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2024 ECNU International Students Ambassadors
20 Nov 2023

With the increasing internationalization of East China Normal University, more and more excellent international students from all over the world choose to study at ECNU. We welcome international students to join in the "ECNU International Students Ambassador (ISA)" project in order to bring ECNU to the world.


1. Share ECNU international student admission information and policies.

2. Present as a representative of ECNU International students.

3. Introduce ECNU, its educational philosophy, and personal study experience.

4. Contact the local schools and institutions in your country to expand the source of students.


1. Publish admission information to popular social media platforms in your country by short videos, tweets. etc.

2. Contact local high schools, universities and other educational institutions in your country for enrollment promotion, which can be designed and organized based on the actual needs. The form and the content of promotion are not limited.

3. Other innovative ways of enrollment promotion.


1. Enrolled ECNU international students & alumni.

2. Applicants must love ECNU, know well and care about the development of ECNU.

3. Excellent performance in school, strong sense of responsibility, and decent organizational, publicity and communication skills.

4. Ability of video shooting and editing and ability of promotion on social media platforms.

5. Applicants must demonstrate strong sense of belonging, with no violation of school regulation records.

Applicants, Interview & Training

1. Application: Individual or Team (no more than 3 students) should complete the online application. Please click the link to fill in the application form and upload the promotion plan

2024华东师范大学国际学生项目宣传大使项目申报书.docx. Please send the introduction video (no longer than 2 mins) to Teacher Joy's email (jyhao@gec.ecnu.edu.cn).


2. Interview: GEC will conduct a preliminary review of the students’ personal introduction video and the application form, and arrange online interviews. The qualified students can be awarded the title of "ECNU International Students Ambassador".

3. Training: GEC will conduct online training for the ECNU International Students Ambassadors, providing materials such as promotion guide, enrollment guidelines, as well as presentation and negotiation guidance.


1. Submit the summary report every quarter to present the progress of the project.

2. At the mid and end of the project, report the result. GEC will evaluate and select the first, second, and third prizes according to the expansion of student resources, methods of promotion, and the project result. The specific assessment time will be notified later. 

Benefits & Rewards

1. Improve personal skills comprehensively in different aspects, e.g. promotion and expression skills, organization and coordination skills, etc. and enhance personal soft skills for future employment.

2. The qualified individual or team who passed the final evaluation will be awarded "ECNU International Students Ambassador" certificate issued by GEC.

3. After the final evaluation, the individual or team who performed particularly well will also receive the rewards.

Application Deadline


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