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Immersion of Minnan Culture

Release Time:2016-05-09

About 100 international students of East China Normal University boarded “Harmony”, a High-Speed train, setting off for Fujian province, the home to Minnan culture. After a seven-hour-long trip, we finally arrived at Xiamen, a very beautiful coastal city and our first destination as well.


Ready to board the Gulangyu Island


Gulangyu Island is the landmark of Xiamen, a must-go destination for tourists at home and abroad. Buildings of various styles, the high-standing Sunlight Rock, and groups of fluttering seagulls constitute a shining picture of sea island. We were greatly impressed by its unique beauty.


World Cultural Heritage "Tulou"

The schedule was quite full. On the following days, we visited Hulishan Fortress, a very important military fortress ; enjoyed the history of “Nanjing Tulou”, one of the world cultural heritages and were deeply moved by the courage and diligence of Fujian People; hiked “Yunshuiyao Old Road”, lined at both sides by Banyan Tree of a thousand-year old. 

We are family!

We made it.

It is a fantastic and unforgettable trip. We made friends and got to know more about China. The diversity of Chinese culture is waiting for us to explore. Are you ready?



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