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Sign Up Now For The 4th International Students Sports Competition!

Дата и время:2012-09-28


The 4th International Students Sports Competition ECNU,2012
Venue: Playground in Zhongshan Road(N) Campus
Date: 1pm,Wednesday, 24 October,2012
Schedule of the event:
13:00-13:30 Athletes parade
13:30-14:30 The Tug of War
14:30-15:30 Group Rope skipping
15:30-16:30 Mixed 4 × 100m relay
16:30-17:00 Five dragons crossing the river
17:00 Closing Ceremony
Introduction of the sports items
一.The Tug of War
(1)It is a group game. Each team comprises 15 people (10 males and 5 females) ofany ECNU foreign students.However, basing teams on same nationality or class are suggested.
(2) Teams stand 1.5m away the central red line and should not start pulling until hearing the whistle.
(3) Format: Single round robin.Top three teams will be awarded prize.
二.Group Rope skipping
Competition Rules:
(1) It is a group game. Each team is made up of 12 people (10 for rope skipping and 2 for rope swinging) from the same class or of the same nationality. Students may form their own team as well.
(2)Game begins after the whistle sound. The players should turn into rope one by one, and leave immediately after jumping. Number of each team’s skipping will be counted and team with more skipping in 3 minutes will be the winner.
(3) Format: Single round robin.Top three teams will be awarded prize.
三.Mixed 4 × 100m relay
Competition Rules:
(1) It is a group game. Each team is composed of four people (two males and two females).
(2) Each team must check in at designated assembly sites 10 minutes before the race starts.
(3) Jumping the gun is a foul.A second such offense will get your team expelled from the race.
(4) Format: Single round robin.Top three teams will be awarded prize.
四.Five dragons crossing the river
(1)Each team includes five people regardless of gender.
(2) five players line up ,shoulder to shoulder, with pieces of clothes binding the legs adjacent to each other. Those who first reach the finishing line will be the winners.Top three teams will be awarded prize.
Please note
1. The Itinerary of Sports Meeting is subject to change.
2. Each student can sign up for up to 2 items; Each team could have up to 2 subs
3. Teachers are welcome to participate in the games.
4. Please sign up before 5pm Wednesday ,October 17, 2012
5. Submit your completed application form to either Room 236, Physics Building or Room100 at International College of Chinese Studies.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jeffrey Wu from International Students Office

Tel: 62233283 ; Email: jfwu@ied.ecnu.edu.cn


                          The Tug of War                                        Group Rope Skipping

                  4*100meter Relay Race          Five dragons crossing the river

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