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Emphasizing cutting-edge research on international relations and regional issues, ECNU’s School of Advanced International and Area Studies (SAIAS) is dedicated to training and educating MA and Ph.D. students in the field of international studies for careers in think tanks, government, and multinational corporations.

SAIAS specializes in studies of Russia and Eurasia, co-development with neighboring countries, American studies, European studies, among other themes. In addition to area studies, SAIAS also promotes teaching and research about topics in international relations, such as great power relations, social transition, international strategy, international relations theory, and international political economy.

Aiming to bring its research and teaching to an even higher level, SAIAS is committed to undertaking research and training projects, offering consultation services, and facilitating international cooperation and exchange.

Contemporary China Studies (CCS) is a two-year international master program specifically designed for overseas students having an interest in deepening their knowledge about China’s politics, economics, and diplomacy. Designed to introduce students to China’s domestic and international politics, the program will provide its graduates with the theoretical toolkit, practical knowledge, and analytical capacity that they need to succeed in a globalized world.

Key CCS Instructors

Name: Jean-Marc F. Blanchard

Title: Professor, Director of the Center for Multinational Corporations Studies, member of the Editorial Boards of 5 publications including Asian Perspective (SSCI), the Journal of Chinese Political Science, and the International Journal of Emerging Markets, and a member of leading organizations including the American Political Science Association, the International Studies Association, and the Academy of International Business.

Education: Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Specialties: International Political Economy, Foreign Investment in China, Chinese Outward Investment, Chinese Foreign Economic Policy, Sino-US Relations

Name: PAN Xingming

Title: Professor, Director of the Center for European Studies, SAIAS

Education: Ph.D., Nanjing University

Specialties: History of the British Empire and Commonwealth, China-EU Relations, China’s Foreign Relations

Name: ZHANG Xin

Title: Associate Professor

Education: Ph.D., UCLA

Specialties: Comparative Political Economy, International Development, Russia and Eurasia, Corporate Foreign Policy, Property Rights, Energy and Natural Resources

Name: LI Xiaoting

Title: Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Specialties: International Relations Theory, with a focus on conflict management and security issues; Chinese Politics, Chinese Foreign Policy and National Security Strategy, International Relations in East Asia, with a focus on U.S.-China-Taiwan relations, Sino-Korean relations, and Sino-Japanese relations

Name: SUN Suyuan

Title: Associate Professor

Education: Ph.D., Political Science, Fudan University

Specialties: International Political Economy, International Energy Politics

Name: LIU Jun

Title: Professor

Education: Ph.D., Political Science, East China Normal University

Specialties:Russian and Great Power Relations, Chinese Diplomacy, NATO Studies

Name: Bas Hooijmaaijers

Title: Assistant Professor, Chenhui Research Fellow

Education: Ph.D., Shanghai Jiaotong University

Specialties:European Union, Foreign Policy Making towards China, Chinese Investment in Europe, the Global Power Shift towards the Asia-Pacific Region

Name: Sergey Biryukov

Title: Professor

Education: Ph.D., Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Specialties: Political power, political process, regionalization, global world, national relations and conflicts 

Other CCS instructors: Prof. HOU Minyue, Associate Prof.WANG Tiejun, Associate Prof.WANG Haiyan, Assistant Prof. XIAO Huizhong, Assistant Prof. ZHANG Hong, Assistant Prof. ZANG Shumei.

Adjunct Professor

Name: Allen C. Lynch

Title: Professor, Dept. of Politics and former Director of the Center for Russian and East European Studies, 1993-2008, University of Virginia

Education: Ph.D., Political Science, Columbia University

Specialties: Russian foreign relations, Domestic Politics and American Foreign Policy

Name: YU Bin

Title: Professor of Wittenberg University, USA; senior fellow, Shanghai Association of American Studies

Education: Ph.D., Political Science, Stanford University

Specialties: International Relations, Comparative Politics, American Foreign Policy, East Asian Politics, East Asian Foreign Relations, Chinese Politics, China Foreign Policy

Name:PAN Zhongqi

Title: Professor of School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University, China

Education: Ph.D., Political Science, Fudan University

Specialties: Theories of International Relations, National Security and Strategy, American Diplomacy, Taiwan Affairs

Name: ZHANG Hui

Title: Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D., UCLA

Specialties: Anthropology of Art, Visual Anthropology, Urban Anthropology, Intangible Heritage Preservation

Name: Ivan Willis Rasmussen

Title: Assistant Professor

Education: PhD, International Relations,Tufts University, the Fletcher School

Specialties:International Relations,Comparative Politics,Chinese Foreign Affairs

Tuition and Fees


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Application Requirements

Program applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, History, Economic, Politic Science or other related majors. An official copy of TOEFL or IELTS scores is also needed for the application. For more information regarding specific application procedures, please see: EN/msg.php?id=44.

Degree Requirements

In order to obtain the MA degree in Contemporary China Studies, each student needs at least 36 credits in total. Among these credits, one needs 19 credits from the list of required courses (5 required regular courses, plus “field trip” and “master thesis”). Each student also needs at least 10 credits from the elective courses offered by this program. Students also need 7 credits from language and general courses/ lecture attendances required for all international students, as stipulated by the Graduate Division of ECNU. On top of these requirements, students can also take additional courses from other departments and schools at ECNU. Master’s thesis is required to be written in English, and adhere to professional academic standards and university guidelines.


CCS students have the opportunity to apply for two kinds of scholarships. One is offered by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The second is offered by the Shanghai Municipal Government. Students can apply for both scholarship programs concurrently. However, each program requires a separate application and supporting materials and only one scholarship can be awarded per student. Details about the programs and application information can be found at: msg.php?id=960.

Contact Information

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Contact of SAIAS, ECNU:

Jane CHEN, Email: ccsintl@foxmail.com 

SAIAS website:  http://en.saias.ecnu.edu.cn/

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