Chinese Government Scholarship Q&A
Q:   Could CSC students transfer to other universities or change major?

 In principle, transferring or changing major is not allowed after the registry.

Q:   Are CSC students required to obtain HSK certificate to begin academic study in the colleges?

 For students in Chinese-taught programs, applicants with HSK above level 5 could start the academic study directly. Those who haven’t passed the HSK-5 are required to take Chinese language course for 1-2 years with scholarship sponsored. If your Chinese is not as proficient as required after the Chinese program ends, you will be refused to pursue the academic study, and completed as a language student without degree. There are no Chinese language requirements for students in English-taught programs to start the academic study.

Q:   Could the study period be extended if I cannot graduate within expected duration?

 If you do not have disciplinary actions during the study, and have passed annual reviews, but cannot graduate within expected duration, you may launch an extension application both to home country’s Ministry of Education and CSC. If the application is rejected, you will be transferred to a self-supported study in ECNU to continue your study till graduation.

Q:   Are CSC students obliged to register at the beginning of each semesters?

 Yes. CSC students must register to the International Students Office (ISO) in every September. If you cannot return and register on time, a written request should be submitted before the deadline. Otherwise, your scholarship will be cancelled.

Q:   Why should I register to ISO from 15th to 20th of every month?

The monthly allowance will be granted depending on whether you have done the monthly registration.

Q:   Is it allowed to ask for leave of absence during the semesters?

 You are required to submit written request to ISO before taking leave of absence with the approval from your supervisor or college. Monthly allowence will be suspended for a leave of over 15 days.

Q:   Is it allowed to ask for suspension of schooling?

CSC scholarship students could apply for suspension of study for no longer than one year for sickness or other reasons, according to the Students’ Status Administration Regulations of ECNU. Once the application is approved, the free accommodation and monthly allowance will be suspended as well.

Q:   Do I need to attend the annual reviews?

 CSC students are required to attend the annual reviews twice a year. If you fail the review, the scholarship will be suspended for the next year or even cancelled.

Q:   What does the scholarship include?
  1. Exemption from tuition fee and accommodation fee on campus;
  2. Monthly living allowance: 3500RMB for doctoral students and senior visiting students; 3000RMB for master students and general visiting students; 2500RMB for undergraduate students and other degree students during the language studying period.
Q:   In what situations you will now receive the instant allowance?
  1. You did not sign up in the ISO on time; or
  2. You have asked for absence for over 15 days; or
  3. You have been punished as a result of disobeying the law or university regulations.
Q:   Can I still receive my monthly allowance if I take the internship back to my home country?

Internship at student's country of birth for no longer than three months per academic year is allowed by university admin.

During the oversea internship, your scholarship will be granted as usual for the first three months, including monthly allowence and housing on campus. Monthly allowance will be suspended, and you will be required to quit or pay for the dormitory from the 4th month. 

Q:   Is there any legal procedure I should go through if taking internship in China?

 According to the regulations of Shanghai Entry & Exit Administration Bureau (SEEAB), international students who would like to apply for outside school internship must register at the SEEAB and add notes to your residence permit with documents issued by ISO.

Q:   How to receive my monthly allowance?

 CSC students should open an account in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Shanghai Branch and submit a copy of the debit card. You may check your account around 8th of every month for your allowance.

Q:   What should I do if my bank card is lost?

 You should claim to the bank that your bank card is lost and apply for a new account. Please provide the information of the new account to ISO as soon as possible.

Q:   How to arrange the dormitories for scholarship students?

Free on-campus accommodation(double rooms) will be provided for students with full scholarship during the whole study duration. 

In principle, the dormitory will be on the campus where the college or department is.

Q:   Could I obtain housing allowance if I live off-campus?

Full scholarship students could apply for living off-campus allowance. The criteria will be 1000rmb/month for PhD students (excluding Chinese language preparation period) and 700rmb/month for others. The application should be submitted before the end of one semester to the allowance in the next semester, and a copy of check-out proof should be submitted at the same time.

Q:   How to participate and claim the medical insurance?

The international students’ medical insurance will be purchased by the CSC scholarship. If the insured receive outpatient or emergency medical treatment because of illness and incur actual and reasonable expenses for medical treatment, within the insurance time, the daily limitation for outpatients is RMB600. If beyond the starting-line (650rmb), in the insurance time, the insured could enjoy 85% of reimbursement an accumulative amount of 20000RMB per year (the specific details should be referred in the insurance scheme).
      If suffering from any accident or you must be hospitalized for treatment, you should contact ISO as soon as possible. We will help to claim the advanced payment of medical expense with the insurance company.
      (Telephone number for claiming consultation and reporting: 4008105119)


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