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School of Finance and Statistics, East China Normal University
500 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai 200241, China
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Overview of Program

The probability and statistics program started at East China Normal University as a laboratory in 1960 at the time when Prof. Zongshu WEI, a PhD from Iowa state University, was the leading applied mathematical statistician in Shanghai. Established in 1984, ECNU's mathematical statistics department is was one of three oldest key statistical programs in China. In 1985, the official journal of Chinese Probability and Statistical Society started and established its editorial office at ECNU. 
Over the years, mathematical statistics department has expanded into the school of finance and statistics; comprising of Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science (1984), Department of Risk Management and Insurance (1994), Department of Financial Engineering (2010), Statistics and Actuarial Science Consultancy Center (2006), Biostatistics Center (2008), and Academy of Applied Statistical Science (2010). 
In 2013, the statistics program was ranked No.4 (out of 87 statistics programs) national wide by the Minister of Education and ranked 1st class disciplinary by shanghai municipal education commission.

Faculty and professors:

The statistics program currently has 36 full-time faculty members consisting of 12 full professors, 20 associate professors, 4 assistant professors, among whom three are ‘state professors’. More than half of the faculty members have either earned their degrees from prestigious universities in the west or have had tremendous exposure to western curriculum via post-docs research or visiting positions. In addition, the program has three distinguished part-time faculty affiliates from Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Baptist University and Oxford University. Most faculty members are engaged in cutting-edge research in the areas of industry, finance, medical science funded by competitive nationwide as well as provincial grant programs. A list of professors and associate professors who offer English courses and their research interests is provided below.

Names (rank, PhD of) Research interests
Fang, Fang; asso. Prof.; U. of Wisconsin-Madison Mathematical statistics
Li, Yan; asso. Prof.; ECNU Quality control
Li, Yuqiang; asso. Prof.; Beijing Normal U. Probability, branching process
Liu, Yukun; asso. Prof.; Nankai U. Mathematical statistics
Shao, Jun; State Prof.; U. of Wisconsin-Madison Mathematics statistics, sampling survey
Sun, Dongchu; State Prof.; Purdue U. Bayesian statistics
Tang, Yincai; Prof.; ECNU Reliability, financial time series
Xu, Fangjun; Prof.; U. of Connecticut Probability
Xu, Jin; Prof. Bowling Green State U. Biostatistics, multivariate analysis
Yu, Zhou; asso. Prof.; ECNU Mathematical statistics
Zheng, Weian; State Prof.; U. of Strasbourg Stochastic process, financial mathematics
Zhou, Yingchun; asso. Prof.; Boston U. Biostatistics, time series


Master program:

The length of master program is three years with extension up to five years. The training program consists of course work, external practice such as internship. The student will be supervised by an associate professor or professor. The requirements for the master degree are as follows: (1) completion required credits of common courses by the university, (2) completion a minimum of 30 credits in statistics (consisting of four core courses and four elective courses), (3) passing comprehensive examination.
Master Thesis requirements: It needs no less than 50,000 words in length (excluding footnotes and references). It must be based on original research, mark a new contribution to knowledge, show knowledge of relevant literature, and be well and clearly written and presented. A proposal should be submitted by the end of the third semester. Supervision of the thesis is by a panel or committee of three members with professional doctorate qualifications in statistics. The thesis will be examined by one internal examiner (from the institute) and one outside examiner (from another institute/university). The thesis must be successfully defended and judged to be of publishable quality before a committee of three professors. 
Program objectives: The master students are expected to have solid foundation of theory in probability and statistics, broad knowledge of recent statistical methods, good sense of conducting original research, ability to apply appropriate methods to solve real statistical problems.

Application instructions:

  • (a) The master degree applicant is required to (1) have a bachelor degree or equivalent and (2) pass the national examination. 
  • (b) Complete the application form which can be found on our website www.sfs.ecnu.edu.cn. (No application fee payment is required.) Indicate on the application form whether or not you wish to be considered for an assistantship.
  • (c) You must submit on a separate sheet of paper your ‘statement of purpose’. This is a brief essay outlining your reasons for attending graduate school at East China Normal University together with a few details about your statistical background and your professional goals.
  • (d) Arrange for two official transcripts to be sent from each institution attended in a sealed envelope to: School of Finance and Statistics, East China Normal University, 500 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai 200241, China.
  • (e) Arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent directly to our department. At least one of the letters should be from a member of the department at your undergraduate/graduate college or someone familiar with your mathematical and statistical abilities and your potential for completing a graduate program in statistics.
Graduate Admissions

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