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East China Normal University (ECNU) is recognized as one of China’s top public research university under the patronage of the Ministry of Education. As the first national university of the People's Republic of China to promote teacher training, ECNU attaches great importance to innovation, internationalization, interdisciplinary and ICT-integration as its development strategies. Based on the philosophy of creativity, character and community, ECNU seeks to educate qualified, responsible, enterprising and international-minded community builders .

I. Introduction of the Program

The Graduate Certificate of International Education (GCIE) program of ECNU is the first and only IB Educator Certificate (IBEC) program in mainland of China certified by the International Baccalaureate (IB). The program take advantage of the research power of the departments of education, international education and teacher education of ECNU. They draw on the experiences and practices employed by successful IB World Schools in China and focus both on theoretical knowledge and practical skills training. The aim of the programs is to cultivate teachers with national- and international-mindedness. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be familiar with IB educational philosophy and be proficient in using IB teaching modes. The students who have completed the program will be awarded the IB certificate in teaching and learning (DP) by IB.

II. Course Information

The interdisciplinary academic team of ECNU, together with the first-line IB teaching experts, jointly designed and developed a series of courses for the program and undertook the course teaching.The course of study is comprised of four core units and three elective units.

Core courses

GCIE001- IB Curriculum Philosophy

GCIE002- IB Teaching, Learning and Assessment

GCIE003- IB Seminar

GCIE010- Teaching Practicum 6 weeks

Elective courses chosen from 2 streams

IB Chinese

GECIE004- Second Language Acquisition and Development

GECIE005- Evaluation and Design of TCSOL Material for IBDP

GECIE006- Language and Literature Pedagogy

IB Math

GCIME004    IB Math Contents Analysis

GCMIE005    Approaches to Teaching Mathematics Focusing on IB Mathematics

GCIME007    IB Math English

III. Teaching Arrangement

The program is comprised of intensive instruction and teaching practicum. The intensive instruction is generally arranged during the summer holidays and Christmas holidays of international schools, and the teaching practicum is arranged in the teaching cycle of IB schools. 6 weeks of intensive instruction and 6 weeks of teaching practicum, with a total of 16 credits.

Minimum Time to Complete Program: 1 year

Language of Instruction: English or Chinese on needed basis

Instruction Time:

The first intensive instruction: July-August 2024(4weeks)

The second intensive instruction: late December 2024(2weeks)

Note:The instruction time can be adjusted for customized program.


IB Chinese Course

IB Math Course


July-August 2024

4 weeks/


IB Curriculum Philosophy

IB Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Second Language Acquisition and Development

Language and Literature Pedagogy

IB Curriculum Philosophy

IB Teaching, Learning and Assessment

IB Math English

Approaches to Teaching Mathematics Focusing on IB Mathematics


late December 2024


IB Seminar

Evaluation and Design of TCSOL Material for IBDP

IB Seminar

IB Math Contents Analysis


Teaching Practicum

Spring Semester

Arrange according to participants’ work experience, 6 weeks


IV. Entry Requirements

l An approved Bachelor’s degree and an approved teaching qualification

l English proficiency (IELTS 6, TOEFL 70, CET-6)

l Other equivalent qualifications

V. How to apply

Log into the ECNU International program application system  http://lxsapply.ecnu.edu.cn, please register and fill in the application online, upload the required application documents.

Application deadline: May 15, 2024

Contact person:

 Ariel SUN (Ms.)

Tel: +86-21-62233217  


Number of participants: 30 of each stream

The seats of GCIE program is limited, and the application will be terminated when the quota is full.

For More Information: http://www.gcie.ecnu.edu.cn 

VI. Fees

Application fee: 800RMB (pay the application fee online, which won’t be refunded)

Tuition: 42000RMB

VII. Procedure for Obtaining the IB Educator Certificate(IBEC)

l Participants should complete course registration before attending the course (to obtain IB resource library permission);

l Completed the program course; conducted the 6-week practicum experience in an IB world School (Those who have more than one year of teaching experience can be exempted from practicum by providing certificate of employment);

l All graduates of the GCIE must hold an approved teaching qualification;

l ECNU will pass the list of students who have fulfilled the above requirements to IB;

l Students pay around 290USD for the application of certificate;

l IB will issue IB certificate in teaching and learning (DP) after review.

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