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Introduction to Confucius Institute Scholarship for One-year Chinese Study Students

I. Eligibility

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with no bad behavior records, aged between 16 and 35, in good health condition.

2. Applicants should be students or scholars who are devoted to Chinese cultural transmission, majoring in Chinese communication or related.

3. Applicants should provide HSK certificate and have a minimum score of 210 in HSK test (Level 3).

4. Applicants  currently studying in China are not eligible.

5. ‘Chinese Bridge’ winners who have been awarded 2020 ‘Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate’ can apply for admission according to the scholarship specified in the certificate. Please consult chinesebridge@hanban.org concerning scholarship awarding.

II. Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

This category provides a sponsorship for 11 months and covers the following aspects.

1. Tuition fee: one year tuition fee, HSK and HSKK test fee (once), textbook fee is not included.

2. Accommodation fee: free dormitory rooms (usually double rooms). For those who live off campus with the permission of host institutions are entitled to accommodation allowance from host institutions by month or by quarter. The allowance criteria are RMB700 per person on monthly basis.

3. Living allowance: the allowance criteria are RMB2,500 per person on monthly basis.

4. Comprehensive medical insurance expenses: RMB400 for one semester.

III. Enrollment Time

Sept., 2020

For the specific date, please refer to the Admission Notice from ECNU.

IV. Application Documents

1. For application, please log on to the scholarship website (http://cis.chinese.cn) to register, and complete the Confucius Institute Scholarships Application Form online.

2. Scanned copies of passport photo page. For applicants who are under 18, parents should officially entrust foreigner residents in China or Chinese citizens as guardians and submit notarization documents of the guardian guarantee.

3. Scanner copies of HSK.

4. Recommendation letter signed by recommending institution director (objective- evaluation applicant should indicate identity of Confucius Institute student or others; in-service Chinese teacher should supply incumbency certificate and recommendation letter by inaugural institution).

5. Application statement. Applicant of international Chinese education master should submit application statement in Chinese or English, including applicant’s Chinese study background, study plans and goals in China as well as applicant’s signature.

6. Foreigner physical examination form. The form is made by department of health and quarantine of China and should be completed by English. The form is invalid on the following condition: uncompleted, lacks of photo or has photo without cross-page seal, has no doctor’s signature or hospital’s seal.

Notes: Electronic form of all the materials above is required. You don’t need to send paper materials.

V. Admission Procedures

1. For application, please log on to the Confucius Institute Scholarships website (cis.chinese.cn) to find the information of recommending institutions and host institutions.

2. Submit application documents online.

3. Recommended by Confucius Institute.

4. Host institutions will review the eligibility of applicants.

5. Entrusted by Hanban, receiving scholarship.

6. Host institutions will post “Admission Notice”.

VI. Application Deadline

May 10,  2020

VII. Contact Information

Zhang Juanmei

Add: International Students Office, East China Normal University

Room 236, Physics Building, 3663 Zhongshan Rd.(N.), Shanghai, 200062, China

Tel: 86-21-62231997

Fax: 86-21-62238352

E-mail: jmzhang@gec.ecnu.edu.cn


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