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Notice for The Tour of Chinese Culture Exploration, 2014

Дата и время:2014-03-21


Dear International Students,
It is the time for annual Chinese Culture Exploration tour again!
The International Students Office has arranged the trip for Typical Hui-Style Chinese Culture Experience this year, which lasts from April 17th to the 20th. During this trip you will see West Garden, which is one of the most famous Courtyard as a typical symbol of Hui-Style. Also you may enjoy the beautiful scenery of Wuyuan which is renowned as "the most beautiful Chinese Countryside", as well as "the ninth mysterious wonder of the world " -Huashan Cave, which is well-known for its peculiar natural scenery.
So come on and join us on seeking the Beauty and Culture of China!  (See detailed itinerary in attached file).
Participants For: All international students of bachelor degree and postgraduate degree of ECNU
Application Period: March 24-April 4, or the maximum capacity of 160 achieved
Registration At:
Zhongbei Campus: Room 257, Physics Building. Shen Laoshi, Tel: 62606892
Minhang Campus: Room 101, Drom 14. Li Laoshi, Tel: 54342768
1.               students are responsible for half expense of the trip as 800 RMB, while the rest half will be covered by the International Students Office. Expense payment is required at the registration site.
2.               For the trip went over Thursday (April 17) and Friday (April 18), please make arrangement of your academic program in advance.
3.               We would depart in the early morning on 8:00 sharp of April 17, Zhongbei Campus: in front of Statue Mao, Minhang Campus: in front of Dorm 14.
We will departure ON TIME and NOT wait for LATE GUYS! Please make sure to bring your Passport and Student License!


Global Education Center
International Students Office
                         March 20, 2014   
Attached file:
Tour itinerary:
April 17departure Shanghai at 8:00AM by bus, via Lin'an having lunch, arrive at West Garden, the Chinese traditional Courtyard which is one of the most popular park in Anhui province. Visit the courtyard's attractive Huizhou "three kinds of sculpture"(carved by stone, wood, brick ), enjoy the arch, stage, pavilions, waterside and so on which are exquisite Ming and Qing Dynasty private mansion. Return the hotel after that.
April 18, after breakfast, we will travel to China's most beautiful Wuyuan, enjoy the beautiful scenery of bridges, river and the farmhouses, visited the hometown of President Jiang; visit the ancient cultural eco-village —XiaoQi, where all houses are mostly Qing Dynasty architecture. Enjoy the village alleys paved bluestone, twists and turns, loops, such as chess; drive back to the hotel after all.
April 19, after breakfast, traveling the North country side of Wuyuan, enjoy the views of the canola flower pastoral scenery, sleek bridges - Rainbow Bridge, Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient buildings - the river , the village, and tour the cave groups. Then, visit the Huangcun hundred columns hall and other attractions which are existed from the Emperor Kangxi in Qing dynasty. Returned the hotel after that.
April 20, after breakfast, we will explore a well- known Cave renowned as the " the ninth mysterious spectacle on latitude 30 degrees " – “Huashan Cave”. There are 36 caves proven its scale to the grand, imposing the spectacular, the domestic rare. When and how did these caves formed? How could million tons of stone gone? It is still a mystery. Drive back to Shanghai after lunch! 
Transport: by bus during the whole trip
Dining: Breakfast and lunch together while dinner on your own (it is very convenient surrounding the hotel)                                  

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