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My Summer Story@ECNU | Embracing Shanghai
14 May 2023

Shanghai - Embracing Culture, Knowledge and Growth

POH XIN TIAN 傅欣恬  (Singapore)

When my friends and I first stepped out of Pudong International Airport, the summer heat roasted us like we are BBQ skewers (烤串). However, I believe that this is Shanghai’s warmest welcome for us and brings about promises of a transformative journey of learning and personal growth.

With very helpful staff, teachers, and student volunteers at ECNU, we managed to tour around the beautiful (and huge!) ECNU campus as well as the neighbourhood surrounding the school such as Jinshajiang Road and its street filled with good food. The lessons and activities were interesting and engaging and allowed us to have a deeper understanding of China, its culture, traditional values, and intangible assets such as calligraphy painting. The first lesson was especially memorable for me as it coincided with my 23rd birthday. I met many new friends and even tried Shanghai-style Longevity noodles in the restaurant located in the school’s canteen.

Beyond the classroom, Shanghai beckons with a plethora of experiences waiting to be savoured. We explored the iconic waterfront of the Bund, ventured into the maze-like alleyways of preserved historic towns such as Qibao, and relished the eclectic food scene available with every few steps. The city's vibrant nightlife, cultural performances, and art exhibitions further enrich my ECNU summer school journey, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

After being in Shanghai for close to a month, my friends and I have learnt to navigate daily life in a foreign city, adapt to new cultural norms, and overcome challenges to develop resilience and self-reliance. These skills extend beyond the summer experience and empowers us to face future endeavours with confidence.



My Shanghai Summer School Story

Hum Wai Chen 谭炜蓁  (Singapore)

Stepping foot in Shanghai for the first time has been an extraordinary and eye-opening experience. The city's mesmerising blend of east-meets-west architecture and its vibrant culture, harmoniously weaving tradition with modernity, has left me in awe. Every day has been a learning experience that I believe will shape me in various ways beyond my imagination. Enrolling in the ECNU Experience Diverse China Summer Program proved to be one of my best decisions. The engaging lessons and class excursions have deepened my passion for the Chinese language and broadened my understanding of China. During my time at ECNU, a fellow student shared with me a saying “爱在华师大” which translates to “Love at ECNU”, which perfectly captures the warmth and camaraderie on campus. I am immensely grateful for the warm hospitality displayed by both the teachers and fellow students, which has greatly facilitated my assimilation into this new environment. This journey has fostered personal growth and opened my eyes to the beauty of cross-cultural exchange. Shanghai and ECNU will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

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