Master Program in Educational Leadership and Policy for Developing Countries


Part I. About the Program

East China Normal University (ECNU) is a leading research university in China, with distinguished programs in education.
From 2010 fall semester, ECNU had started a one-year International Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy (IM.Ed-ELP) Program, approved by the Ministry of Education, the People’s Republic of China. The program is specially designed for students from other developing countries with diverse backgrounds and shared interest in improved equity and quality in education for all, vitally important to sustainable national development. It is featured by focus on development-oriented education, policy-making and standards-based teacher development, interdisciplinary approach to curriculum design, blending of theoretical course and practical-field work, and international team teaching.
The faculty is largely from ECNU colleges and departments, and adjunct faculty will be drawn from collaborative teacher education faculties from Teachers College, University of Columbia, Vanderbilt University, University of New York in the USA, University of Manchester, UCL Institute of Education, University of Edinburgh in UK, University of Melbourne in Australia, Stockholm University in Sweden, University of Turin in Italy, and the University of Toronto in Canada, etc.
Apart from foundation courses in education, students may choose from concentrations in teacher education, educational policy and leadership, and curriculum and teaching.
The language of instruction, thesis writing and examination will be English, with a required course in the Chinese language (Mandarin) as a foreign language.
Though initially for African students, applications are open to students in other developing countries. Preference is given in admissions to applications with working experiences in teaching and/or educational administration and policy-making.

Program Objectives

Objectives of the concentration are three-fold:

  1. to critically examine key policy issues in educational equity and quality from comparative and international perspectives;
  2. to investigate practical approaches to systemic educational change in achieving Education for All (EFA) goals in regionally/nationally-specific contexts;
  3. to develop policy-relevant knowledge, analytic skills and values needed for educational leadership at school, local and national levels.

Program Mode / Structure

The language of instruction is English. Classes will incorporate a mix of lectures, seminars, case discussions, tutorials, presentations and so on. Upon application, students could also choose some courses taught in Chinese.

Program Structure:

The program comprises of
- Taught Component (10 courses: 8 compulsory, 2 optional)
- Thesis Component (15,000 words)

The IM.Ed-ELP program consists of two semesters of full-time academic work, with a minimum course requirement of 31 credits to complete the degree, including foundation courses, 9 credits; required courses, 12 credits; electives, no less than 6 credits; Education Practicum and Field Work,4 credits.

Foundation Courses (9 credits in total)

Course Name Credits
Chinese as Foreign Language and a Overview of China Development 3
Social Science Foundation of Education Policy and Leadership 3
Educational Research Methods 3

Required Courses (compulsory, 12 credits)

Course Name Credits
Educational Policy and Educational Reform 3
Education Supervision and Assessment 3
School Leadership and Management 3
Application of ICT in Education 3

Elective Courses (optional, no less than 6 credits)

Course Name Credits
Teacher Policy and Teacher Development 3
Educational Frontier Series: International Perspectives and Chinese Experiences 3
Independent Study and Thesis Writing Guidance 3

Practice and Field Work (4 credits)

Course Name Credits
Education Practicum and Field Work 4

Master Thesis

Students are expected to bring specific research questions concerning educational leadership and policy to the program, as a part of thesis research preparation. Towards the end of the first semester, related faculty members will be invited as potential thesis supervisors, and the ECNU International Center for Teacher Education will make arrangement for students to choose their supervisors. The thesis is expected to combine theoretical perspectives, analytical skills and practical experiences of educational leadership and policy, and aiming at solving practical problems. Students must pass oral defense for the thesis.
Degree Requirements
Students are required to successfully complete 31 credit-worth course work and a master thesis and thesis defense within the required time period. After meeting the above requirements and with the approval of University Degree Committee, the master degree of Education will be awarded.

Part II. Application and Admissions

Please note all applicants to this program should be referred by the Embassy of People’s Republic of China, individual application will not be entertained.

