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The university journey encompasses more than just the courses you enroll in or the graduation qualification you achieve. It also entails establishing enduring relationships and becoming a valued member of a community that assists in your personal development and self-realization.
Student Organizations
Looking for a way to get more involved and engaged in ECNU ? Come to get Inspired, and Strive together with this United community!
Join ISCA! Let's creat various international student clubs and have fun at ECNU together!
The International Student Community Center is now open to all ECNU international students. The Center is located on the 4th floor of Gezhi Building (formerly known as the Physics Building) in Putuo Campus ECNU. Here, you can study, social with friends, and explore employment opportunities!
Guide To ECNU
There are various ways to travel to ECNU after you get tp Shanghai. Here’s your guide!
Our maps will help you make your way around at both Putuo Campus and Minhang Campus of ECNU.
ECNU offers students a diverse range of tasty, healthy and nutritious meal options.
ECNU provides a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities to help students remain active and fit.
How can I open a bank account and where are the banks? Come to check it out.
Package delivery is exceedingly convenient in China. Explore ways to maximize your utilization of this service.
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