Residents‘ handbook for dorm

Eligibility and Assignments

Only those international students who have registered the programs by ECNU are permitted to reside in the ECNU Dormitory building.
Arrival & Checkout Procedures

  1. Upon arrival, all students must hold their valid passports, payment receipts and living notices to check in and report to the reception where keys will be issued.
  2. Use of the Dormitory for any purpose other than personal residence for registered students is not allowed. Subletting of Dormitory places is not allowed and may lead to expulsion from the University.
  3. Change of beds and rooms without prior approval from the Dormitory management is not allowed and may lead to expulsion from the dorm.
  4. Immediately after the termination of residency, residents shall have their rooms vacated and all personal properties removed from the rooms. Residents who fail to remove all their belongings from a room upon expiry of residency will be kept for a maximum of 5 days, after which all items left behind will be disposed of as rubbish at the prevailing charge. The University shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to such properties whatsoever.
  5. Student Residents shall no longer have the right to reside in the Dormitory if they, for whatever reasons, cease to be students of the University. In such case, they shall vacate their rooms and remove all personal properties in the room immediately after the termination of residency.
  6. Student residents shall give the door key back to the reception and assist the management to finish the checkout procedure before they move out.
  7. Student residents who want to extent their staying in the dorms are requested to submit an application to the dormitory management at least one month advanced before the term end. The application will be considered for extension based on the space availability and the student’s previous conduct in the dorm. Self-supported students should finish the procedure of study extension before applying accommodation for next semester. Those who pay the accommodation fee in advance have priority for room reservation. Extension will not be permitted for those who have more than 2 (including 2) violations of residence rules during their stay.

Payments and Refunds

Room charges are billed by the office of Global Education Center and are due and payable prior to occupancy. Students are required to pay in full or provide evidence of financial assistance to Global Education Center by the payment deadline.
For no particular reason, a half-way check-out refund demand is not considered. In particular cases, a half-way check-out cost will be recounted according to the following criterion for room rate.

In rooms

1、 Inspection of the rooms
The dormitory management reserves the right to authorized entry into any of the rooms in the dormitory with or without prior notification to ensure proper care, maintenance and safety of the facilities.
2、 The dormitory management may confiscate any appliances or items which are not allowed to be brought into the Dormitory, or any equipment used in such a way as to disturb or endanger others.
3、 Relocation of the rooms
For the sake of efficient utilization of resources and to facilitate timely repairs to the rooms, the dormitory management reserves the right to relocate residents to other rooms within the dormitory by normally serving the latter at least three days’ notice in advance.
4、 Be aware and do not let strangers enter your room.
5、 When leaving your room, please close all the windows and door.

Public Areas

  1. Hallways, walkways and stairs are to be kept clear of equipment, furniture, trash and any other objects as they will obstruct passage and therefore the escape routes during emergencies.
  2. Please keep quite in public area. Making loud noises are strictly forbidden.
  3. Residents shall not consume alcoholic beverage in public areas in the Dormitory and are not allowed to bring large volumes of alcohol including: kegs or cases of alcoholic drinks, into the dormitory property. The receptionist and office management have the right to confiscate such prohibitive items.
  4. Pets are not allowed in the Dormitory and may lead to expulsion from the dorm.
  5. Commercial activities are not allowed in the premises without prior permission of the dormitory management.

Responsibility for Injury and Damage

  1. Please do not move any furniture and facilities in the dorms. In case loss and/or damage, the dormitory management reserves the right of charging for compensation.
  2. Residents shall make good or pay for any damage to furniture, fittings fabric and property to the dormitory for which they are responsible, normal wear and tear excepted.
  3. If any room facilities damaged, please promptly report to the reception, the dorm will not be responsible for personal belongings loss due to delayed report.


For any emergency, please consult and report to the dormitory management.

  1. Possessions of chemicals, explosives or highly combustible materials are strictly disallowed in the dormitory.
  2. The usage of Electric blanket, halogen lamp, quartz heater, electric heater or stove, and any kind of cooking facilities are strictly prohibited in the rooms so as to avoid starting fire.
  3. Preparation or reheating of food inside the Dormitory is only allowed in the kitchen area, and using pantries designated for such purpose.
  4. Open flames, including candles and incense, are not allowed in any part of the dormitory.
  5. Please do not throw anything out of the window.
  6. Residents have to take good care of anything they bring into the dormitory. Neither the University, nor the dormitory management shall be responsible for any loss of or damage to any property, goods, articles or things whatsoever brought into the dormitory by the residents.
  7. Make sure that your room is locked at all times, especially when you leave or sleep.
  8. Residents shall be responsible for the good custody of the room key and shall not loan or duplicate them for other person’s use. If a student loses a key, it may only be replaced by reporting the loss to the dormitory management. In such cases, the student will be billed for the cost of re-keying the door.
  9. Smoking is not allowed within the dormitory building. Residents may be fined CNY 250 per infraction for smoking in the dormitory.
  10. The detectors and sprinklers are there to protect your life. Do not interfere with them.
  11. Do not overload the power supply in your room by plugging too many electrical appliances into the wall sockets. Do not use sub-standard electrical equipment or appliances.
  12. Do not connect wires in your room.

No Illegal and Criminal Activities

  1. Residents and their visitors shall not bring into or use in the Dormitory any dangerous and forbidden drugs as defined in Laws of P. R. China.
  2. No guns, explosive or poisonous articles are allowed.
  3. No physiological, psychological, sexual or racial disturbance is allowed.
  4. Gambling is not allowed in the Dormitory.

Quiet hours

  1. The period between 11:30pm and 7 am is regarded as Quiet Hours of the dormitory.
  2. At all times, residents shall keep their noise level at a reasonable level so as not to cause nuisance to their neighbors.
  3. During study and examination periods,Quiet Hours may be extended to 24 hours a day. Notice of such study and examination periods will be posted on the bulletin boards.

Internet Service

In rooms, students can enjoy round-the-clock speedy internet service with no extra charge. Before enjoying surfing on the Internet, you can get the user’s name and password from the reception.

Mail Service

The incoming mails will be directly delivered to each room’s mailbox by the dormitory management.
Incoming mails should be addressed to you as follows(Take No.1 dorm as an example):
Room Number
International Students Dorm, No.1 Building, ECNU
3663 Zhongshan Road (N) Shanghai 200062, China


  1. The visiting period is 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  2. Residents shall accompany their visitors throughout their visits to the dormitory and be responsible for the acts of their visitors.
  3. Visitors need to register at the reception of the dormitory gate.
  4. Visitors need to signature when they leave the dormitory.
  5. Accommodating visitors in dorms is not allowed.

Useful Telephone Number
Global Education Center (International students office) 62232013
Reception of No.1 dorm /No.2 dorm 62233109/62235035
University Police Station 62232752
If you have any suggestions or complaints, please do not hesitate to E-mail: lxs@ ecnu.edu.cn
Global Education Center reserves the interpretation and editing rights of the above content.


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