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    The Department of Mathematics was established in 1951 among the earliest departments in ECNU. In 1996, the department was assigned as one of the national centers for education in mathematics and fundamental research in science. 
    The Department of Mathematics has its own library with 59,200 specialized books and a state-of-the-art applied mathematical laboratory. The department has developed into a leading center for mathematical research and education both nationally and internationally. To date, the department has cultivated more than 6,000 students with bachelor’s degrees: more than 700 master’s students and over 100 doctoral students. A considerable proportion of these students have become renowned leaders and professors in their respective fields. 
    The Department of Mathematics has been committed to the tradition of developing mathematics theory and fostering mathematics scholars and high-level expert professionals throughout its six decades’ development. As a pre-eminent center for research in the field, the Department of Mathematics keeps upgrading methods and curricula to prepare our students to meet any challenges in the sphere of mathematics.

    The 4-year PhD program is available for the following fields of specialization: Pure Mathematics, Computational Mathematic, Applied Mathematics, Operational Research and Cyberhetics, Mathematics Education.

Admission Requirements

    International students who want to applied for PhD’s degree, should have master degree in mathematics, mathematics education or related fields.

Mode of Cultivation

    The study of the program is under the guide of an advisers’ group with the head of a supervisor who is mainly in charge such that students in this program are required to undertake rigorous course work and participate in research activity. Besides of course work, several talks, practices or short courses will be provided by invited experts from institutions in China or abroad. 
    The PHD students should get at least 15 credits and finish the dissertation. Courses for PhD students include common course, foundation course and professional courses. Common course include Chinese, Introduction of China or Chinese civilization. 
    The 4-year PhD program is an advanced training program for which a fieldwork-based dissertation on a highly specialized topic is required. 

Faculty and professor:

You can find our professors/Associate Professors in our website: http://www.math.ecnu.edu.cn/en/faculty_ord.html

Contact Information

Mailing address: 500 Dongchuan Road, Math Department, ECNU, Shanghai, China, postcode 200241
Phone: (86-21) 54344910 Fax:(86-21)54342609 
Email: yayawu@math.ecnu.edu.cn

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