Language Program

International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship for One-year Chinese Language Study Students

I. Eligibility

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with no bad behavior records and in good health condition.

2. Applicants should be aged between 16 and 35. For in-service Chinese teacher, it can be extended to 45. 

3. Applicants should be students or scholars who are devoted to Chinese education and teaching or related.

4. Applicants should provide HSK certificate and have a minimum score of 210 in HSK test (Level 3). And the one who provides HSKK score is preferred. 

5. Applicants who have got the similar scholarships will not be admitted. 

6. ‘Chinese Bridge’ winners who have been awarded ‘International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Certificate’ can apply for admission according to the scholarship specified in the certificate. Please consult chinesebridge@chinese.cn concerning scholarship awarding.

II. Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

One year program provides a sponsorship for 11 months and they cover the following aspects.

1. Tuition fee: one year's tuition fee, including organizing HSK and HSKK test (once). Textbook fee is not included.

2. Accommodation fee: free dormitory rooms (usually double rooms). For those who live off campus with the permission of host institutions are entitled to accommodation allowance from host institutions by month or by quarter. The allowance criteria is RMB700 per person on monthly basis.

3. Living allowance: the allowance criteria are RMB2,500 per person on monthly basis.

4. Comprehensive medical insurance expenses: RMB800 for one year.

III. Enrollment Time

September, 2023. For the specific date, please refer to the Admission Notice from ECNU.

IV. Application Documents

1. For application, please finish the application on the scholarship website (http://cis.chinese.cn) and also ECNU website (https://lxsapply.ecnu.edu.cn/c.asp?action=student_sign).

2. Scanned copies of passport photo page. For applicants who are under 18, please submit notarization documents of the guardian guarantee.

3. Highest diploma (Chinese/English version).

4. Scanned copies of HSK. (In-service Chinese teachers don't have to provide HSK certificate if he/she can supply incumbency certificate and recommendation letter by employeed institution)

5. Recommendation letter

1) Recommendation letter signed by recommending institution director (objectively- evaluate applicant and should indicate whether the applicant is a Confucius Institute student or others; in-service Chinese teacher should provide incumbency certificate and recommendation letter by employeed institution).

2) If you will choose ECNU as your recommending institution, please download the recommendation letter here. ECNU Recommendation Letter 

6. In-service Chinese teachers should provide incumbency certificate and recommendation letter by employeed institution.

7. Application statement. It should be in Chinese or English, including applicant’s Chinese study background, study plans and goals in China as well as the applicant’s signature.

8. Physical Examination Record of Foreigners. This form is uniformly printed by the Chinese health and quarantine department and must be filled in English. The Physical Examination Record of Foreigners, which is missing items, without his/her own photo, or without his/her seal on the photo, or without the signature and seal of the doctor and the hospital, is invalid.

9. Non-criminal cerficiate (notarized photocopy in English or Chinese) or letter or commitment of non-criminal record. Letter of Commitment of Non-criminal Record 

Notes: There’s no need to mail hard copies of the above required documents. Submit digital files in the online application system is enough.

V. Admission Procedures

1. Finish the application on the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship website (cis.chinese.cn) and also ECNU application system (https://lxsapply.ecnu.edu.cn/c.asp?action=student_sign) and pay 400 rmb application fee.

2. Host institutions will review the eligibility of applicants.

3. Entrusted by CLEC, receiving scholarship.

4. Host institutions will post “Admission Notice”.

VI. Application Time

March 1 - May 15,  2023

VII. Contact Information

Add: International Students Office, East China Normal University

Room 253, Physics Building, 3663 Zhongshan Rd.(N.), Shanghai, 200062, China

Tel: 86-21-62232013

Fax: 86-21-62238352

E-mail: lxs@ecnu.edu.cn


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