:   Good day, I would like to know if the club activities for international students are free? Or is there a fee to join any of these clubs? Also how much does it cost to go to the swimming pool on Zhongbei campus? Thank you very much in advance! 2017-04-09
samantha:   if im planning to study chinese language program, where will it be? zhongbei campus? 2017-04-07
Hussnain:   Can i apply for confucius scholarship without hsk? My masters degree is from China so i can speak beginner level Chinese. Please reply asap 2017-04-07
Marco:   Hello, I needed an information, I'm a student at Ca' Foscari university (italy), we have a program with your university which gave us the possibility to follow a Semestral course, where you give us the possibility to follow some class and take an exam that will be recognised here in our University. My problem is that our university still doesn't seem to know anything for this year's application (I wanted to attend the course that starts in this September). Can you give me more information please? 2017-04-05
Elaina Chin:   For the GCP, how would the placement for the Chinese class work? Also, for this program do we have to score a certain level on the HSK to apply? 2017-04-05
Dongeun:   My daughter would like to apply for 1 year standard chinese language program from September 2017 to June 2018. When does Sept. program begin? Also can she have one year student visa from 12 Aug.? She lives in Shanghai now and she becomes 18 on 11 Aug. 2017-04-03

Online Consultation

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