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According to the regulations of the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, all the international students studying in Shanghai who plan to participate in off-campus internships should add the internship information to the residence permit.

Degree-program international students who apply for the off-campus internship should meet the following criteria:

1. Hold a valid student residence permit.

2. Obey the Chinese law and university regulations and don’t have any criminal records.

3. 2nd year or higher undergraduate or master and the remaining residence period is longer than 3 months.

4. Pass all the courses in the last semester with good attendance.

Off-campus internship is within the program study plan.   


Procedures as follows:

1. Submit the Application Form for Internship of ECNU International Students (《华东师范大学外国国际学生校外实习申请表》) to the GEC. (the form can be download from the GEC website at http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn). Other related documents include the Guidance Note for Internship Employers (《国际学生校外实习指导意见书》) with employer official stamp, the Internship Form for ECNU International Student (《国际学生校外实习信息表》) and internship agreement, the business license or other registration certificate of the enterprise, the program study plan with the required internship, and photocopy of passport front page & residence permit.  

2. GEC will check if the applicant meets the above criteria. After approval, GEC will send this record of information the EEAB.

3. After 7 workdays, students can go to the GEC to collect the Certification for Internship of International Students (《国际学生校外实习证明》) and the Certifying Letter for Visa Application (《国际学生办证申请函》).

4. Go to the EEAB to add the internship information to the residence permit with passport, a copy of the Certification for Internship of International Students, the Certifying Letter for Visa Application, and the Temporary Accommodation Registration Form. 


Materials needed for adding internship to the residence permit:

(1)Passport and the photocopy of the passport front page and visa page;

(2)Application Form for Internship of ECNU International Students with deparment’s approval signature and stamp;

(3)Program study plan including the requirement of internship or the internship certificate from the department;

(4)Internship Form of ECNU International Students; 

(5)Application form and Certifying Letter for Visa Application issued by the GEC;

(6)Temporary Residence Registration Form;

(7)Instructions for Institutions Accepting International Students for Off-campus Internship《实习单位指导意见书》;

(8)Off-campus Internship Certificate for International Students《国际学生校外实习证明》;

(9)Business License of Enterprises or Relevant Registration Certificate;

(10)Internship Agreement



1. Applying for residence permit and adding the internship information to the residence permit can be applied at the same time and students should submit all the required materials for residence permit.

2. It charges 200RMB/time for adding the internship information to the residence permit. If one applies for residence permit and adding the internship information to the residence permit at the same time, he/she will only be charged according to the scale for residence permit, free for internship annotation.

3. Students can only start the internship AFTER the internship annotation is done and the receipt collected. Please submit the application documents at least two weeks before your beginning of internship.

4. The time period for internship can be no longer than 6 months.


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