2022 Summer "Chinese Tour" Language Program
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ECNU Global Education Center will launch the "Chinese Tour" language program in the Summer of 2022, adopting the online and offline teaching form. Rich course content will highlight the elements of Chinese society and culture, which assist students to take a leap forward in comprehensive Chinese ability and deepen understanding of Chinese society and culture. "Online Chinese tour, I can be Chinese Pro!"


I. Course Description

Chinese language and culture program (online)

Comprehensively improve the ability of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing, daily oral communication and cross-cultural communication.

Program Duration

Session 1:July 4th - July 29th, 2022 ( 4 weeks )

Session 2:August 1st - August 26th, 2022 ( 4 weeks )

*Available to apply for Session 1&2 at the same time

Class Schedule

Option 1:Monday - Friday 09:00-10:00, 10:10-11:00

Option 2:Monday - Friday 15:00-16:00, 16:10-17:00

*The above is based on Beijing time

Class Levels

There are 6 different levels from elementary to advanced. Classes will be open with at least 6 students of each level.

Teaching Material

Volume 1-6 of the New Target Spoken Chinese series (electronic version)

Tuition Fee

2800 RMB/ one session 

Sample Timetable 1:








Conversational Chinese

Conversational Chinese

A series of lectures on Chinese culture

Conversational Chinese

Conversational Chinese


Speaking Chinese

Speaking Chinese

Speaking Chinese

Speaking Chinese

Sample Timetable 2:








Conversational Chinese

Conversational Chinese

A series of lectures on Chinese culture

Conversational Chinese

Conversational Chinese


Speaking Chinese

Speaking Chinese

Speaking Chinese

Speaking Chinese

* The above are examples of class schedule. Timetable of each class is based on practical teaching.

Program Features  

l Flexible Learning: real-time interaction with teachers and students in class; watch the recorded video repeatedly anytime and anywhere after class. Students can flexibly choose the schedule of the program according to their personal arrangement.

Rich Practical Knowledge: diverse curriculum elements including intensive reading, speaking, drills and practice course which are combined together to improve language ability in multiple dimensions and strengthen the learning effect.

Cultural Appreciation: the program offers lectures on social economy and traditional folk customs to deepen students' understanding of Chinese society and culture; the program also carries out a variety of online activities, online communication between Chinese and international students, etc., so as to open up the student' vision and make learning more fun.

Intelligence Learning: enjoy the VIP account of the Super Test App, which is the auxiliary software to improve learning effectiveness .

Certificate of Completion: official electronic transcripts and completion certificate will be issued to students who successfully complete the course at the end of the program.


Sample schedule of the program:


Series lectures on Chinese culture


Session 1

Week 1: July 4-July 8

Shanghai folk culture


Week 2: July 11-July 15

Chinese film and television culture


Week 3: July 18-July 22

Chinese tea

Practice: experience Chinese tea ceremony

Week 4: July 25-July 29

Chinese calligraphy


Session 2

Week 1: August 1-August 5

Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage


Week 2: August 8-August 12

Chinese martial arts


Week 3: August 15-August 19

Shanghai urban architecture

Walking: the building code of modern Shanghai

Week 4: August 22-August 26

Chinese e-commerce



* The above is an example of project arrangement, which is subject to the actual teaching arrangement.


II. Precautions for Application

How to apply

1. Apply Online: http://lxsapply.ecnu.edu.cn/

2. Application Documents Required: Copy of passport

3. Application Fee: 400 RMB

4. Age Requirement: 16-55 years old

5. The application materials and fees will not be refunded once submitted.

6. The class will start by 6 people at each level, and whether to open a class will depend on the situation and the number of applicants.

Application Deadline:

Session 1:June 17th, 2022

Session 2:July 15th, 2022

How to pay

After taking the online placement test, login to the online application system to pay the online tuition fee within the given time.

Refund Rules

The first week is a free trial period and you can apply for a full refund within the first week. Refund requests after the first week of classes will not be accepted.

Visa & Accommodation

Study visa and on-campus accommodation will not be provided for the online program and offline program. You may consult the program officer for further details.


Contact Us

Email: xchen@gec.ecnu.edu.cn

Short-term Session

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