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 As the global epidemic is continuing and international travel is unavailable right now, do you still want to continue learning Chinese? The Global Education Center of East China Normal University launched the Excellent Chinese Online Short-term Program to accompany you through the 2020 Fall Semester. Taking our online live classes, you can learn Chinese from the comfort of your own home! With a flexible class schedule, a variety of classes, and an excellent team of teachers, let’s take a closer look at the online short-term program below!

1. ECNU Online Short-term Program Features

Smaller class sizes with live teaching and learning.

Consideration of time difference, study at home.

Online immersion learning to effectively improve Chinese language level.

Make full use of time and explore excellent ways to learn Chinese remotely.

The recorded video can be reviewed anytime and anywhere.

An electronic completion certificate will be issued.

2. Program Introduction

1. Chinese Language and Culture Online Program

Session 1: October 12-November 13 (5 weeks) 

Session 2: November 16-December 18 (5 weeks) 

Class time: Monday to Friday 15:00-17:45 (Beijing time).

Class level: There are 6 levels from beginner to advanced.

Tuition fee: 4000 RMB/session







Comprehensive Course & Speaking Course

Comprehensive Course & Speaking Course

Comprehensive Course & Speaking Course

Chinese Society and Culture Course

Comprehensive Course & Speaking Course

Textbook: ‘New Target Spoken Chinese Textbook’ series.

  • Active classroom atmosphere: Interact with the teacher in real time during the live class, with more opportunities for oral practice;
  • Various course types: A combination of comprehensive courses, speaking courses and activity courses with highly practical course content;
  • Highlighted by Chinese social and cultural elements: Special lectures and cultural activity courses with topics involving Chinese history, economy, social hot spots, popular culture, traditional customs, Chinese movies, idioms and sayings.

2. Business Chinese Online Program

Session 1: September 3-September 30 (4 weeks) Tuition fee: 2000 RMB

Session 2: October 12 to November 13 (5 weeks) Tuition fee: 2500 RMB

Session 3: November 16-December 18 (5 weeks) Tuition fee: 2500 RMB

Class time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 19:00-20:50 (Beijing time).

Class level: 3 available levels: lower-Intermediate, intermediate, and advanced. (Chinese level equivalent to HSK level 3 or above).







Business Comprehensive Class

Business Comprehensive Class


Business Activity Class


Textbook: ‘New Silk Road Express Business Chinese’ series.

  • Tailor for business professionals or students who target for career development;
  • Accumulate special vocabulary in the business field and master Chinese expressions in business workplaces;
  • Organize business activities courses include business culture, business cases, special lectures, etc., and have the opportunity to understand Chinese economy, corporate culture, management mode, business etiquette, etc.

3. HSK Preparation Online Program

Session 1: August 24-September 18 (4 weeks)   * HSK test on September 19

Session 2: October 12-November 6 (4 weeks)   * HSK test on November 7

Session 3: November 9-December 4 (4 weeks)   * HSK test on December 6

Class time: Monday to Friday 9:00-10:50 or 13:00-14:50  (Beijing time).

Class level: 3 levels, HSK 4-6.

Tuition: 3000RMB/session.







HSK listening

HSK reading

HSK writing

HSK reading

HSK practice test

Teaching materials:  Previous HSK exam questions and simulated questions arranged by Chinese teachers.

  • Integrate closely with the key points of the HSK test syllabus, conduct the targeted exercises by sections, familiarize candidates with common question types and answering techniques, and guide candidates to pass the test successfully;
  • Various course elements, combining listening, reading, writing and simulation training, in order to master difficult key knowledge in a short time;
  • Enjoy the VIP account of HSK Online App, with access to real-question training to improve learning effectiveness. 

3. How to Apply

Apply online: http://lxsapply.ecnu.edu.cn/

Upload your passport photocopy and pay the application fee of 200 RMB. The application materials and application fee will not be refunded once submitted.

Application Deadline: The classes will start in a rolling phase, and applications will be closed two weeks before the program starts.

Age: 16 years old and above.

4. Payment and Refund Rules

After taking the online placement test, login to the online application system to pay the online tuition fee within the given time.

The first week is a free trial period, for which you can apply for a full refund. We will not accept refund requests after the first week of classes.

5. Visa and Accommodation

Study visa and on-campus accommodation will not be provided for the short-term program.

6. Contact Us

Program Officer: Ms. Xin Chen

Email: zjhuang@gec.ecnu.edu.cn

Tel: 021-62233217

Short-term Session

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