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Notice for Check-in to SISSC Student Dormitory

Release Time:2016-09-01


I. Lodging Information

1. Address: No. 28, Lane 3489, North Zhongshan Rd. Putuo District, Shanghai.

2. Transportation: Metro Line 3, 4, 13 (see attached map)

3. Telephone: 86 21 52780889ext.128(9:00-21:00)


II. Check-in

1. Location: Front desk on the right side lobby, first floor of Building C.

2. Time: Aug. 30th-Sept. 10th

Ø 9:00-21:00 -------------------- Normal check-in.

Ø 21:00-9:00next day -------- Call the contact number at the front desk for off-hour check-in.

3. Check-in Steps:

Ø Show your passport (with valid Chinese visa) for registration.

Ø Pay the rent and deposit in cash, in full. (The total rent and deposit from check-in date until Jan. 14th, 2017; see table below)

Fall semester discounted price table for ECNU Overseas Students:

Room Type

Room Cost/Month/Person



Single Bed


RMB 1,000.00

RMB 16,300.00

Twin Bed


RMB 1,000.00

RMB 10,900.00

Double Bed


RMB 1,000.00

RMB 18,100.00

*Deposit is returned after check-out (requires receipt)

Ø Receive the key card to your room.


III. Check-out

1. On principle, students cannot check-out before Dec. 31st, 2016. Those who insist on leaving before that time will be charged using the undiscounted daily room price for their stay instead:

Room Type

Room Cost/Day

Single Bed


Twin Bed

RMB260.00 (RMB130/person)

2. If a student checks-out before Dec. 31st, 2016, his/her roommate must agree to the possible assignment of a new roommate. If they do not agree to the assignment of a new roommate, they will be charged for the cost of the whole room (RMB4,400/Month) for the rest of their stay.

3. A receipt will be given as proof of deposit payment. Please keep it in a safe place. It is required for returning your deposit back. Any damage compensation or specified consumption will be deducted from the deposit.


IV. Extended Stay

After the scheduled period of stay (till January 14th, 2017), students who wish to extend their stay at SISSC may do so. But their room cost afterward will change to the undiscounted daily price.





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