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Voyage to Jiangxi Province

Release Time:2016-05-04



    The most excitement comes from the interest to the Taoist culture. Mt. Sanqing is a UNESCO world heritage site renowned as a Taoist sacred mountain with outstanding scenery.

Dragon Joking with Pine

    Located near Nanqing Park, besides Yi Xian Tian. The rock sticks to the cliff shaped like a long snake, mimicing  joy with the pine tree.

Three Dragons out Sea

    Located near Nanqing Park, the rocks look like three giant dragons, roaring across the horizon.

Sanqing Temple

    Sanqing Temple Scenic Spot is based on Taoist culture containing over 230 ancient relics. Taoist architectural complex has its own layout of humanities and natural landscape,without distinction, is the highlight of the cultural landscape.

Sea of Clouds

    The Sea of Clouds is very unique. From cliff to canyon,  the clouds are like waterfall of mist, grand and fabulous.

    Walking on the path with an altitude above 1660 meters, all of us were amazed and excited by the alarmingly danger and breathtaking adventure. Besides are the cliffs and precipice, and it feels like standing on the edge of life!

    We rode on the cable cars, did some sightseeing of pine trees and temples. All of the surrounding mountain ranges are covered in mist, and we were all fascinated about the astonishing resemblance of rocks.

Wuyuan, Huangling 

    Wuyuan county, which is honored as the most beautiful countryside in China, and Huangling is well worth seeing in Wuyuan. It still remains hundreds architectures of Huizhou style which include primitive cornices, old street and terrace. These forms a picturesque scence. We hear that one can apprecite an immense sea of golden rape flowers in spring and local people dry food such as corns, chillies and vegetables in autumn. We will come again!




Mt. Longhu

    Mt. Longhu, literally dragon and tiger mountain, is the birthplace of Taoism. In traditional Taoist culture, dragon, tiger, rosefinch and tortoise represent the four directions. We hiked Rock Xian and Shui, took a bamboo raft trip down the stream toward the immortal residence. The long river bays out the other end into an open suare and leads us to the bamboo forest.

    The Taoism culture, the grand high mountains, the beautiful village, all these views are so impressive. It is truly a fantastic journey and makes us get a better understanding about Chinese culture. There are more scenery and history waiting for us to explore. We are really looking forward to that!


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