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JOIN US |ECNU Orienteering "The Amazing Race"

Release Time:2016-05-10

The 2-nd part of DYNAMIC ECNU sports season will be the Orienteering " The Amazing Race", which is planed to be held in the beautiful Minhang campus. Let's have a run and enjoy teamwork in charming May!

Rules and Regulations
1.Each team draws for a running route. The route is made up of six landmarks at the Minhang campus.
2.All the team members should reach a set sequence of six locations together, accept a challenge and obtain the stamp after successful completion.
3.The task is considered done after the six stamps collected.
4.Bring the 6 stamps to the finishing line. Teams will be ranked by the order of arrival at finishing line.
The first team will be awarded the 1-st prize.

Next two teams will be awarded the 2-nd prize.

Last five teams will be awarded the 3-rd prize.
1.Each team comprises 6 people regardless of gender. At least 4 of the team members should be students of Zhongbei Campus.
2.The application of first 8 teams will be approved.
How to apply
Application is accepted by teams.
Zhongbei Campus
Please pick registration form from Peter SHEN in room 257, Physics building.
Tel: 62606892

Minhang Campus 
Please pick registration form from Ms. LI in room 101, dorm 14.
Tel: 54342768
*Teams can register either at Minhang or Zhongbei. The application of first 8 teams will be approved.
Application Deadline
Please sign up before 17:00 on May 16th



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