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Dorm Arrangement for Scholarship Students at International Students Service Center

Release Time:2016-08-11

Important notice:

All below reservation are valid until Sep.8,2016.

If you can not check in before Sep.8,2016, it will be regarded that you cancel your reservation.

Sorry for any inconvenience that caused.

ID number Name Gender Room Type
38201609150 Campione Roberto M Standard Triple Room
38201609152 Costa Davide M Standard Triple Room
38201609155 PARK DOYOUNG M Standard Triple Room
38201609157 Beck Lars M Standard Triple Room
38201609158 Black Zachary M Standard Triple Room
38201609159 Clark Benjamin Joseph M Standard Triple Room
38201609162 IRIYAMA YUSUKE M Standard Triple Room
38201609163 Kun Kálmán Alex M Standard Triple Room
38201609167 TOSCANI PIETRO  M Standard Triple Room
38201609190 Rivoira Lorenzo M Standard Triple Room
38201609194 Rizzato Alberto M Standard Triple Room
38201609195 Salem Santiago M Standard Triple Room
38201609200 KUROKAWA TOMOKOU M Standard Triple Room
38201609203 PAPASHVILI DATO M Standard Triple Room
38201609204 DE LEO GIANLUCA M Standard Triple Room
38201609205 SYKORA MICHAL M Standard Triple Room
38201609207 SIDHISAMARN SRUANG M Standard Triple Room
38201609208 CECHMáNEK RADEK M Standard Triple Room
38201609215 REITER GUENTHER M Standard Triple Room
38201609216 TURPIN JOSHUA M Standard Triple Room
38201609227 BUSHMELEV ANDREY M Standard Triple Room
38201609229 MAMONTOV TIMOFEY M Standard Triple Room
38201609232 MAKHMADOV SAFARALI M Standard Triple Room
38201609233 JURAEV KHUDOIBERDI M Standard Triple Room
38201609238 DASH SATYA PRAKASH M Standard Triple Room
38201609240 FERREIRA RIVERA SAUL M Standard Triple Room
38201609206 HARADA RIKAKO F Standard Double Room
38201609218 SCHR?DER FARINA F Standard Double Room
38201609219 STOLL JULE MALINA F Standard Double Room
38201609220 ESCHENBURG MARCUS M Standard Double Room
38201609221 KELLER EVA F Standard Double Room
38201609222 HALFWASSEN JANNIK M Standard Double Room
38201609223 REY TEEEVA F Standard Double Room
38201609224 VATON JULIETTE F Standard Double Room
38201609225 HAUGE PEDER LON M Standard Double Room
XL201609004 FOZIA F Standard Double Room
XL201609156 CHUAIPALAD METHINI F Standard Double Room
XL201609167 LIKITYINGWARA BENJAWAN F Standard Double Room
38201609201 BLANCO PINTO DIANA EMILIA F Economic Double Room
38201609202 KOVALCHUK OLHA F Economic Double Room
38201609209 TEISERSKYTE MONIKA F Economic Double Room
38201609210 VARKULEVICIUTE GINTARE F Economic Double Room
38201609211 BIALEVICH ANASTASIYA F Economic Double Room
38201609217 MEYER ELISA ANNETTE F Economic Double Room
38201609226 KOMAROVA POLINA F Economic Double Room
38201609228 KAZAKOVA ANASTASIIA F Economic Double Room
38201609230 BRAYCHENKO EKATERINA F Economic Double Room
38201609231 LIMAN ANASTASIA F Economic Double Room
38201609234 SHALIMOVA SVETLANA F Economic Double Room
38201609235 MALONEY ALLISON F Economic Double Room
38201609236 BENECKA JOANNA F Economic Double Room
38201609237 SELVANOSE FEMI F Economic Double Room
38201609239 MUNTEANU ANCA GABRIELA F Economic Double Room
38201609241 WEBBER SOPHIE F Economic Double Room
38201609242 JASAITE INDRE F Economic Double Room
XL201509249 HUSSAIN AFTAB M Economic Double Room


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