Payment & Refund

 Payment terms and conditions

  1. All long-term students’ payment will be quoted in Chinese currency (RMB).
  2. The degree students (including undergraduates, master’s students and doctoral students) have to pay up the tuition for one year at a time in the beginning of Sept. Students can pay the tuition by semester from the second academic year.
  3. Payment Deadline:Within the first 2 weeks of the semester. Payment Address:International Students Office at Zhongshan RD. campus. Payment Methods:By Cash or China Union Pay Card (You can register at the School and apply for the student visa after payment)
  4. If you have to delay the payment, please submit an application for the delay of payment to the international students office, and pay 5% overdue fine of the tuition fee of one semester. The study qualification will be canceled for those who don’t pay the tuition within the first month of the semester.
  5. Non-degree students(including language students, general visiting students, senior visiting students and visiting scholars)can pay the tuition for one semester or one year.

Refund terms and conditions

  1. The application fee will not be returned no matter you are accepted or not.
  2. If you give up the admission before the registration day(with reasonable cause and certification),you will get full refund;If you discontinue your study within the first two weeks from registration day, you will get 70% refund of tuition; you can’t get any refund if you want to discontinue your study after 2 weeks from registration day.
  3. If you want to discontinue your study and get refund, you need to submit a refund application form and the original receipt of payment.
  4. Refund will be quoted in Chinese currency.
  5. The students who are expelled from school due to violation of school regulations will not get the refund of tuition.
  6. The terms and conditions above are applicable to all the international students of ECNU. All rights are reserved by International Students Office of ECNU.

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