Student Legal and Safety Notification of East China Normal University

 Dear International Students:

We welcome everyone coming to East China Normal University to study! For your safety and a healthy campus living environment, please pay close attention and obey all Chinese laws and regulations, as well as the rules and regulations of ECNU during your study abroad. Don’t engage in any activities that are inconsistent with the student's identity. Please pay special attention to the following security issues:

1. Drug use, possession, transportation and drug-related activities are all strictly prohibited. A special reminder that marijuana is also classified as a drug in China!

2. It is prohibited to hold any form of religious ceremony, political gathering and other similar activities on school grounds. Illegal missionary work is strictly prohibited as well as wearing exotic costumes with specific meanings in the name of religion.

3. It is prohibited to publish and distribute any statements that violate Chinese laws and ethics.

4. The use of illegal motorcycles/electric scooters such as unlicensed driving are prohibited. Unregistered vehicles are prohibited from entering the campus.

5. It is prohibited to have open flames on campus, as well as smoking at non-smoking areas.

6. It is prohibited to use and store induction cookers, microwave ovens, electric blankets, electric heaters, hair dryers and other high wattage electrical appliances, as well as flammable and explosive materials such as gas cans, fireworks and firecrackers.

7. It is prohibited to self-repair/renovate electrical outlets, or damage fire safety facilities when live in dorm. Pets are also Not allowed in dorm.

8. Non-dorm residence can not enter the dorm outside of visiting hours. Upon visiting the dorm, signing in is required. No visitors are allowed to spend the night in dorm.

9. It is prohibited to work any part-time job.

10. Study hard and attend classes on time. In case of personal affairs or emergency that have to be absent of classes, must report to the teachers, school management office and staff of the Global Education Center and ask for admission in advance.

11. Pay attention to the room safety when live in the dorm. Turn off the power of electrical equipment before leaving, lock the doors and windows. Don‘t store expensive valuables in the room.

12. Pay attention to personal safety. Avoid getting drunk in clubs or bars, or engage in any group fight.

13. Pay attention to property safety. Take care of your wallet, mobile phone, watches and other valuables all the time.

14. Pay attention to information security. Don’t give out personal information to strangers. Don’t open suspicious network links.

15. Don’t trust any phone calls, messages, or mail from strangers regarding money (payments, transactions, etc.). Only shop on well-known websites and Apps.

16. Always follow traffic rules and pay attention to traffic safety.

17. Always pay attention to the validity period of your passport and visa, in case of expiration.

18. Please bring your passport and student ID card with you when you travel. It is required to register for transportation out of the city and hotels.

Regarding other legal and security issues during your study abroad, please pay attention to the Chinese laws and school regulations and abide by them. If you have questions, please consult the Global Education Center.

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