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Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship 2018/2019

Release Time:2018-05-23

In the 2018/2019 academic year, the "Chinese Government outstanding international students scholarship" selection has begun:

Limited application

 Limited to 4 students(Self-financed undergraduate students)

Qualified Reward Applicants:

Registered ECNU undergraduate students in grade two or above (self-financed students only);

Award Criteria:

Undergraduate: one-time reward RMB 18,000 Yuan/person

Open-ended application

Limited to 3 students(undergraduate students and post-graduate students)

Qualified Reward Applicants:

Registered ECNU degree students in grade two or above (including scholarship and self-financed students);

Award Criteria:

Undergraduate: one-time RMB 18,000 Yuan/person

Post-graduate: one-time RMB 30,000 Yuan/person.

I Eligibility

Friendly attitude towards China and excellent performance in China. 

Law-abiding, physically and mentally healthy, all-round development. No in-school punishment was received during the school period.

Excellent academic performance, with strong learning and research capabilities. Have not failed in any required courses or optional courses.

Actively participate in social practice activities on campus or off-campus; make efforts to broadcast the Chinese Culture and Chinese & Foreign Culture exchanges; contribute to the Public welfare Affairs. Those who have outstanding performances are preferred.

Under the same conditions, families with difficult economic conditions are preferred.

II Application materials

Limited applicants

1) Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship 

Online application: Please click http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn and create an account, filled out the application form and upload the required document. 


The agency No. of ECNU is 10269

The program category should be Type C

The study period should be 2018.9.1-2019.7.15

Click the SUBMIT to generate the application form, which should be downloaded and printed out. Submit all the required documents with the application form to ISO.

2) 2017-2018 School Report Card (generated by the educational system and stamped with official seal);

3) Recommendation letter from applicant’s department;

4) Essay: My story of studying in China, no less than 800 words;

5) Other supporting materials: Research papers, award-winning certificate or certification materials (photocopy) of cultural and social activities.

Open-ended applicants

In addition to providing the above materials, open-ended applicants are required to provide the following materials:

1. The article's retrieval certificate, the employment notice (other papers that are not as supporting materials reported) or participate in the publication of a monograph (proof material).

2. For all types of state-level, provincial and municipal competitions. A copy of the winning certificate or patent certificate.

3. A certificate of student cadres or associations.

III. Deadline for application

May 30, 2018

IV. Application process

5.23-5.30 Students Submit application

5.31-6. 1 School Comprehensive review recommendation

6.1-6. 8 School publicity and report to CSC

V. Contact

Zhongshan North Road Campus:

Ms. Ariel Sun 

Physical Building 253 International Student Office

Tel: 62238353/62232013

Minhang Campus:

Ms. Li Chunling

Postgraduate Dorm 14, Room 101

Tel: 54342768


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