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Activity | Tea Journey with ECNU & JD Logistics
19 Apr 2024 - 20 Apr 2024
On April 19th to April 20th, ECNU Global Education Center & JD Logistics invite you to enter the world of tea, explore the beauty of tea, experience tea culture, and embark on an immersive tea journey!Event HighlightsTea Culture ExperienceYou can participate in tea picking, stir frying and other procedures in person, so you can understand the production process of tea. You will hear the history and stories of tea, experience the vastness and profoundness of tea culture, and appreci
ISU | Trip to Shanghai Museum East and Visit Sanxingdui Exhibition
15 Apr 2024
The Shanghai Museum showcases precious cultural relics from all over the country, carrying the splendid Chinese civilization and inheriting thousands of years of historical and cultural heritage. On April 15th, the International Students Union (ISU) will take you into the newly opened Shanghai Museum East, where you can experience China's histroy and explore the mysterious ancient Shu civilization together!Intro of MuseumThe Shanghai Museum East is a branch of the Shanghai Museum, located in
ISU | Employment & Business Opportunities for International Students Forum
10 Apr 2024
What is this forum about?The International Students Union (ISU) will hold a forum on 4/10 about Employment and Business opportunities for international students in China. This forum serves to empower international students by showcasing success stories and insights from industry experts who are working in China. Through experiences shared by these speakers, the forum aims to inspire and provide practical advice to students on navigating the Chinese job market and entrepreneurial landscape.E
ISU | Welcome Back to 90s
29 Mar 2024
Do you wanna travel through time? International Students Union (ISU) will take you back to the 90s in China and try some snacks and games of that time. Let's go back to 90’s!Board GamesWe will try board games from the 90's: Chess, backgammon, flying chess or checkers... Come to feel the joy of Chinese kidsLets try some SNACKSFun and delicious snacks: huge diamond candies, candy that will dance in your mouth, noodles eaten as snacks... Lets try some snac
ISU | Jiading Factory Visit for 2024 Spring Semester
22 Mar 2024
Let's get to know the city of Shanghai from another perspective through this tour.Did you know that the Yakult factory is located in Jiading District of Shanghai?The company visit organized by the International Students Union (ISU) is coming again! Are you ready to explore the production process of Yakult and learn more about Shanghai, a livable and business friendly city?! On 3/22, embark on a trip to Jiading with ISU!Jiading District Planning Exhibition HallThe Jiading District P
ISU | Strawberry Picking in Spring
16 Mar 2024
The pace of spring has quietly approached, don't you miss the taste of strawberries? This weekend, International Students Union will take you to pick strawberries, feel the joy of farming, and taste the fruits of your labor!Schedule13:00Leaving from the Campus14:00Strawberry Picking15:00Games16:00Free Time17:30Return to ECNUEvent InfoDate: 16 Mar 2024(Saturday)Activity Location: Shanghai Binjiang Forest ParkPicking Location: Peace Cream Strawberry OrchardPicking cost: 30
Dragon Boat | ECNU International Students Dragon Boat Club is Recruiting for New Members!
03 Mar 2024 - 15 Mar 2024
IT'S TIME TO SHOW OFF YOUR POWER! Break Your Limit!Fervor GatheringAre you eager to challenge yourself and looking for an energetic and united team?If so, we are proud to announce that our East China Normal University dragon boat team is looking for new members to start an unforgettable season together in Dragon Year!Our international student dragon boat team has won the Shanghai Universities and Colleges Foreign Student Dragon Boat Championships&
ISU | 2024 New Year Party is Waiting for You!
27 Dec 2023
2023 is coming to an end, and the prelude to 2024 is about to begin.The New Year Eve Party that everyone is longing for will also come with strong momentum.Facing the new year, have you already been unable to control your excited mood?Come to celebrate at the New Year Party hosted by the International Students Union (ISU)!Food, Photo Shooting, music and games, and more fun are all at 2024 New Year Party!Wear your pretty dresses and suits, and come to party together!Ticket Scan the
ISU | Entrepreneurship Forum is Open for Registration!
15 Dec 2023
12/15 afternoon, ECNU International Students Union Employment & Entrepreneurship Department will organize an Entrepreneurship Forum titled "Starting a Business in China for Aspiring Student Entrepreneurs".It is designed exclusively for international students interested in exploring the intricacies of starting a business in China. This event aims to empower aspiring students with valuable insights and resources to prepare and kickstart their entrepreneurial journey in
ISU|Chinese is Fun Series Event - Finale
06 Dec 2023
The third session of Chinese is Fun series event organized by the  International Students Union (ISU) has been successfully concluded! Our last event is coming!Event IntroOver the last 2 months, International Students Union (ISU) Academic Department has been hosting 3 Chinese events with different fun topics, to help the students to better learn Chinese through fun activities.12/6 we will have our last event to review what we learned through games and we will also organize other fun ac
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