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A Successful and Happy Ending of 2015 Fall Semester

Дата и время:2016-01-19


        In the morning of January 13th, the closing ceremony of Intensive and Business Chinese programs was held in the activity hall on the first floor of Physics Building. It was also Hansheng-ECNU Scholarship Award Ceremony. Zhou Yong(CEO of Hansheng Info-Tech), Yang Wenwen (Marketing chief of Hansheng Info-Tech), Huang Meixu (director of GEC), Wang Gang(deputy director of GEC), have participated in the ceremony.
      The ceremony started with a splendid video, which showed us the study and daily life of our students in the programs and in ECNU. Then Ms Huang introduced our programs briefly and expressed her happiness to see the big progress of the students in such a short time and congratulations to all the students. Ms Huang’s humorous interaction with students gave this ceremony a very joyful beginning.
        Zhou Yong(CEO of Hansheng Info-Tech), Yang Wenwen (Marketing chief of Han sheng Info-Tech), Huang Meixu (director of GEC), and Wang Gang (deputy director of GEC) gave the Hansheng scholarship and graduation certificates to the students. Mr Zhou (CEO of Hansheng Info-Tech) gave a speech, in which he shared his study experience in Britain and gave his best wishes to the students. Then the student representatives also reviewed their study and life experience in this semester and expressed their thanks to all the Chinese teachers.
        In addition,  GEC  awarded two teachers, Wu Chenglin and Ren Chang, for their excellent performance and hard-working in this semester. The Chinese teacher representative Chen Xin gave a speech, expressing her wishes that our programs and students would be better and better in the future.
        After the ceremony, all the teachers and students went to LiWa restaurant to make dumplings. The teachers held students’ hands  and taught them how to make dumplings and they enjoyed this traditional Chinese food very much.
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