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School Canteens

Zhongbei campus 

A. Dining Halls

Dining Hall East (bldg.6 on campus map)
Dining Hall West (bldg.38 on campus map)
Liwa Dining Hall (bldg.35 on campus map)
International students can use the campus card (which also functions as a meal card) to eat at every dining hall on campus.

B. Restaurants

Western Restaurant, Muslim canteen ( 2nd floor of bldg.35 on campus map)
Western Restaurant, Hongkong style restaurant (bldg.33 on campus map)

Yifu canteen, 24-hour book cafe (bldg. 18 on campus map)

EDU cafe (on the first floor of bldg.7)

The No.1 & 2 international students dorm on Zhongshan Campus and No.14 international students dorm at the Minhang also provide public cooking facilities on every other floor for the convenience of students making food by themselves.


24-hour reading cafe

EDU cafe
Dining Hall west

Minhang campus

Dinning Hall Qiushi (No.28 on campus map)

Dinning Hall Huaming (No.23 on campus map)

West/East Dining Hall Cherry River (No 32 on campus map)


Han Fen Building
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