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Chinese Knot, Kungfu and Dumpling Wrapping

Release Time:2018-10-26

        International students from GEC Intensive and Business Program have experienced Chinese Knot, Kungfu and Dumpling Wrapping.

Chinese Knot:

        Chinese knot is a kind of handmade knitted handicraft with Chinese characteristics. The sentiment and wisdom of it is one side of the ancient Chinese civilization. Before class begins, the students can't wait to make the knot by themselves according to the picture.


Chinese Kungfu:

        Kung Fu is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation, the embodiment of Chinese traditional culture and the unique "Martial Art" in the world. The teacher stressed that some movements need to gaze and show angry eyes, which impressed the students a lot.


Dumpling Wrapping:

        Jiaozi, also known as dumpling, is a popular traditional food among Chinese people. It is the staple food and local snack of the people in northern China, and it is also the food of the New Year's Day. Although it is the first time for the students to warp, the dumplings have various patterns and shapes.

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