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China in My Eyes: Shanghai International Student Chinese Element Creative Design Contest

Дата и время:2012-12-18


China in My Eyes: Shanghai International Student
Chinese Element Creative Design Contest
    With the aim of blending Chinese culture into the world and let the world know China, Shanghai International Student Chinese Element Creative Design Contest will be held to encourage those who are studying in Shanghai to discover and display the impressive highlights of Chinese elements so as to deepen their understanding of Chinese traditional culture and modern civilization.
        Content: fully apply the Chinese elements to the works to show the fusion of Chinese culture and modern art & design.
        Forms: no limitation on the style or type. Both material objects and computer-based design works are acceptable, such as painting, photography, handicraft, graphic design, fashion design, industrial design, environmental art design, animation, etc.
        Requirement: no limitation on the creation time but it is must be one’s original work with vivid theme, unique design and strong artistic appeal.
        The real objects: the material item, photos (at least 7 inches), or the digital colored proofing (same size as A3 paper, 420×297mm)
        Electronic version of the above mentioned objects: each photo or the photo of the material item is at least 2M with the size of 1024×768; each computer-based design work must be at least 300dpi in JPG format.
        Application Form
Prize Setting
Special Award                1 quota               Certificate & RMB5000
1ST Prize                         10 quotas           Certificate & RMB2000/quota
2nd Prize                          20 quotas           Certificate & RMB1000/quota
3rd Prize                           50 quotas           Certificate & RMB500/quota
Engagement Award       All the finalists    Certificate
         The submitted entries may be divided into several groups on which they are appraised and selected. The prize quotas of each group will be decided according to its numbers of entries.
         The awarded works will be collected in a picture album in both Chinese and English, and an exhibition will be held. The award ceremony will be taken place at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
Deadline March 20,2013
Submit to: Room 236,International Students Office, Physics Building,ECNU no later than March 20,2013
Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
Shanghai Association of International Student Education
Donghua University
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