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2015 Spring Hansheng Scholarship Award Ceremony and Foreign Students Performance

Дата и время:2015-07-02

In the afternoon of June 25th, the Hansheng Scholarship Award Ceremony and Foreign Students Performance held by Global Education Center took place in the activity hall on the first floor of Physics Building. Yang Cui (CEO of Hansheng Info-Tech), Yang Wenwen (Marketing chief of Hansheng Info-Tech), Xing Hexiang (secretary-general of ECNU alumni, chief of foreign affairs office), Huang Meixu (director of GEC), Wang Gang (deputy director of GEC), have participated in the ceremony.

The ceremony started with a touching video and followed by Ms Huang’s congratulations to the 16 recipients, as their great efforts and progress were approved by all the audience. Secondly, by reviewing 7 years of development and progress in line with our rigorous approach, we have attracted over 1000 students from more than 35 countries. Two students have given a speech expressing gratitude to all the faculty, sharing their experience with gratefulness and reluctance to leave.

Almost all of the classes have dedicated enthusiastic shows ranging from songs, dances and melodramas. The song by Class 1-3 revised from “Welcome to Beijing” into “Welcome to ECNU” has won praise from the masses. The songs from Class 2-1A, 2-2, 2-3, 3-1 and 3-2 have gained prolonged applause. The short play from business class is full of wit and humor. The musical,“The Little Apple” from Class 3-3 brought us back naughty scenes of classroom instruction. Last but not least, 15 pandas from 2-1B light up the warmth with the lively beat.

The event ended in happy laughter and cheerful voices, as the semester will also come to a close. While it’s another starting point of life, lead us to the future full of harvest. Wish your long-cherished Chinese dreams will all come true here in ECNU!

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