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 Overview & Training Goals

The graduate program (MFA) in School of Design, East China Normal University offers an interdisciplinary study and research platform, which includes five discipline directions: FASHION DESIGN, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN,  PUBLIC ART, and ANIMATION DESIGN. Students are free to choose courses that interest them among these four different directions.

Aiming to bridge the gap between academic research and professional practice, the courses in the MFA Program is project-based, class is combining with realistic project. The program focuses on not only academic research but also cutting-edge practical technologies and skills.

The MFA programs specializes in Chinese-featured Courses, including Chinese Traditional Art Analysis, Chinese Public Realm, Chinese Traditional Garden and Architecture, Chinese Art and Craft History etc. In addition to the academic features about Chinese tradition and history, the program also promotes research topics bout China contemporary issues in different fields, such as Public Art, Urban Renewal and Industrial Design.

International collaborations plays an important role in the MFA program, which provides students with diverse international workshop, lectures and events.


Course Category Course Name Requirement Credits
  Compulsory Selective
General Education Course Chinese Language   2
Introduction to Chinese Civilization   3
Total Credits     5
Compulsory Professional Course Design documents index and study method   4
Material and form   3
Total Credits     7
Studio Practice Course Studio Practice Course I   6
Studio Practice Course II   6
Studio Practice Course III   6
Studio Practice Course IV   6
Internship   6
Total Credits     30
Professional Optional Course
 (5 courses must be chosen)
Animation masters research   2
Experimental animation creation   2
Case study: illustration design   2
Case study: poster design   2
Product design frontier   2
Methodology study of product design   2
Culture study of product design   2
Engineering research of product design   2
Design industry and business model   2
Brand communication and management   2
Analysis of contemporary art works   2
Contemporary image art   2
Case study: landscape design history   2
Case study: Interior design history   2
Case study: urban renewal design   2
Costume Design   2
Traditional Chinese Textile Redesign   2
Jewelry Design   2
User Experience Design   2
Research on Innovation of Chinese Traditional Handicraft   2
Research on Sociology of Product Design   2
Art Ecology Research and Practice   2
The Research of Iconology in China   2
Chinese Traditional Art Analysis   2
Chinese Public Realm    2
Made in Shanghai : A City Exploration Tour   2
Hybrid Drawing : Sensory Cities   2
Chinese Traditional Garden and Architecture:Measurement Formation and Reconstruction   2
Future Career Thinking:Dialogue with Professional Practices   2
Chinese Art and Craft History    2
  Total Credits     10
Total Credits for 3 Years     52


Main Instructors

1. WEI Shaonong

Dean, Professor

Research directions: Urban and village regeneration design

2. ZHU Xiaoming


Research directions: Contemporary art

3. NI Zhiqi

Professor, Artist

Research directions: Contemporary art

4. CHEN Hailu

Associate professor

Master in Experimental Video Art and Experimental Animation at Central Academy of the Fine Arts,China

Research directions: Experimental Animation and Character Animation

4. LU Jian

Lecturer, MA Drawing as process, Art & Design, Architecture Faculty Kingston University, UK.

Research directions: Art history, Design history

5. XU Xianya

Program director in Spatial and Exhibition Design, PhD from Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Research directions: Museum Study, Urban Interior, Green Architecture

6. SONG Feifei

Lecturer, M.S.Arch.Pratt Institute, USA

Research directions: Digital fabrication, Contemporary Chinese urban public space

7. WU Xiaowen

Lecturer, Master in Landscape Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, Bachelor in Landscape Architecture in Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)

Research directions: Installation art, Landscape design to sustainable urban planning

8. WU Penghan

Lecturer, Architect. M.Sc in Urbanism from TU Delft, the Netherlands

Research directions: Public building, Building renovation, Urban regeneration and rural vitalization

9. LIN Jingjing

Lecturer, PhD from SAPIENZA, University of Roma

Research directions: Product design, Innovation of Chinese traditional handicraft

10. CHAO Buge

MA from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK

Research directions: UX&UI, Communication design

11. OUYANG Pei

Master in Accademia di belle arti di Brera

Research directions:  New material research,Costume Design,fashion Design

12. HU Yikuan

Artist, MFA in Film & Video department from MASSART, USA

Research directions: Video art, Film theory

13. ZHONG Yunshu

Artist, MFA in Fine Art in University of the Arts London, UK

Research directions: Installation, Material art

14. ZHANG Kerui

MFA in Painting from Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Italy

Research directions: Sound art, Video installation

15. Yunwei ZHENG

Lecturer, MA in Culture heritage interpretation and communication from University of Avignon, France / Program Coordinator

Research directions: Public communication and education in cultural heritage and museums.

Contact Person

Yunwei ZHENG: ywzheng@design.ecnu.edu.cn

Funa Li: fnli@design.ecnu.edu.cn


Graduate Admissions

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