Policies for Language students

Students should voluntarily comply with classroom policies, must not be late for class, and are not permitted to leave early. Absence is not permitted unless there is a valid and reasonable note suggesting some kind of conflicts. If the student is on leave, he/she should be asked the class teacher for approval. If the time is up to 3 days or more than 3 days, the written leave letter should be submitted to the Teaching Management Office. If you are on leave due to illness, you must bring a medical certificate such as a sick leave form and medical record card issued by your doctor to the teaching management office for sick leave.

A large number of absences will force the teaching management office and ISO to take the following measures:

a. Continuous absences of two weeks or up to 60 class hours of accumulated absences will lead the teaching management office and/or their class teacher to talk to the students in a one-on-one, ask them to explain the situation, write a written guarantee of no further unexplained absences, and return to class.

b. After the first interview (or otherwise notified), if the student remains continuously absent for a week or up to 40 class hours of accumulated absences, a special report will be submitted from the teaching management office to the ISO. A serious written warning will be issued to the student by the ISO.

c. If receipt of a written warning fails to deter severely truant students, the case will be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions and be subject to appropriate measures taken by the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.

Students who are absent more than one-third of scheduled class time for illness or other reasons will not be allowed to take the final exam and will not receive a certificate. For students who are absent even after warning, the school will take measures accordingly, depending on the circumstances. 


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