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Scholarship Review Measures

This regulation is applicable to Chinese Government Scholarship students, International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship students, Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship students and other types of scholarship students at ECNU.

Article 1 Participants

1. Students who have studied at ECNU for more than one academic year and will continue to enjoy the scholarship in the next academic year;

2. Students who apply for extension of scholarship period after the original study period ends;

3. Students who fail in the annual review of last academic year and have their scholarship qualification suspended or partial scholarship reduced or scholarship qualification exempted.

Article 2 Time for Annual Review: April to May each year

Article 3 Contents of Annual Review

1. Academic performance: mainly includes the examination and assessment results of all subjects in the first semester of this academic year and the basic learning information of the second semester, etc.

2. Comprehensive performance: mainly includes attendance, learning attitude, behaviors, ideological morality, etc.

Among them, behaviors mainly includes daily performance and compliance with laws and regulations, participation in activities and honors, as well as the comprehensive performance in special periods.

Article 4 Rules of Annual Review

1. Those who meet all the following conditions will be judged as "qualified" and continue to enjoy the scholarship for another year:

(1) Meet the standards for international students of the department / school / faculty;

(2) Reach the attendance rate stipulated by the department / school / faculty;

(3) With good learning attitude, moral integrity and without bad performance;

(4) No violation of laws and disciplines or rules and regulations of ECNU;

(5) Take an active part in all kinds of activities, sports competitions, volunteering services and academic exchanges organized by the department / school / faculty.

2. In one of the following cases, the evaluation result will be "unqualified" and the scholarship qualification will be suspended for one year:

(1) Violate Chinese laws and regulations, endangers China's national security and interests, damages social and public interests, undermines social and public order, and causes adverse effects;

(2) Violate the school rules and disciplines and are subject to suspension or punishment;

(3) Disobey relevant control regulations and improper words and deeds during special periods, causing adverse effects;

(4) Fail to pass the examinations and fail to get a grade or are demoted, and reach the academic probation standard for the second time;

(5) Fail to pass the courses for two consecutive years;

(6) Fail to meet the standards for international students of the department / school / faculty .

Students whose scholarship has been suspended can apply for self-funded study in accordance with relevant regulations of ECNU, and can continue to study in ECNU for one year after approval. Prior to the expiration of the scholarship suspension, the applicant may participate in the annual review of the current year upon formal application, and the scholarship will be reinstated in the next academic year for those who pass the annual review. Students who do not apply for self-funded after the suspension of scholarship will be regarded as automatic withdrawal from school.

3. In one of the following cases, the evaluation result will be "unqualified" and the scholarship qualification will be exempted:

(1) Violate Chinese laws and regulations and receive administrative punishment or above;

(2) Expelled from university regarding to violating university rules and disciplines;

(3) Disobey relevant control regulations in special period, improper words and deeds, resulting in bad influence;

(4) Fail to pass the annual review twice in total during the study period;

(5) Fail to participate in the annual review without justified reasons.

Those who fail in the annual review and are disqualified for scholarship will have their scholarship exempted from the date of announcement, and their eligibility for scholarship will not be restored.

4. For the students whose study manner and the daily performance is good, the evaluation result is "unqualified" to suspend the scholarship because of poor learning ability and unqualified academic performance, however there are financial difficulties to continue their studies at one's own expenses, if they have good comprehensive performance and has one of the following conditions, the students can apply for assistance of one year’s partial scholarship funding.

(1) Students with noble morality and outstanding performance in public welfare activities, volunteering services, social contributions, etc., who have received special awards and commendations from ECNU and relevant higher-level units;

(2) Those who actively participate in state activities, cultural and sports competitions, academic exchanges and other high-level activities to win honors for ECNU, and receive awards and commendations at or above the provincial level;

(3) Those who have made other outstanding contributions to ECNU.

5. PhD students who apply for the extension of the scholarship shall pass the annual scholarship review, mid-term research project assessment and thesis proposal report of this academic year.

6. The final evaluation results shall be subject to the approval of the scholarship authority. The scholarship authority will decide whether to continue to provide scholarship to the scholarship students, or suspend or cancel his/her eligibility to continue to enjoy the scholarship according to the evaluation results and suggestions of ECNU.

7. In addition to the annual review of scholarship, the semester review of scholarship students will be conducted in December each year, including academic performance, attendance, behavior, ideological morality, etc. The evaluation criteria shall refer to the requirements of the annual review of the scholarship. Those who fail to pass the semester review will be given a warning, and the relevant evaluation results will serve as an important reference for the annual review.

Article 5 These regulations take effect as of the date of promulgation.

Article 6 These regulations were issued by ECNU on July 15, 2020.

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