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Policies & Regulations

1. International Exchange Service Centre is responsible for the accommodation administration of ECNU International students. Whoever is admitted to ECNU as an International student can check-in at the International Exchange Service Centre or the International student apartments and will enjoy the standard accommodation fees awarded to international students.

2. Before checking in, students will need to register with their ECNU admission letters or their ECNU student identity cards, and must pay 1000 Yuan as a security deposit (Chinese government scholarship students will only need to pay 500 Yuan)

3. Room is rented out term by term. Students will need to pay room rent for each term when they check-in. Rent is not refundable if students check-out early.

4. Students are not allowed to exchange rooms or accommodate a guest for the night without permission. If a student is in special case, and he/she needs to change room, he/she should hand in the application to the administration office at the Service Centre, and the Service Centre staff will make appropriate adjustments due to the case at hand.

5. If a student lives in a double room, and his/her roommate has checked out, he/she can look for another student to live with himself/herself after going through the room exchanging formalities. He/She can also defer to the Service Centre to determine his/her new roommate.

6. Students should come back to International Exchange Service Centre or the International student apartment before 23:30. During their stay in the dorms, students should keep quiet, and should not make loud noise in public places or keep the stereo on high volume or bother other students.

7. Keep the environment clean. No littering or spitting. No pets are allowed in any of the buildings. No graffiti. No stacking personal belongings in the corridor.

8. It's forbidden to store tinder or explosive substances indoors. And students are not allowed to set off fireworks in the building or out the window

9. It's forbidden to use electric appliances that are likely to cause fire such as electric blankets, halogen lamps, Quartz heaters, electric cookers, electric rice cookers, electric food warmers, electric woks, gas ovens, electric cups, electric water heaters, or electric irons. Students are not allowed to splice wires, smoke in bed, or light candles indoors. The Administrator of the Service Centre have the right to inspect the electric appliances in the rooms and confiscate appliance that are forbidden by the aforementioned regulations for safe-keeping. Those who disobey the rules and cause serious consequences in the process will be held accountable under law

10. Furniture items indoors may not be moved or exchanged randomly. If equipment or items are found damaged, defaced, contaminated, or lost, the administrator of the Service Centre has the right to demand compensation.

11. Students need to take care of their cash and valuables, and they need to ensure that windows and doors of their rooms are locked before leaving the rooms. During the stay, students should keep their room key-cards or keys with them at all times. If missing, they will need to claim it lost at the housekeeping department of the Service Centre. After compensation, they will have their locks changed and receive a new key

12. Students must check out when the semester is over, and they need to sign themselves out of ECNU 2 or 3 days ahead of the time when the semester is over.

13. If students need to resume their living accommodations after they have finished their semester of study at ECNU, they must contact the Service Centre office. And their rent will be charged according to the price standards of an FIT(Foreign Independent Tourist).

14. Family members of International students won't be provided the international student room rent if they come and lodge at the Service Centre. Their rent will be charged according to the price standards of an FIT.

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