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Academic Policy for undergraduates

Study development program and the duration of your studies
The length of undergraduate schooling at ECNU should be 4 years; you must attend school at ECNU for at least 3 years to receive an undergraduate certificate, and you may study for a maximum 6 years. When at school, undergraduates must take academic courses in accordance with a study development program tailored specifically to your major. Courses on politics or military training are not obligatory for international students. They also have the power of decision whether or not to take courses on foreign languages, computer or P.E. courses. However, the total credits must be within 120+/-5.

School management

(1) Registration
International students ought to register punctually at the beginning of each semester. Those who fail to register within 2 weeks without justification will be considered as quitting.

(2) Probation
Those whose credits of failing subjects account for half or more of the whole will be considered under probation for one semester. Schooling can be resumed if the student obtains qualified credits during the probation period. If the student does not obtain qualified credits, then the student is considered as unqualified to continue studying. Probation must be applied for within the first 6 weeks in new semester. All overdue applications will be invalid.

(3) Suspension and resumption
The length of suspension must not be over 2 years. One must resume his interrupted study when the suspension period is due, and one must give up his/her studies if the suspension period is overdue.

(4) Make up examination
A student is permitted to take a make up examination if he or she obtains an F grade with a mark between 40 and 59 in the obligatory course, however, a student is only permitted to take a make up exam once per course. The examinations will be arranged within the first week of the next term after the winter holiday and the last week of summer vacation.

(5) Retaking a course
Retaking public obligatory courses, professional obligatory courses and professional-limited elective courses is allowed. The grades received in courses retaken will cover the former ones if the grades are higher than before. A course retake must be applied for within the first 2 weeks of the next semester. All overdue applications will be invalid.
One is ineligible to take the final examination of the course if one fails to attend 1/3 or more of the classes comprising the course retaken. The grades of those who skip exams without justification will be zero. Grades will not be acknowledged if one has not gone through the application procedure and presume to attend the final examinations of repeated courses. Meanwhile, he will be punished severely according to the rules.

(6) delaying examinations
The written application of those who are absent from examinations for sick leave or personal affairs must be submitted to the department, which will approve of the application and arrange the next examination time. An application submitted after examination is invalid. The examinations of public elective courses must not be delayed.

(7) Changing majors
Those showing more interest in a major other than the initially chosen major may apply to switch majors. However this is limited to students in their second semester up until the second semester of their second year. This implies that the student may not apply to switch majors once he or she enters the third year of study. Under these limitations the student may transfer to a new department if they pass through the proper faculty evaluations.

(8) Early graduation and extension of study period
Four-year undergraduates may apply for early graduation if all of the necessary credits have been acquired within 3 years. Application for the extension of a study period is permitted if not all the credits have been acquired within 4 years. A student's study period may be extended for 2 years after the fourth year. In order to apply for any of the above special changes concerning one's curriculum, one must submit necessary applications to one's original department.

Academic degree

The international students who have achieved graduation approval and the Chinese level appropriate to their major's requirements, and have not been punished for disciplinary probation will be awarded with a bachelor degree. Their will be a Chinese and English version of both the graduation diploma and bachelor degree issued to the student by the school. There will be details marking the length of schooling and name of major upon all certificates. The School will not reissue diplomas if they are spoilt or lost due to personal reasons. Nevertheless, a certifying letter with the same validity can be obtained from school archives.

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