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Scholarship Review Measures

These Measures can be applied to Chinese Government Scholarships, Confucius Institute Scholarships and Shanghai Government Scholarships.

Article 1: To strengthen the management of Chinese government scholarships and facilitate the benefits and effects of Chinese government scholarships, these Measures are formulated to implement the annual review system of Chinese government scholarships (hereinafter referred to as the annual review) in accordance with the relevant regulations of Chinese government scholarships.

Article 2: The annual review refers to the annual comprehensive review of the international students who holding Chinese government scholarships to study in China (hereinafter referred to as scholarship students) to determine whether they are eligible to continue or resume enjoying Chinese government scholarships.

Article 3: The Ministry of Education entitles the China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC) to take the charge of the organization and implementation of the annual review. The educational administration departments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities should take the charge of the coordination of the annual review of higher education institutions in their respective regions. Higher education institutions should take the charge of the annual review of their scholarship students.

Article 4: Target students of the annual review are scholarship students who have studied in China for more than one academic year or who have applied for an extension of the scholarship period after the completion of the original study period.

Article 5: The contents of the annual review are as follows:

1. Academic grades, including all the grades for the classes in the first semester of the school year, and the learning condition for the second semester;

2. Study attitude and class attendance;

3. Class performance, rewards and punishments

Article 6: Higher education institutions should formulate specific methods and evaluation criteria of the annual review in accordance with the regulations of teaching and school roll management of the university. Accordingly, they should evaluate whether scholarship students have the qualifications to continue or resume enjoying Chinese government scholarships, put forward "qualified" or "unqualified" review opinions, and make suggestions on whether scholarships should continue to be offered, suspended or cancelled.

The CSC will decide whether to continue to offer Chinese government scholarships to scholarship students, or to suspend or cancel their Chinese government scholarships.

Article 7: If one of the following circumstances occurs, the Chinese government scholarship will be suspended for one year:

1. Get detained or demoted due to unqualified examination results;

2. Fail the exams for two consecutive years;

3. Get detained for inspection and punishment.

Those, who have been suspended Chinese Government Scholarships, will be suspended from the start of the next academic year, but they may apply for the self-funded or get partially funded for further study. Those can apply for that year’s annual review before the expiration of the suspension period. If passing the annual review, after approval by the CSC, those can resume the scholarships from the next academic year.

Article 8: If one of the following circumstances occurs, Chinese government scholarships will be canceled:

1. Be dropped out of school or expelled from school;

2. Fail to pass the annual review twice in the course of school study;

3. Fail to participate in the annual review without justified reasons.

Those who have been canceled Chinese government scholarships will stop receiving the scholarship from the date of publication, and their eligibility of Chinese government scholarships will not be restored.

Article 9: The annual review should be conducted under the following procedures:

1. Scholarship students must collect and truly fill in the annual review form of the Chinese Government Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the "review form") printed by the CSC in accordance with the time and other requirements stipulated by higher education institutions. Submit the review form to the university within the prescribed time limit.

2. Higher education institutions fill in review opinions and suggestions in the review form in accordance with the requirements and standards, and submit the review report, the list of qualified scholarship students and review forms of unqualified scholarship students to the CSC before May 31 each year. At the same time, a copy of the review report should be submitted to the local provincial education administration department.

3. Scholarship students who need to transfer universities (including Chinese language study students) will be assessed annually by the original university, and the assessment materials and decisions will be transferred to the receiving university.

4. The CSC should notify the relevant higher education institutions and the educational administration departments of relevant provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of the review decision before June 30 of each year; The university should notify scholarship students themselves of the review decision, and notify the embassies or dispatching authorities of the students whose scholarship been suspended or cancelled.

Article 10: These Measures should be implemented from the date of promulgation.

These Measures were published by the Ministry of Education on April 26, 2000.


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