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Policies for Language students

 Policies for Language students

  1. Students should voluntarily comply with class discipline, must not be late for class and are not permitted to leave early. Absence is not permitted unless a leave note has been filled out with relevant evidence. The leave note must be delivered to the Administration and Registration Office of international college of Chinese study.
  2. Certificates of course completion will not be awarded if the student fails to attend 1/3 of the scheduled classes within each course, fails to attend the final examination, or fails to reach a qualified score on the final examinations of 2 or more classes within a semester.
  3. Those whose cumulative skipped classes account for 1/2 or more of the whole will not be allowed to register for the next semester
  4. The scores of those caught cheating in examinations are deemed as zero
  5. Make up examinations won't be arranged for those who are absent from examinations without justification.
  6. Language students may go through class exchanging procedures at the Culture Education Centre of International College of Chinese Studies within the first week classes begin.
  7. After language students finish their study and pass their final examinations, International College of Chinese Study of ECNU will issue the transcripts and Certificates of Completion.
  8. All teaching schedules are stipulated according to a unified university teaching schedule, students are supposed to take examinations on time set by the University, and they cannot take them earlier or postpone them.
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