Shanghai Government Scholarship Q&A
Q:   What is the Shanghai Government Scholarship ?

 Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship was established in 2006 with the aims to enhance the development of international student education in Shanghai and encourage more and more outstanding international students and scholars to ECNU.

Q:   What is the Criteria & Eligibility
  1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health.
  2. Applicants must be in good health
  3. Applicants who apply for courses instructed in Chinese must have a valid new HSK-5 grade or above. Applicants do not need to offer HSK grade if they apply for the courses instructed in English but may still offer some English language certificate.
  4. Applicants for master’s degree program must have bachelor’s degree and be under 35.
  5. Applicants for doctoral degree program must have master’s degree and be under 40.
  6. Applicants for undergraduate program must have high school diploma and be under 25.
Q:   And the Values of Scholarship ?
  1. Exemption from tuition fee and accommodation on campus;
  2. Monthly allowance provided;
  3. Fee for outpatient medical services, comprehensive medical Insurance and protection scheme
Q:   What about Application steps?
  1. apply online at http://www.study-shanghai .org
  2. Mail application documents to ECNU and pay processing fee
  3. Check the list of recipients online at http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn
Q:   Any details of the application?

 Please visit msg.php?id=36 for details.

Q:   When will be the Application deadline?

For 2019, the application period will be from March 15th to May 15th.

Q:   When ECNU will publish the approval and notification?

 The list of recipients will be posted online at http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn in early June. Please check on your own. You are also welcome to inquire by calling or emailing us.

Q:   Can we contact the supervisor in advance?

 Yes. And you are encouraged to contact the supervisor in the department and you may also request the recommendation letter from them.

Q:   If Chinese is not qualified, can we still apply for Scholarship at ECNU?

 Yes, you are required to take one year Chinese language course prior to the academic study and only by passing the examinations after the language course could they start their academic studies.

Q:   How can we contact the international students office?

Internationals Students Office, ECNU
Tel: +86-21-62238353
Fax: +86-21-62238352
Add: Room 253, Physics Building, East China Normal University, 3663 North Zhongshan Road,
Shanghai 200062, China
Email: lxs@ecnu.edu.cn


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