Mathematics Education (Master of Science)
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Master of Science

Points/Credits: 26

Entry Term: Fall

Duration: 3 years (range: 2~5 years)

Medium of Instruction: English

Application Deadline: June 15 2023  

Program Description

East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of the most prestigious universities in China and is sponsored by the national programs “Project 211”, “Project 985” and “Double First-Class”. As the first normal university founded in the country after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, ECNU has been a leading force in the reform and development of teacher education in China. The School of Mathematical Sciences of ECNU is an influential base of mathematics research, talent cultivation, and training of professional mathematics teachers. In recent years, the mathematics discipline ranked top 1% in the world-renowned ESI Ranking. The 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-14) was held successfully at ECNU in July 2021, which was the first time that the congress was held in China.

The Master of Science Program in Mathematics Education is suitable for those who wish to later become school mathematics teachers or pursue a doctoral degree in mathematics education. The M.S. degree is an advanced professional degree designed to prepare students for professional careers as elementary and secondary school mathematics teachers. The program of studies for the degree is designed to develop the students’ knowledge of mathematics and education, as well as the teaching of mathematics.The duration of the Master of Science program is 3 years. Students are expected to be awarded the M.S. degree upon satisfactory completion of the required credits. After enrollment, students can choose whether to apply for the IB program or not. If students apply for the IBDP Mathematics Teacher Certificate and fulfilling the corresponding requirements, they are eligible to receive the M.S. degree plus an IB certificate. If not, they can apply for early graduation on the premise of completing the required credits in 2 years.[1] 

Application Requirements

Prospective students are expected to have completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, mathematics education, or other related fields. For general information about the admission and degree requirements, please refer to the ECNU Global Education Center Bulletin at EN/msg.php?id=44.


Students must complete a minimum of 26 credits of graduate courses in mathematics content, mathematics education, general education, and interdisciplinary electives. In particular, students in the IBDP Mathematics Teacher Certificate program should refer to the International Educator Certificate Program brochure for information on additional requirements for the IB certification. All applicants for the M.S. degree must complete a written master dissertation (in English) and pass the dissertation defense.




General Core Courses

(12 credits)

Chinese Language Learning


Introduction to Chinese Civilization


Discipline and Ethics in Academic Research


Introduction to Modern Mathematics I


Introduction to Contemporary Research in Mathematics Education


Mathematics Education Core Courses

(6 credits required)

Research on the Psychology of Mathematics Education


Research Methods in Mathematics Education


International Comparative Research in Mathematics Education


Mathematics Education Elective Courses

(4 credits required)

Research on Mathematics Gifted Education


Mathematics Education Research and Thesis Writing


Mathematical Culture and History


Approaches to Teaching Mathematics Focusing on IB Mathematics*


IB Math English*


IB Math Content Analysis*


Introduction to Modern Mathematics II


Interdisciplinary Electives

(2 credits required)

IB Curriculum Philosophy*


 IB Teaching, Learning and Assessment*


IB Seminar*




General Electives

(2 credits required)



Teaching Practicum

Student Teaching in Mathematics


Master Dissertation






Note: * for IBDP Mathematics Teacher Certificate, the applicant needs to fulfill the corresponding requirements; see details: http://www.gcie.ecnu.edu.cn/b1/cb/c14156a176587/page.htm.


Dr. Lianghuo Fan is a Distinguished Professor and Director of the Asian Centre for Mathematics Education at ECNU, Shanghai, Emeritus Professor at the University of Southampton, UK, and Vice President and Secretary General of the Chinese Society of Mathematics Education, China. Professor Fan has served as the founding Editor-in-Chief of Asian Journal for Mathematics Education, Editor-in-Chief of Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, and the founding Chief Editor of Frontiers in Education (STEM Education). As the IPC Chair, he played an instrumental role in organizing the inaugural International Conference on Mathematics Textbook Research and Development (ICMT) held in the UK and he continued to serve as Co-Chair for ICMT-2, ICMT-3, and ICMT-4.


Dr. Bin Xiong is a Professor and Director of the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Practice at ECNU, Director of the International Mathematical Olympiad Research Center, Director of the Chinese Mathematical Society. He has served as the team leader and the national coach of the Chinese International Mathematical Olympiad team many times.Professor Xiong was awarded the Paul Erdős Prize by the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions (WFNMC) in 2018. Professor Xiong has also served as Editor-in-Chief of Mathematics Teaching.


Other core faculty

Dr. Meng Zhu, Professor and Assistant Dean

Dr. Pan Liu, Associate Professor

Dr. Xiaoli Lu, Associate Professor

Dr. Zhenhua Qu, Associate Professor

Dr. Yinkang Wu, Associate Professor

Dr. Jing Cheng, Lecturer

Dr. Shuhui Li, Lecturer

Dr. Yuchi Wu, Lecturer

For more information, please visit http://math.ecnu.edu.cn/en/faculty_ord.html.

IBDP Mathematics Teacher Certificate Program

For more details about the ECNU Graduate Certificate of International Education (IBDP) program, please visit http://www.gcie.ecnu.edu.cn/.


International students may apply for the Chinese Government and Shanghai Government Scholarship. For details, visit EN/msg.php?id=960.

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