Application Prerequisites

  1. Applicants are holders of foreign passports rather than Chinese nationality, observe laws and regulations of PRC, and respect culture and customs of the Chinese people.
  2. Bachelor degree or above, high level of English language competence, and at least 3 years of working experience are required. Normally, applicants are expected to be aged less than 45, and meanwhile meet the professional requirements specified on the Enrollment prospectus.
  3. Applicants must be government officials, middle-level administrators or above in universities, academic institutions, NGO or related fields, business backbones or technicians with intermediate-or-above certificate. Those who have leadership positions or policy-making experience are preferred.
  4. Adequate command of spoken and written English is required. TOFEL score must be at minimum 600 on paper test and 250 on internet-based test, new TOFEL score must be no less than 100, or IELTS score no less than 6.5,and specifically with TOFEL writing score at least 5.0 and IELTS writing score at least 6.5. Applicants can also provide other equivalent English language competence certificates. Those whose native language is English or who have an English-based university education need not to provide English test scores.
  5. Applicants must be good in health, carrying no disease legally banned from entering China. Other serious chronicle diseases, such as severe hypertension, cardiac-cerebral vascular disease, etc., mental disorder, or infectious disease with severe public hazard are also banned from admission. Those who are in a post-surgery recovery period, or in an acute-disease-attacking period or in pregnancy are not to be admitted.
  6. Applicants are not companied by spouses or relatives in the academic year in China.

How to Apply

STEP 1: Applicants are required to visit online application system of Chinese Scholarship Council at http://laihua.csc.edu.cn/ and submit application online under the program Chinese Government Scholarship
(The Agency No. of East China Normal University is 10269. )

STEP 2: Applicants are required to submit the following materials to the Embassy of People’s republic of China after successful online application.

Application Materials

Documents   Requirements Original copy Photocopy
1 Application Form Complete Application Form of Master Program in IM.Ed-ELP and submit a printed copy with signature and date
Application Form available at:
Application Form
1 1
2 Graduation certificate & degree diploma
  1. Graduation certificate and degree diploma must be original documents or certified copies in Chinese or English
  2. Applicants expected to graduate should provide an official letter stating expected graduation date.
1 1
3 Official academic transcripts
  1. The transcripts must be original documents or certified copies in Chinese or English.
  2. The transcripts should include list of courses taken and standard achieved.
1 1
4 Personal statement 1500 words in English. Please make a detailed statement from the perspectives of your academic background, work/research experience and achievements, research proposal, future career plans and intensions, etc. 1 1
5 CV CV of applicants must be written in English. 1 1
6 Recommendation letters
  1. The referees can be professors or government officers from central or local government authorities.
  2. The recommendation letter must be original documents in Chinese or English.
2 2
7 Copies of English language proficiency test results If the applicants are not native English speakers or not from an English academy background should provide English language proficiency test result 1 1
8 Photocopy of valid passport The passport type must be ordinary.
Important: All successful candidates should enter in China and register with ECNU with the same identity they used while applying for the maters’ program at ECNU.
0 2
9 Photocopy of Physical Examination Form The form can be obtained from Chinese Embassy in your country. And the examination must be done in a hospital assigned by Chinese Embassy. The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Please select the appropriate time to take medical examination as it is valid for only 6 months. 1 1
10 Recent passport size photos Attach one passport-size photo to the application form 2 0


  1. The documents provided should be the original documents in English or in Chinese, otherwise notarized translations in English or in Chinese are required.
  2. All the application materials will not be returned in spite of result of application
  3. Application will not be processed unless all required materials are received.

Application Deadline

All the application materials must be received before May 30, 2015. Any late applications will not be entertained.(excluding special case)
The Admission Notification will be sent out by late July,2015.


The eligibility of all the applicants will be assessed according to the requirements by the East China Normal University.

Registration Period

Early September 2015, please refer to letter of admission for details. Successful applicants are required to go through registration process by regulation of the East China Normal University.

Contact Information

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Application form


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