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Program Information 2024

ECNU Global Education Center will launch the 2024 Spring Chinese Language and Culture Online Program, aims to help students improve their Chinese proficiency, perceive Chinese society and experience Chinese culture. Welcome to join us!

Program Duration

Session I: Mar. 4th, 2024 - Apr. 26th, 2024

Session II: Apr. 29th, 2024 - Jun. 21st, 2024

* Students can apply for two sessions at once.

Class Schedule

19:30pm-21:30pm, every Monday to Thursday

* The above is based on Beijing time.

Class Opening Conditions

Class will be opened with a minimum of 6 students in the same Chinese level.

Tuition Fee

Session I: 4000 RMB

Session II: 4000 RMB

Session I&II: 7500 RMB

Teaching Material

New Target Chinese Spoken Language, Advanced Chinese News Reading Course, etc.

* Students need to prepare textbooks (paper or electronic version) under the guidance of the teachers.

Sample Timetable






Comprehensive Chinese Course

Culture Expansion Course

Comprehensive Chinese Course

Comprehensive Chinese Course

* Please refer to the follow-up notice for specific course arrangement. 

Program Features

* Flexible Learning: real-time interaction with teachers and students in class; watch the recorded video repeatedly anytime and anywhere after class. Students can flexibly choose the sessions according to their personal arrangement.

* Rich Practical Knowledge: diverse curriculum elements including intensive reading, speaking, drills and practice course which are combined together to improve language ability in multiple dimensions and strengthen the learning effect.

* Cultural Appreciation: the program offers a series of courses on Chinese traditional customs and social economy to deepen students' understanding of Chinese social culture. The program also carries out a variety of online activities, such as phonics competition, theme salon, online communication between Chinese and international students, etc., so as to open up the student' vision and make learning more fun.

* Certificate of Completion: official electronic transcripts and completion certificate will be issued to students who successfully complete the course.

How to apply

1. Apply Online: http://lxsapply.ecnu.edu.cn/  (You will be informed by email once the application is successful.)

2. Application Documents Required:

1)Passport photocopy

2)ID photo

3)Highest education diploma/Study certificate (Chinese/English version)

3. Application Fee: 400 RMB

4. Age Requirement: 16-55 years old

5. Application Deadline:

1)Session I / Session I&II: Feb. 26th, 2024

2)Session II: Apr. 22nd, 2024

How to pay

After taking the online placement test, login to the online application system to pay the tuition fee within the given time.

Refund Rules

For those who apply to the program, the first two days is a free trial period and you can apply for a full refund within the first two days. Refund requests after the first two days of classes will not be accepted.

* Application materials and application fees are not refundable once submitted.

Visa & Accommodation

Study visa and on-campus accommodation will not be provided for the online program.

Contact Us

Program Officer: Lisa WANG

Tel: +86-21-62233217

Email: lwang@gec.ecnu.edu.cn

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