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(For more information,please visit the program website http://geciss.com or email us at geciss@gec.ecnu.edu.cn, or consult with our program advisors via WeChat [geciss001], [geciss002])

Program Overview

East China Normal was the first university to introduce the American style "international summer school" into China. In the past decade, with its top-standard North American undergraduate-level courses, GEC ISS has accumulated extensive experience in teaching quality, course accreditation and credit transfer, as well as student satisfaction, and obtained high reputation among European and North American universities and their students.  In the post-pandemic era, to meet the resuming demand for international academic and cultural communication and exchange, ECNU Global Education Center will restart the ECNU GEC International Summer School in Summer 2023 and provide premium North American style courses.

Admission Targets

• Undergraduate students

• High school students or graduates


Undergraduate and high school students from all over the world are welcomed to our program. As all courses at our Summer School are instructed entirely in English, applicants must be qualified for one of the following requirements.

• IELTS score of 6 (or equivalent) with a minimum of 5.5 in each skill.

• TOEFL Internet Based Test we require a minimum of 80 with minimum 18 in all skills.

• International Baccalaureate Standard Level English, grade 4.

• For Students in Chinese Universities successfully passed CET-4 or other equivalent/higher level standard tests.

• You may also be accepted into the program if you are studying at an English-speaking university or high school. You must upload your academic transcript for the most recent academic year or proof of enrollment.

• Students at Chinese high schools must have an average over 90% in the English subject.


Students should expect that the summer sessions are intense and hard work will be required and be prudential when selectin courses. Please feel free to consult the advisers at ECNU GEC ISS for professional advice.

For high school students or graduates, besides proof of English language proficiency, a Statement of Purpose (word limit: 250) is mandatory to elaborate on the motivation and anticipation in participation in this Summer School.

Lecture Language


Program Dates

• 1st Session: 2023/6/19 (Mon) to 2023/7/21 (Fri)

• 2nd Session: 2023/7/24 (Mon) to 2023/8/25 (Fri)

Course Format

The ECNU GEC International Summer School offers a wide range of courses instructed by accredited professors from all over the world. All courses are strictly arranged in accordance with rigorous U.S and Canadian academic system.

All courses are lectured in English. Each course has 25 class sessions in total. All sessions are 2 hours in length. The total contact hours are 50 hours. The office hour is no less than 120 minutes every week.

All courses follow the course outlines of most U.S. and Canadian universities and correspond directly with North American university education system to ensure the credit transfer.

Each course of our program will be awarded 3 credits which equivalent to a standard 3 - credit semester - long course in U.S. and Canadian universities.

Each course at ECNU GEC International Summer School can fit 40 participants maximum. Subsequent students will be added to the waiting list.

Selected Curriculum

Subject Course Name Instructor Course Outline
1 - Popular Bridging Courses BUS11 Introduction to Business and Management TBA
COM12 Communication and Media Studies TBA
CPP11 Introduction to Computer Programming TBA
ECO11 Introductory Microeconomics TBA
ECO12 Introductory Macroeconomics TBA
ENG11 Academic English Composition TBA
ENG12 / COM11 Public Speaking TBA

FMS101/FILM11 Introductory Film Studies

MAT11 Calculus 1 TBA
MAT21 Linear Algebra TBA
MAT22 Introductory Statistics 1 TBA
PHY13 Introductory Astronomy TBA
PSY11 General Psychology TBA
SOC11 Introductory Sociology TBA
2 - Business and Management BUS22 Business Environment and Ethics TBA
BUS23 Strategic Management TBA
BUS25 Organizational Behavior TBA
MKT21 Principles of Marketing TBA
3 - Mathematics and Statistics MAT12 Calculus 2 TBA
MAT23 Calculus 3 TBA
MAT24 Discrete Mathematics TBA
MAT27 Introduction to Differential Equations TBA
MAT31 Probability and Statistics 1 TBA
MAT32 Probability and Statistics 2 TBA
MAT36 Complex Analysis TBA

MAT37 Linear Regression Analysis

MAT25 Linear Algebra 2



4 - Computer Science CPP21 Data Structures and Algorithms 1 TBA
CPP31 Data Structures and Algorithms 2 TBA
5 - Economics ECO25 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis TBA
ECO31 Money and Banking TBA
ECO33 Introduction to Econometrics TBA
ECO34 Intermediate Econometrics TBA
6 - Chinese Literature and Culture (Specialty) TBA TBA  

Course Selection

1. To ensure teaching quality and student health, students can take a maximum of 3 courses for each session and a maximum of 6 courses over the entire Summer School. Registered courses cannot be partially deferred to another school year.

2. Class capacity is limited, so “first-come-first-service” principle is applied. Subsequent students will be added to the waiting list.

3. During course appraisal, the host reserves the right to cancel particular courses due to insufficient number of registered students.

Evaluation Methods

The course instructors strictly implement the instruction and supervision under the Academic Board of this Summer School. For specific evaluation methods, please refer to course outlines. 

Certification and Accreditation

Upon successful completion of the courses, students will receive a) the Certificate of Completion and b) the official transcript issued by ECNU Global Education Center (GEC), 

Credit Transfer

ECNU Global Education Center is responsible for issuing official academic transcript awarding 3 credits for each course. Each course bears 50 contact hours.

Policies on Student Exchange and Study Aboard differ greatly from university to university. Before you apply for ECNU GEC International Summer School, please contact the study abroad office, registrar’s office or academic advisor at your home university to learn the detailed information about credit transfer.

Application Procedure

Online Application

Sign up and apply for ECNU GEC International Summer School on the official website and upload a) proof of English language proficiency, and b) proof of enrolment at current university/high school. We will review your application and notify the results within 5 business days.

*Application deadlines are 2023/6/10 for June session and 2023/7/15 for July session.

Online Payment

Within 10 business days upon receipt of offer to this program, please pay the full tuition and fees online. We will send the receipts within 5 business days upon receipt of your payment.

Course Enrolment

Two months before the courses start, the course enrolment system will be open. Please enroll in the courses according to the number of courses applied for and make confirmation. We will send the course confirmation letter within 5 business days.

Start your journey at ECNU GEC International Sumer School!

☆Important Note: Please consult with your home university's academic advisers about the relevant study abroad/exchange/transfer credit policies, and make sure the relevant application procedures are completed before studying at our Summer School.


(The following prices are dominated in RMB)

Program Fees



2 Courses

3 Courses

Included: Enrolment fee, tuition fee, extracurricular activities and issuance and mailing fees for official transcript (1 copy);

Not included: accommodation, transportation and/or meals.




4 Courses

5 Courses

6 Courses





Each year, ECNU GEC International Summer School will provide the following scholarships to students according to students' academic performance in the program, professors' reference, and number and level of courses enrolled:

1. Distinguished students: 10 distinguished students will be selected and awarded an 5000RMB scholarship each.

2. Outstanding students: 10 outstanding students will be selected and awarded an 1000RMB scholarship each.




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Program Advisor 1:GEC国际暑校Allie老师


Program Advisor 2:GEC国际暑校Ella老师

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