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2024 Intensive Chinese Training Winter Program has launched successfully
11 Jan 2024

On January 8th, 2024, we welcomed new friends again. The Intensive Chinese Training Winter Program will last for four weeks, and it will also include exploring Shanghai and experiencing Chinese culture. It helps students not only learn the language, but also appreciate the beauty of the city and traditional Chinese culture. This program has attracted more than 70 students from nearly 20 countries worldwide. They gathered at East China Normal University with love for the language and culture.

Starting from 8:30 in the morning, the students gradually arrived at the campus and collected relevant materials. Their eyes were filled with anticipation for a brand new life at East China Normal University. After the opening ceremony, they got to know the teachers and classmates and gained some understanding of the learning content. In the afternoon’s ice breaking activity, everyone gradually completed six games, got to know each other, and became familiar with the campus.

After a busy and fulfilling day, the students had a preliminary impression of their teachers and school, gradually integrating into ECNU, Shanghai, and China. We believe they will study diligently under the careful guidance of their teachers, and can better exercise themselves in an immersive Chinese language environment. Hope that students can learn knowledge and experience life during this month, and gain a lot at East China Normal University!



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